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Prepare to have your mind blown, debm! True Dough Apr 20 #1
thank you True Dough debm55 Apr 20 #2
The Eiffel Tower gets approximately 6 inches taller in the summer months. Niagara Apr 20 #3
Thank you Niagara. debm55 Apr 20 #5
My pleasure, Debbie! Niagara Apr 20 #8
Those French, True Dough Apr 20 #78
I wish that I could add a few inches to my height in the summer, True. Niagara Apr 20 #92
Put the snacks True Dough Apr 20 #98
I did find a solution. Niagara Apr 20 #103
Weaving your own solutions! True Dough Apr 20 #107
It was definitely a net gain, True! Niagara Apr 20 #110
Armadillos always give birth to identical quadruplets. nt Phoenix61 Apr 20 #4
Thank you Phoenix61 debm55 Apr 20 #6
Butterflies taste items using their feet. Niagara Apr 20 #7
Thank you Niagara. debm55 Apr 20 #10
A dog's nose print is absolutely unique--like human fingerprints... hlthe2b Apr 20 #9
Thank you hlthe2b. That is so funny. Thanks for the fact. I didn;t now about the dog noses. debm55 Apr 20 #14
Three dogs survived the historical sinking of the Titanic in 1912. hlthe2b Apr 20 #11
Th hlthe2b.Interesting. debm55 Apr 20 #15
Dog's spend time finding just the right "spot" because they are attempting to align their "poop" with the earth's hlthe2b Apr 20 #12
Ty Is that why dogs do the little circle dance before they poop? debm55 Apr 20 #16
Depends. Do your dogs wear little tutus? hlthe2b Apr 20 #18
Can't resist...I have to laugh!!! Ha hahh heh... SWBTATTReg Apr 20 #46
HAHAHAHAHAHAH, No but Dolly walks in a circle before she poops. I thought all dogs do that. debm55 Apr 20 #100
Not only is today is weed day ...... Niagara Apr 20 #13
Thank you Niagara. debm55 Apr 20 #17
Oooo nooo! grumpyduck Apr 20 #54
I can't confirm this, grumpyduck. Niagara Apr 20 #88
Sit on a potato pan Otis GreenWave Apr 20 #108
My interesting fact is also a palindrome... ultralite001 Apr 20 #114
Thank you ultralite001 debm55 Apr 20 #116
My interesting fact is also a palindrome... ultralite001 Apr 20 #115
Niagara....... Upthevibe Apr 20 #119
Upthevibe ... Niagara Apr 20 #123
Niagara............ Upthevibe Apr 20 #125
You're welcome, Upthevibe Niagara Apr 20 #126
As are the next nine days Clash City Rocker Apr 20 #130
Hummingbirds cannot walk DUgosh Apr 20 #19
Thank you DUgosh. debm55 Apr 20 #20
What s the difference between... FirefighterJo Apr 20 #21
I give up , Firefighter Jo. what is the diference between white an dark raisins? debm55 Apr 20 #23
It doesn t depend on the grape FirefighterJo Apr 20 #28
Thank you, I didn;t know that. I really wouldn't want to eat one now. ty for your fact. debm55 Apr 20 #35
You are very welcome FirefighterJo Apr 20 #36
Why does aluminium foil... FirefighterJo Apr 20 #22
I would say one reflects the heat better then the other. I may be wrong. debm55 Apr 20 #26
It s because of the elasticity of the metal FirefighterJo Apr 20 #29
Interesting . Thank you Firefighter Jo debm55 Apr 20 #38
Sharing is caring ;) FirefighterJo Apr 20 #40
How much hairline cracks FirefighterJo Apr 20 #24
I don't know. but thank you for the question. debm55 Apr 20 #39
Hold on to your bootstraps.... FirefighterJo Apr 20 #41
On average FirefighterJo Apr 20 #42
FFJ, you should go on Jeopardy! Nt spooky3 Apr 20 #65
spooky3---------------- debm55 Apr 20 #66
Hi debm55! spooky3 Apr 20 #72
I m just being me FirefighterJo Apr 20 #87
Thanks for teaching me a new word, Firefighter Jo! Glorfindel Apr 20 #102
I rather care FirefighterJo Apr 20 #91
And yes FirefighterJo Apr 20 #93
TY . That is alot. debm55 Apr 20 #68
It os mindblowing FirefighterJo Apr 20 #132
Thank you debm55 Apr 20 #134
A horseshoe crab's blood is blue because it's based on copper rather than iron. Ocelot II Apr 20 #25
Interesting, Ocelot II Ty debm55 Apr 20 #27
Should Spock's blood have been blue... 3catwoman3 Apr 20 #53
Ty, Can I ask why. debm55 Apr 20 #69
Buy the correct 14 calendars you'll never have to buy another... MiHale Apr 20 #30
Ty MiHale. debm55 Apr 20 #70
Saturn's moon Iapetus has a 12-mile-high mountain range Glorfindel Apr 20 #31
TY Glorifindel. That is interesting. debm55 Apr 20 #71
Denim jeans don't need to be washed daily mymomwasright Apr 20 #32
or walk away. AllaN01Bear Apr 20 #55
My aunt would say to say to my cousin ---those jeans can stand in the corner by themselves. debm55 Apr 20 #75
so did my mum AllaN01Bear Apr 20 #86
TY I didn't know that. My new jeans say to dry clean. debm55 Apr 20 #73
More photographs will be taken in the next two minutes Aristus Apr 20 #33
Ty Articus. debm55 Apr 20 #77
Every month that begins on a Sunday always has a Friday the 13th. Niagara Apr 20 #34
Ty Niagara. Didn't know that. debm55 Apr 20 #79
Did you know a boeing 747... FirefighterJo Apr 20 #37
Firefighter Jo, I did not know TY for the information. But why. debm55 Apr 20 #50
Do you want to know why ;) FirefighterJo Apr 20 #76
Ty, yes why? debm55 Apr 20 #81
Boeing has a special configuration FirefighterJo Apr 20 #90
Ty We always sit behind the wing, I really don't like to fly in planes. I really like the take off and landing. debm55 Apr 20 #95
I choose in front of the wing FirefighterJo Apr 20 #120
TH I will have to remember that at about the wing. The only time I am worried about take off and landing is at Logan debm55 Apr 20 #121
Which brings us to another silly gem FirefighterJo Apr 20 #122
TY. And then don't they put in autopilot? debm55 Apr 20 #124
There are two ways to fly a plane FirefighterJo Apr 20 #127
The reason FirefighterJo Apr 20 #131
ty debm55 Apr 20 #133
Something I just learned today underpants Apr 20 #43
Thank you underpants. That is so funny. debm55 Apr 20 #47
Today's date is a palindrome underpants Apr 20 #51
Thank you underpants. debm55 Apr 20 #84
The fission cauldron of a nuclear reactor FirefighterJo Apr 20 #44
TY Firefighter Jo, debm55 Apr 20 #49
The Atlantic Ocean is getting wider every year by an inch and a half. Permanut Apr 20 #45
Thank you Permanut. debm55 Apr 20 #48
This is an important one.. Permanut Apr 20 #56
Thank you Permanut. May I ask why? debm55 Apr 20 #58
You're going to have to travel an inch and a half farther.. Permanut Apr 20 #67
Ty Agree. debm55 Apr 20 #85
The word "exist" comes from the Latin ex-sistere, meaning to stand out (as from a background) RobertDevereaux Apr 20 #52
Thank you RobertDevereaux. debm55 Apr 20 #57
Pat Paulsen held the Junior Varsity pole vaulting record at Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley, Ca... Brother Buzz Apr 20 #59
Thank you Brother Buzz. Did not know. debm55 Apr 20 #89
Did you know Pat Paulsen played basketball in the same gymnasium that.... Brother Buzz Apr 20 #96
Thank you that is interesting. debm55 Apr 20 #97
The Cavendish banana 🍌 is unable to reproduce sexually. underpants Apr 20 #60
Thank you underpants. I didn't know bananas had sex, Thought they were fruit from a tree.Cool fact. debm55 Apr 20 #61
Corn does underpants Apr 20 #63
Yes I understand cross pollination. Did you know that to grow pears you have to have a male tree and a female tree? debm55 Apr 20 #64
Yes it takes a pair underpants Apr 20 #74
Thank you underpants. I hate holly trees too. debm55 Apr 20 #80
also pecans. Although my mother in law had a very prolific pear tree, and it was the only tree in her yard yellowdogintexas Apr 22 #166
A Quick Look at the Modern History of Bananas 🍌 underpants Apr 20 #62
TY ubderpants. debm55 Apr 20 #82
Clarence Thomas was a lecherous creep in the 1970s long before he became a justice on the Supreme Court. gordianot Apr 20 #83
Oh yes I knew that . I watched the hearings. Ty gordianot. debm55 Apr 20 #101
He was literally referred to as the "creep" by coeds whom he hit on. gordianot Apr 20 #104
Adolf Hitler's sister-in-law was Bridget Dowling from Dublin. OnDoutside Apr 20 #94
Ty. That is weird. debm55 Apr 20 #99
WINX. A retired Australian race horse.. Tikki Apr 20 #105
Beautiful horse. ty Tikki. debm55 Apr 20 #106
Glass is a liquid. Very slow viscosity. GreenWave Apr 20 #109
TY GreenWave. New fact to me. debm55 Apr 20 #111
I was in tech at a glass factory for a few years. GreenWave Apr 20 #112
Thank you GreenWave. debm55 Apr 20 #118
Three from the late Michael O'Donohue (Nat'l Lampoon, SNL) ... eppur_se_muova Apr 20 #113
That you eppur_se_muova. It's interesting. debm55 Apr 20 #117
There are more sdfernando Apr 20 #128
To determine if you see a dog or cat paw print, dog prints have toenail marks, cats' do not. Their claws are retracted. nature-lover Apr 20 #129
Thank you, That makes sense. Aren't their toes in a different alignment? debm55 Apr 20 #135
Ancient Romans used to drop a piece of toast into their wine for good health - hence why we 'raise a toast'. ailsagirl Apr 20 #136
Thank you ailsagirl debm55 Apr 20 #137
Frenchie and Minnie's children are if..fish..had..wings Apr 20 #138
Thank you, if..fish..had..wings... debm55 Apr 21 #145
You're welcome if..fish..had..wings Apr 21 #146
Marx Brothers. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like growing up in that house!!! yellowdogintexas Apr 22 #167
I think the most amazing fact of American history is that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the same day.... Goodheart Apr 20 #139
TY Goodheart. I agree. debm55 Apr 21 #144
Canada has longest circumferance in the world. #2? Norway. applegrove Apr 21 #140
TY applegrove. debm55 Apr 21 #143
Sweet corn is totally indigestible and goes straight through you. Emile Apr 21 #141
Ty Didn't know that. debm55 Apr 21 #142
The longest word in the English language that can be spelled using only the uppermost row of letters is Harker Apr 21 #147
Thank you Harker. There are so many things on this thread of things I didn't know. debm55 Apr 21 #148
You have a way of bringing it out in us... Harker Apr 21 #151
It's my sweetness and 43 years of teaching. debm55 Apr 21 #156
It works! n/t Harker Apr 21 #161
Short people have longer lifespans than tall people. Emile Apr 21 #149
TY Emile, when I was in nursing school, we were taught that taller people have more heart problems. debm55 Apr 21 #155
Also... today is the 106th anniversary of the death of Manfred von Richthofen. Harker Apr 21 #150
TY Harker, but who the heck is he??????? debm55 Apr 21 #154
He was a German aviator known as The Red Baron. n/t Harker Apr 21 #160
TY Harker debm55 Apr 21 #162
I don't know nothing... Chainfire Apr 21 #152
Ty Chainfire, But you didn't tell us what the difference is.????????? debm55 Apr 21 #153
I am sorry Deb. It is a closely held secret of the Plumber's Guild. If I disclosed the answer Chainfire Apr 22 #163
TY don't want you to get in trouble debm55 Apr 22 #168
Pie are round. lpbk2713 Apr 21 #157
TY Are you bringing up the Pizza thread??????????? debm55 Apr 21 #158
Well ... lpbk2713 Apr 21 #159
HAHAHHAHAHAHAH. TY debm55 Apr 22 #165
Of course, pie are square is just liberal lies. Everyone knows that cornbread are square. Chainfire Apr 22 #164
Chainfire, some pizza are square. debm55 Apr 22 #170
cornbread (or cake) are square nt yellowdogintexas Apr 22 #169
Our National Park System includes the World's Longest Cave, Largest Geyser Field and Largest Canyon yellowdogintexas Apr 22 #171
Ty yellowdogintexas , Very interesting. debm55 Apr 22 #174
The temperature of the water at the bottom of Lake Superior on January 1, 1901 LeonidPlanck Apr 22 #172
Thank you for this fact. LeonidPlanck. debm55 Apr 22 #173
The starting procedure for vintage F1 (V-10) race cars can take up to 2-hours. nt Hotler Apr 22 #175
Ty Hotler. debm55 Apr 22 #176
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