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24. Your portrait is excellent in more ways than one
Mon Feb 15, 2021, 10:10 PM
Feb 2021

Is that you? I ask because it reminds me of your nose on your other self portraits.

Your warm and cool palette are really compelling and the way you paint texture is quite good. The portrait has a moody and thoughtful air. You’ve done a great job of painting the highlights and shadows with brushstrokes and without putting in much detail. It doesn’t need any more detail. The colors you picked are elegant. You did a great job!

Nice. pwb Feb 2021 #1
Thank you! n/t femmedem Feb 2021 #2
Wow! That is brilliant. Freedomofspeech Feb 2021 #3
Thank you so much! femmedem Feb 2021 #4
Thank you for sharing... Trueblue Texan Feb 2021 #5
Thanks, Trueblue Texan. femmedem Feb 2021 #8
And thanks for this info too! Trueblue Texan Feb 2021 #9
I admire your talent, which these studies definitely prove. nt Atticus Feb 2021 #6
Thanks, Atticus. femmedem Feb 2021 #7
Lovely mwmisses4289 Feb 2021 #10
Thank you and welcome to DU! femmedem Feb 2021 #12
Wow, that is really excellent. femmocrat Feb 2021 #11
Thank you! It's more practice than talent. femmedem Feb 2021 #13
Really nice! bif Feb 2021 #14
Thanks, Bif. I hope you know I'm a fan of your work, too. n/t femmedem Feb 2021 #16
Many good artists in my family so I can say without a doubt, you have talent. And plenty of. OregonBlue Feb 2021 #15
Thank you! femmedem Feb 2021 #17
It's working. Your brush work is very good. And very rare. Many artists don't manage to OregonBlue Feb 2021 #19
So glad you're developing your obvious talent... we get to enjoy the results! Thanks! Karadeniz Feb 2021 #18
Thank you! That's kind of you to say. n/t femmedem Feb 2021 #21
Your technique and color leighbythesea2 Feb 2021 #20
Thank you! femmedem Feb 2021 #22
I am in awe of your painting abilities! Brava! LiberalLoner Feb 2021 #23
Thank you! femmedem Feb 2021 #26
Your portrait is excellent in more ways than one lunatica Feb 2021 #24
Thanks so much, lunatica. femmedem Feb 2021 #25
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