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8. Where do burned out Republicans retire to?
Sun Apr 7, 2024, 06:35 AM
Apr 7

The bozone layer, of course. Shielding our planet from far right-wing space aliens....

Happy Sunday, SCE and thanks for the giggles and cute critters.


Rejoice in the power of raccoons! Hermit-The-Prog Apr 7 #2
Lol!!!!11111 jpak Apr 7 #3
K&R for today's adorable lineup, love the kitten with the train and the mouse on the phone! Rhiannon12866 Apr 7 #4
The best way to start any morning. Delmette2.0 Apr 7 #5
Nice! trusty elf Apr 7 #6
Faves: nuxvomica Apr 7 #7
Where do burned out Republicans retire to? KY_EnviroGuy Apr 7 #8
Good morning SCE gademocrat7 Apr 7 #9
Thanks...outstanding !!! Karadeniz Apr 7 #10
Larson's cartoon about the "Bozone Layer" cracked me up. That close-up of a dog's nose made me wonder..... RussellCattle Apr 7 #11
Right on all counts! Permanut Apr 7 #28
Until I read the caption soldierant Apr 7 #41
"She rejoiced." also "Alalarry and Alacurly" planetc Apr 7 #12
Excellent, as usual GAJMac Apr 7 #13
Cheetah cub::: Seen any wildlife yet? keithbvadu2 Apr 7 #14
So many good ones this a.m. esp. that judgmental collie pup and the japple Apr 7 #15
Roseate spoonbill! Walleye Apr 7 #16
Wow! Delphinus Apr 7 #17
Happy Eclipse Week, SCE. DinahMoeHum Apr 7 #18
like. AllaN01Bear Apr 7 #19
What a wonderful edition of wendyb-NC Apr 7 #20
Goodmorning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with niyad Apr 7 #21
Some GREAT funny stuff this morning! 70sEraVet Apr 7 #22
Happy Sunday SCE! lark Apr 7 #23
Happy Sunday, SCE! blogslug Apr 7 #24
Thank you, it works. republianmushroom Apr 7 #25
Thank you! rogerballard Apr 7 #26
Thank you for another great selection. Loved the fierce looking owl and the bozone layer Deuxcents Apr 7 #27
So great! One of your best! Wild blueberry Apr 7 #29
Thank you for the Who's In Charge Edition, SCE! Niagara Apr 7 #30
Nao sez AWW lots moar kthnxbai Bayard Apr 7 #31
Well done Bundbuster Apr 7 #32
Happy Sunday, SCE! Different Drummer Apr 7 #33
Another great collection SCE, keep 'em coming KS Toronado Apr 7 #34
The cub on the photographer burrowowl Apr 7 #35
We all just got "rick-rolled" by a cartoon. FoggyLake Apr 7 #36
Multiple LoL's! snot Apr 7 #37
Happy sunday salmon!!! Trueblue1968 Apr 7 #38
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy dai13sy Apr 7 #39
Thanks, SCE! murielm99 Apr 7 #40
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