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I supposedly look like Mark Dacascos Xyzse Feb 2014 #1
I had to look him up neverforget Feb 2014 #4
He's muacular anda martial artist, Jenoch Feb 2014 #10
I am a few inches shorter Xyzse Feb 2014 #11
I always thought burly meant 'heavily built'. Jenoch Feb 2014 #12
True. Xyzse Feb 2014 #13
As a youth all I had to do was to eat Jenoch Feb 2014 #15
If I drop another 5-10 I might too. Xyzse Feb 2014 #48
Did you happen to see him pipi_k Feb 2014 #31
People used to tell me that I look like Judy Collins. In_The_Wind Feb 2014 #2
someone came up to me in a convenience store once, because they thought I was a soap star magical thyme Feb 2014 #3
Now when someone says I look like Bruce neverforget Feb 2014 #5
Not yet... petronius Feb 2014 #6
Lol! neverforget Feb 2014 #7
Within the last 6 years I have been approached twice, once in a rock club in Springfield, MO, GReedDiamond Feb 2014 #8
I hate to admit it, Mr.Bill Feb 2014 #9
I feel for you brutha... GReedDiamond Feb 2014 #17
Oh nooooo!!!! pipi_k Feb 2014 #33
Somebody Jamaal510 Feb 2014 #14
I've been told I look like Dana Delany BainsBane Feb 2014 #16
Bob Griese ? steve2470 Feb 2014 #18
Depends. Is 'Death Warmed-Over' a celebrity? pinboy3niner Feb 2014 #19
Ha ha ha! pablo_marmol Feb 2014 #20
Oh, I get my share of VERY flattering comments, too, like... pinboy3niner Feb 2014 #22
I've been told by a few people I look like Graham Greene denbot Feb 2014 #21
Maybe they meant this one sharp_stick Feb 2014 #38
Hmmm.. Still not seeing it. denbot Feb 2014 #76
You're right that is sharp_stick Feb 2014 #79
I kinda look like Rosanne Rosanna Danna. mucifer Feb 2014 #23
Well, mucifer, it just goes to show you, it's always something--if it ain't one thing, it's another pinboy3niner Feb 2014 #24
Yeah mucifer Feb 2014 #29
Shirley MacLaine, Veronica Lake. Waiting For Everyman Feb 2014 #25
John Belushi Recursion Feb 2014 #26
I am told I look like..... whistler162 Feb 2014 #32
After chemo, I chose to just stay bald TM99 Feb 2014 #27
No celebrity. I did used to scare small children with my appearance DFW Feb 2014 #28
A list pipi_k Feb 2014 #30
When I was in my twenties, someone said I looked like Ralph Feinnes. Aristus Feb 2014 #34
I've had celebrities claim they've been told they look like me Major Nikon Feb 2014 #35
Lol! Awesome! neverforget Feb 2014 #59
Yeah, that bald guy from those movies about the cars and crime and stuff. progressoid Feb 2014 #36
I've had people reference me as Willie Nelson for years. BarbaRosa Feb 2014 #37
When I was a little kid laundry_queen Feb 2014 #39
I've often been told I resemble a younger Jack Nicholson Brother Buzz Feb 2014 #40
15-20 yrs ago, customers would tell me I looked like Brett Butler or Bonnie Raitt. Blue Diadem Feb 2014 #41
Hayley Mills, when I was 12 nt LiberalEsto Feb 2014 #42
My high school boyfriend thought I resembled Natalie Wood. mnhtnbb Feb 2014 #43
I've been told I look like: Matt Lauer bigwillq Feb 2014 #44
Meryl Streep DamnYankeeInHouston Feb 2014 #45
A Client Where I Work RobinA Feb 2014 #46
George Carlin HarveyDarkey Feb 2014 #47
Bernadette Peters hamsterjill Feb 2014 #49
I look like a guy you know from somewhere, or his brother. JoePhilly Feb 2014 #50
We must be related! Staph Feb 2014 #51
Even when I was a teen, folks would start talking to me as if they JoePhilly Feb 2014 #52
I did that to someone who was a stranger to me. murielm99 Feb 2014 #75
Simon Cowell, when my hair is short. Jokerman Feb 2014 #53
Tom Cruise back in the mid '80's... Callmecrazy Feb 2014 #54
I used to when I was young and gorgeous. RebelOne Feb 2014 #55
Nope, but my step-dad was a dead ringer for John Forsythe back in the day. Iggo Feb 2014 #56
I get told I look like Sigourney Weaver and Marlo Thomas. narnian60 Feb 2014 #57
I'm a dead ringer... rrneck Feb 2014 #58
When I was a teenager and in my 20s.... femmocrat Feb 2014 #60
That's a high compliment BainsBane Feb 2014 #63
I look like Zach Galafinakis without the beard. Initech Feb 2014 #61
I am the spitting image of Jabba the Hut Generic Brad Feb 2014 #62
When I was younger, Sarah Ferguson. onestepforward Feb 2014 #64
Most recently I was told I look like James Momoa as Khal Drogo from 'Game of Thrones.' AllenVanAllen Feb 2014 #65
I don't think there are that many Japanese American yuiyoshida Feb 2014 #66
Elizabeth Taylor - when I was young. Not so much now - old and fat :( patricia92243 Feb 2014 #67
Liz put on some weight herself in her later years KamaAina Feb 2014 #71
Been told by several people.... CherokeeDem Feb 2014 #68
only if Frankenstein counts as a celebrity...... lastlib Feb 2014 #69
Peter Graves Scuba Feb 2014 #70
Kenny Rogers Bake Feb 2014 #72
I was told numerous times I looked and reminded people of Carol Burnett..... a kennedy Feb 2014 #73
I used to get libodem Feb 2014 #74
Majel Barrett Roddenberry told my husband he looked like Brent Spiner. eShirl Feb 2014 #77
My Mother's generation thought I looked like Grace Kelly but that was 30 years ago. livetohike Feb 2014 #78
Not me but my Great Uncle does.... MysticHuman Feb 2014 #80
Kaiser Wilhelm II Sognefjord Feb 2014 #81
When I was a kid, 2theleft Feb 2014 #82
I'm a dead ringer for the Holbein portrait of Henry VIII... First Speaker Feb 2014 #83
My brother looked enough like Dave Mustaine (Metallica) TexasBushwhacker Feb 2014 #84
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