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In reply to the discussion: Best nickname for Trump? [View all]
Best nickname for Trump? [View all] red dog 1 Jan 2017 OP
Herr Gropenfuhrer Pholus Jan 2017 #1
Mango Mussolini.......n/t dixiegrrrrl Jan 2017 #2
I rather like Shitgibbon. IcyPeas Jan 2017 #3
Yes, it does have an assonant pertinence! JawJaw Jan 2017 #5
Cheeto Fucktrumpet mnhtnbb Jan 2017 #4
I like that one red dog 1 Jan 2017 #10
I'm an acronym fan - GOP discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2017 #6
GOPOS red dog 1 Jan 2017 #9
After he takes office I'm using Pres. Shit Stain, Pres. Skid Mark too sometimes. Donny, don or don mulsh Jan 2017 #7
How about Pres. Doublechin? red dog 1 Jan 2017 #8
Only two chins? That fleshy mass is expanding beyond single digits... VOX Jan 2017 #17
Donnyshutthefuckup! robertpaulsen Jan 2017 #11
All of the above, but I think Twitler is simple and effective! Initech Jan 2017 #12
I agree red dog 1 Jan 2017 #13
cheeto sporkhands. mopinko Jan 2017 #14
Donald Rump trueblue2007 Jan 2017 #15
I call him either American Psycho, or simply The Unspeakable LeftishBrit Jan 2017 #16
American Psycho is great! FrankfurtCat Jan 2017 #19
I'll stick with Trumpy NobodyHere Jan 2017 #18
My personal favorite is Cheetolini Pussygrabber MrScorpio Jan 2017 #20
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