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Grumpy Old Guy

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5. Not an unfair advantage at all!
Fri Aug 25, 2023, 03:27 PM
Aug 2023

Please allow me to clarify something. I stated that I thought that vertical photos sometimes have an advantage. I DIDN'T SAY THAT IT WAS AN UFAIR ADVANTAGE. To the contrary, framing, composition and vertical or horizontal framing is all part of the creative process, and I applaud you for using vertical framing in this image. In my opinion, it definitely improved the photo,

What I have noticed is this. There have been times in the past when I have entered horizontal images that I thought were sure winners. However, if it's a very wide format, e.g. 16x9, the height of the photo is squeezed down a great deal to accommodate the width. That seems to lessen the impact of the photo on cell phones, but that was my decision and I stuck with it. The picture just looks tinier, and I think it hurts my chances in the long run, but that was a creative decision that I made.

I try to consider how the photo will look on both a cellphone and a computer screen when I select my entries.

As I stated before, I knew your image was oversize when I posted the preliminaries. Believe me, at least half of the entries missed the requirements for this contest. That's why I think we don't really need them. I would have spent a huge amount of time contacting everyone to replace their entries. I had a feeling no one would notice the difference.

****Poll Closed*** [View all] AndyS Aug 2023 OP
I'm not sure of the wording. I think send in whatever picture you want. LakeArenal Aug 2023 #1
My camera kicks out 24MB jpegs on average. usonian Aug 2023 #2
After I adjust to 1200x900 I adjust the file size to below 1mg. When I post alfredo Aug 2023 #30
Kick! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #3
I'm going to vote for a suspension of the sizing rule for the Summer contest, but... Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #4
Not an unfair advantage at all! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #5
You're right Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #7
I agree, we're doing these contests for fun, bragging rights and ego boosts. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #8
I'll cop to the ego boosts, but where are my bragging rights? Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #11
I post sure winners all the time edhopper Aug 2023 #12
That's true Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #14
If I ever win edhopper Aug 2023 #18
Let's do photoshopped dogs!! LOL!! consider_this Aug 2023 #19
As long as edhopper Aug 2023 #20
Agreed!!! consider_this Aug 2023 #23
Definitely have to do dogs! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #25
Here is an example of a photo that was probably too wide. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #6
That same photo might take first in a contest held today Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #10
I went back and double checked. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #9
Keep the size restrictions edhopper Aug 2023 #13
However... Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #15
Hmmm? edhopper Aug 2023 #17
Browser on computer... consider_this Aug 2023 #21
I think there is a basic misunderstanding about image size, monitor size and what we see. AndyS Aug 2023 #16
Excellent post edhopper Aug 2023 #28
A possible suggestion... consider_this Aug 2023 #22
Since the width of the photos posted won't change that much, edhopper Aug 2023 #24
Perfect examples! Nt Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #26
Thanks for putting the poll together Andy. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #27
Post card size, EarthboneArt Aug 2023 #29
Too late to get in on the poll. Talitha Aug 2023 #31
Thanks for your comments. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #32
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