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40. good luck spreading that smear
Sun May 31, 2015, 02:52 PM
May 2015

I've been called worse by better

Mutts! nt valerief May 2015 #1
no there must be a name backwoodsbob May 2015 #2
I'm sticking with Mutts for their "breed." You can stick with Yokels. valerief May 2015 #3
Mal-yor-oodles Solly Mack May 2015 #4
* demmiblue May 2015 #5
If I drive down to South Carolina you can call one... LynneSin May 2015 #6
one is yours backwoodsbob May 2015 #7
i figured it out backwoodsbob May 2015 #8
Mistakes? NV Whino May 2015 #9
no mistake backwoodsbob May 2015 #11
I like Yorkesedoodle. Avalux May 2015 #10
yorkesdoodles it is backwoodsbob May 2015 #12
Cool!! Avalux May 2015 #15
I've bred MANY dogs backwoodsbob May 2015 #16
That's great. Do you plan on keeping any of the puppies? Avalux May 2015 #17
we will see backwoodsbob May 2015 #18
Just please post pics when the blessed event happens... AngryOldDem May 2015 #19
we picked a name backwoodsbob May 2015 #20
Oh I love it! Avalux May 2015 #21
Irresponsible. nt femmocrat May 2015 #13
yeah whatever backwoodsbob May 2015 #14
Dead, mom & pups both. mentalsolstice May 2015 #22
i was thinking about that same thread fizzgig May 2015 #23
disgusting and irresponsible backwoodsbob May 2015 #26
i am not a fan of intentional breeding, period fizzgig May 2015 #33
actually she weighs five pounds now backwoodsbob May 2015 #24
How about that seizure disorder? mentalsolstice May 2015 #32
Shameful! Texasgal May 2015 #34
Post removed Post removed May 2015 #39
who is lying? Kali May 2015 #44
I will never and have never sold a dog backwoodsbob May 2015 #38
Still irresponsible, and downright cruel mentalsolstice May 2015 #41
you need a better vet Kali May 2015 #45
As someone who boasts of working in shelters, shame on you for breeding riderinthestorm May 2015 #25
you nailed me backwoodsbob May 2015 #28
Also shot more dogs mentalsolstice May 2015 #36
Backyard breeders Texasgal May 2015 #27
yes they are backwoodsbob May 2015 #29
Uh...yeah you are. Texasgal May 2015 #30
yeah whatever backwoodsbob May 2015 #35
Hey, I don't have to say anything Texasgal May 2015 #37
good luck spreading that smear backwoodsbob May 2015 #40
I have to step in here in favor of mixing breeds- hedgehog May 2015 #42
How about breeding a dog with history of seizures? eom mentalsolstice May 2015 #46
That's one of the many, many problems with various purebreds. hedgehog May 2015 #47
In this case it's mixed breed being bred with a purebred. mentalsolstice May 2015 #50
I know what you call them. Bertha Venation May 2015 #31
back to troll the Lounge with your irresponsible dog breeding plans? Kali May 2015 #43
Thanks for posting that. Kingofalldems May 2015 #48
I like yorkimals! raven mad May 2015 #49
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