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25. Black licorice
Sat Feb 24, 2024, 10:41 PM
Feb 24

(a lifelong favorite). My sister worked in a drugstore and would bring home this brand of black licorice pieces, the bag had a drawing of camels and palm trees, I remember. Sometimes she would bring home some cinnamon candies, very strong of cinnamon, but they had red dye that made them taste bitter too. The drugstore was run by the father of my home town's greatest movie star, Jean Seberg - if any of you know who that is.

Just down the alley from my house there was an old timey neighborhood grocery store, where my kids would get penny candy. I was glad that they were able to have that experience. (They are in their thirties and late twenties now.)

Mary Janes, tootsie rolls, Hershey kisses Walleye Feb 24 #1
Thank you Walleye. Good choices. and congratulations for reaching your 30,000 post milestone. debm55 Feb 24 #2
I too would have had tootsie rolls and hershey's kisses... hlthe2b Feb 24 #3
Thank you,hithe2b debm55 Feb 24 #4
Bit O Honey and Chick-Of-Stick. sinkingfeeling Feb 24 #5
Thank you sinkingfeeling, debm55 Feb 24 #7
Root Beer Barrels, Hot tameles, gum drops, Botany Feb 24 #6
I am so sorry for you Botany. May his memeories bring you peace. debm55 Feb 24 #8
When my mother was growing up, there was a neighbor lady who was blind. keithbvadu2 Feb 24 #9
Yes that was ingenious, debm55 Feb 24 #10
Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, kidney failure? That's what I got from candy. Wonder Why Feb 24 #11
Sorry Wonder Why. debm55 Feb 24 #12
Charleston Chews, Smart Smarties, Chuckles maxrandb Feb 24 #13
TY maxrandb, for listing your favorites. debm55 Feb 24 #15
Tootsie Rolls. ificandream Feb 24 #14
Thank you ificandream. I liked toosie rolls too. debm55 Feb 24 #16
Hmmm. Interesting question. rsdsharp Feb 24 #17
TY rsdsharp, I think those big pink thing had ittle candy bits in them. debm55 Feb 24 #18
No, this was just a solid pink candy. It was about t be he size of a nickel, and about a half inch high. rsdsharp Feb 24 #19
Was it this one? Hela Feb 26 #41
That's what it looked like, but I don't recall it tasting like mint. rsdsharp Feb 26 #46
No idea, since I've never been in one, and I don't think there's one in my area sakabatou Feb 24 #20
TY. I think I should of added as a child. Sorry debm55 Feb 24 #21
Baseball cards with bubble gum Mr.Bill Feb 24 #22
Topps? I used to collect card too, Gum was very thin and hard. debm55 Feb 24 #23
Yeah, the gum was usually pretty stale. Mr.Bill Feb 24 #24
Black licorice Cairycat Feb 24 #25
Ty Caiycat. debm55 Feb 25 #33
Today you need many, many pennies. Sneederbunk Feb 24 #26
Snaps, Sweet Tarts, Milky Way, Charleston Chew, Red Licorice ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #27
TY ProfessorGAC, Loved the flying saucer candy debm55 Feb 25 #34
When I was a kid, candy bars were 4 cents at the local drug store. Squaredeal Feb 24 #28
TY Squaredeal. Good way to make a profit, debm55 Feb 25 #35
bubble gum with archie , bettle baily. and richey $ and little orphan annie small cartoon strips and others . AllaN01Bear Feb 24 #29
Ty. I remember that. debm55 Feb 25 #36
Candy pills and Hope22 Feb 25 #30
I remember those. TY Hope22 debm55 Feb 25 #37
when my mum was a little girl in sf AllaN01Bear Feb 25 #31
I naven't seen or heardof pink popcorn for a long time. TY debm55 Feb 25 #38
Goobers, lemon drops, M & Ms Junior Mints yellowdogintexas Feb 25 #32
TY I remember those candies debm55 Feb 25 #39
Candy corn and orange slices or other assorted GoodRaisin Feb 26 #40
GoodRaisin. I remember them all, especially the wax soda bottles with flavored liquid inside. debm55 Feb 26 #42
I do remember those wax teeth and lips deb. GoodRaisin Feb 26 #45
As an adult, I would by Brach's nuggets in the grocery section- yum... LeftInTX Feb 26 #43
This was right on the corner, where I lived. It was a small market. But most of the customers were kids. debm55 Feb 26 #44
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