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25. Yeah, I don't question that we could fly before Newton...but 1869?
Sun Sep 25, 2016, 01:45 PM
Sep 2016

What took him so long to discover gravity? I thought that non-flying apple bobbed him on the head back in 1667.

*snort* blogslut Sep 2016 #1
Just think how many of these you could make with an old house. n/t jtuck004 Sep 2016 #11
"It'll be fun, they said." planetc Sep 2016 #2
Great once again. Scarsdale Sep 2016 #3
Kitteh Secret Service. Sophiegirl Sep 2016 #4
Love that one! Lady Freedom Returns Sep 2016 #31
That kitty means business NJCher Sep 2016 #33
Thanks Salmon! kag Sep 2016 #5
Faves: nuxvomica Sep 2016 #6
I love the Isaac Newton rpannier Sep 2016 #13
Yeah, I don't question that we could fly before Newton...but 1869? Moonwalk Sep 2016 #25
Great one especially the Star Trek..thanks!! nt PCIntern Sep 2016 #7
muhahehahahahahaha allan01 Sep 2016 #8
What? I can't turn that down.. mountain grammy Sep 2016 #9
Loving this week Maynar Sep 2016 #10
The Did You Know sounds like rpannier Sep 2016 #12
'Specially 'cause of the typo. Mister Ed Sep 2016 #36
K & R femmocrat Sep 2016 #14
SCE LOL Cats is colorado_ufo Sep 2016 #15
Love these! GoddessOfGuinness Sep 2016 #16
These are exceptionally good! Baitball Blogger Sep 2016 #17
Damn that Issac Newton!!!!! dixiegrrrrl Sep 2016 #18
SCE wonderful!! benld74 Sep 2016 #19
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shenmue Sep 2016 #20
Love the dominant cat with the two Rotties HelenWheels Sep 2016 #21
My dear SalmonChantedEvening! CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #22
So nice to come to DU and to just smile question everything Sep 2016 #23
K&R for a huge basket of adorables! This one made me squad out loud: tblue37 Sep 2016 #24
Thanks SCE, look forward to this every Sunday! bench scientist Sep 2016 #26
Thank YOu very much... Stuart G Sep 2016 #27
I heard thunder. murielm99 Sep 2016 #28
A million thanks, SCE!! ailsagirl Sep 2016 #29
I like these, but does dial-up still exist? JDC Sep 2016 #30
awww, don't be a-scared.... IcyPeas Sep 2016 #32
Damn that Newton, Volaris Sep 2016 #34
I could have done without the snake. sinkingfeeling Sep 2016 #35
kick Liberal_in_LA Sep 2016 #37
The cardinals! montana_hazeleyes Sep 2016 #38
good morning, sce. belated thanks for the awwww and squeeeee. as usual, you have completely niyad Sep 2016 #39
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