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5. I have never understood this.
Tue Sep 10, 2013, 02:19 PM
Sep 2013

I have always had several cats (&dogs) & people cannot believe my house doesn't smell. Hello!! Cats don't smell. They are very clean unless they are ill & can't clean themselves. It is the dirty litter box their owners don't keep clean that stinks up the house, and then the cats will start going on the dirty clothes (or wherever) you never pick up because their litter box is dirty. Pardon my highjacking, but man this is something that really gets to me.

I have friends who are crazy cat people & they smell like litter box. Myrina Sep 2013 #1
I have never understood this. narnian60 Sep 2013 #5
But past a certain number of cats, a lingering piss smell in the house is probably inevitable. nomorenomore08 Sep 2013 #8
They must have been peeing on furniture or something sammytko Sep 2013 #12
Still, I couldn't imagine having 12+ cats. 2 was plenty for our household - especially nomorenomore08 Sep 2013 #16
Yeah, never planned on having SEVEN cats sammytko Sep 2013 #17
Thank you for doing what you did. nt narnian60 Sep 2013 #21
No pardon necessary, I completely agree. Myrina Sep 2013 #18
Yes, very important to wash your bedding regularly sammytko Sep 2013 #19
Presumably because they have litter boxes in the laundry room & walk-in closets Myrina Sep 2013 #22
That is gross. My cats are not allowed in my closet! sammytko Sep 2013 #25
Ever been to a Walmart? That's all you can smell. PinfeathersEagle Sep 2013 #2
Hello ~ PinfeathersEagle In_The_Wind Sep 2013 #4
Since you said "she" it probably wasn't me. hunter Sep 2013 #3
Only "sometimes" covered with dog hair? Are you a werewolf, then? nomorenomore08 Sep 2013 #7
I have pet-lint rollers EVERYWHERE. Myrina Sep 2013 #23
No, but some who have dog breath Populist_Prole Sep 2013 #6
I once taught a child who was being rasied by dogs - Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2013 #9
Sounds like a job for Child Protective Services. Brigid Sep 2013 #10
He was taken out of the home and was being fostered by the Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2013 #11
Several years ago, I took a trip from St. Louis to Albuquerque...... lastlib Sep 2013 #13
No, but I can always tell the kids who live in a house with cats. femmocrat Sep 2013 #14
Did she come up to you and sniff your butt? bluedigger Sep 2013 #15
No I haven't but.......... mrmpa Sep 2013 #20
I confess, I smell like horses 24/7 because its my job so I'm guessing dog lady's the same riderinthestorm Sep 2013 #24
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