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6. I spent three years of my childhood an hour's drive away from Tombstone.
Wed Sep 13, 2017, 04:33 PM
Sep 2017

Used to visit every few months, and grew up engulfed in the myths, legends, and the realities of the famous gunfight.

So when I saw the movie "Tombstone", instead of the usual "That's wrong, that's wrong, and that's wrong" I usually do at historical films, I was able to say "That's correct, that's correct, and that's correct" a lot. The film did get a number of things wrong, and embellished others. But it was the closest to the real thing of all the films that have been made of it.

I'm still waiting for a filmmaker to have the guts to include a scene of Doc Holliday's actual reaction to the gunfight. He returned to his hotel room, sat on the bed, told his girlfriend Big Nosed Kate "That was awful", and burst into tears. It probably wouldn't go over well with the enthusiasts of Western man's-man legends.

I have not seen all of these, but I thought Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday was excellent... Thomas Hurt Sep 2017 #1
Tombstone Snackshack Sep 2017 #2
Exactly My Thoughts ProfessorGAC Sep 2017 #4
Agreed Snackshack Sep 2017 #11
"Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp" cyclonefence Sep 2017 #3
Tombstone! Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2017 #5
I spent three years of my childhood an hour's drive away from Tombstone. Aristus Sep 2017 #6
"Tombstone" is my pick, but "Clementine" is also AMAZING. Miles Archer Sep 2017 #7
My Darling Clementine was a truly great John Ford-directed western red dog 1 Sep 2017 #9
I had a band called 'Tombstone Bound', from a song I wrote. panader0 Sep 2017 #8
No idea DFW Sep 2017 #10
Yup. pressbox69 Sep 2017 #12
The one where he burps whistler162 Sep 2017 #13
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