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Golden Raisin

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94. Ding Dong School with Miss Frances.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 12:09 PM
Feb 17

I think it started in Chicago but I saw it when it moved to New York.

Also the Josie Carey Show , but maybe it wasn't livetohike Feb 16 #1
I love Knish on Paul Shannon's Adventuretime. Did you ever try to make one with a mop and bowling pin? debm55 Feb 16 #3
I forgot that Knish was part of Adventure Time! livetohike Feb 16 #12
And Rodney the creppy looking puppet. debm55 Feb 16 #17
Oh right!! And Nosmo King! LOL n/t livetohike Feb 16 #23
LMAO No Smoking for Nos Mo King. I felt extra smart when I figured that out. debm55 Feb 16 #39
Paul Shannon brought his show to the Penn Theater in our small town of Mt. Pleasant. PittBlue Feb 16 #35
Yes , I think it ran from 5-6. That was great to see in person, Did you ever go to Idlewild Park and see the Mr. Rodgers debm55 Feb 16 #63
My grandma knew the guy who mowed Mr. Rogers's lawn in Latrobe. Dulcinea Feb 17 #196
Agree, TY debm55 Feb 17 #197
Knish was a creation of MyOwnPeace Feb 18 #205
Yes watch Josie Carey Show. She was on Channel 2 KDKA, right after Bill Burns news. The rest was cooking shows. debm55 Feb 16 #18
Ohhh yes....as a born and raised girl from Pittsburgh area/Mars. FarPoint Feb 17 #164
Thank you FarPoint. Did you ever get jokes when you said you were from Mars,PA? I am from South of the city. debm55 Feb 17 #171
I always have to explain it to folks... FarPoint Feb 17 #184
A sports connection! MyOwnPeace Feb 18 #208
Lunch with Soupy Sails in channel 7 Detroit. Srkdqltr Feb 16 #2
Uncle Al in Cincinnati... JT45242 Feb 16 #4
Thank you JT45242 Looks like it was fun except for the clown debm55 Feb 16 #6
"3-D Danny" was a kids show in Tampa in the late 50's. Channel 13. dameatball Feb 16 #5
Thank you dameatball. debm55 Feb 16 #8
this? AllaN01Bear Feb 16 #9
I think it was the same show, but we watched it on WTVT channel 13 out of Tampa. dameatball Feb 16 #53
Thank you dameatball. debm55 Feb 16 #65
mr rogers was pbs . capt kangaroo . enginner bill was national sherrif john was local kttv la. rr, we had AllaN01Bear Feb 16 #7
Mr. Rodgers was Channel 13 (pbs) but was filmed in Pittsburgh studio. Yes , We had it , it was produced debm55 Feb 16 #10
mr rogers .long read from wikipedia. AllaN01Bear Feb 16 #15
Channel 13 (WQED) was PBS, Mr Rodgers Neighhood was filmed and produced in Pittsburgh, I read the link and it says it debm55 Feb 16 #24
Pick Temples Giant Ranch !!! Karadeniz Feb 16 #11
I remember Pick Temple in the late 50s Mr.Bill Feb 16 #33
That's great Mr. Bill. I know Mr,Rodgers was filmed in Pittsburgh because my Girl Scout troup visited a filming. It was debm55 Feb 16 #37
Did he have have any horses or people in horse costumes on his show? debm55 Feb 16 #64
I dont remember any... Karadeniz Feb 17 #73
That's okay. debm55 Feb 17 #101
San Francisco Bay Area Doc_Technical Feb 16 #13
Did the host/hostess dress like one of the characters? debm55 Feb 16 #14
Thank you Doc_Technical, debm55 Feb 16 #66
Also Sir Sedley on channel 2, Mr.Bill Feb 16 #71
Soupy Sales and Chuck McCann in NYC suburbs Ritabert Feb 16 #16
my dad wouldnt let us watch soupy sales , so we had to go to a neighbours house . AllaN01Bear Feb 16 #29
I think he was before my time. Was Soupy Sales not appropriate for kids? Two cousins were not allowed to watch the debm55 Feb 16 #67
sorry , i cant answer that . AllaN01Bear Feb 17 #90
That's okay, Loveya debm55 Feb 17 #97
Semi-appropriate Wicked Blue Feb 17 #122
Thank you Wicked Blue. It sounds very funny. debm55 Feb 17 #156
The highlight of my life at the age of six or seven was when Soupy mentioned my name on his show. NNadir Feb 17 #82
Wow , NNadir, that was nice of your mom. and Soupy. debm55 Feb 17 #98
Thank you Ritabert. debm55 Feb 17 #173
In WA we had Patches & Captain Kangaroo RainCaster Feb 16 #19
Thank you RainCaster. debm55 Feb 17 #111
Barnaby in Cleveland crud Feb 16 #20
Thank you crud. I like the idea of a "talking" invisible parrot., TY debm55 Feb 16 #21
Plus Captain Penny, Woodrow, and Hoolihan and Big Chuck Auggie Feb 17 #85
Thank you Auggie. debm55 Feb 17 #117
Lots here in Philly Freddie Feb 16 #22
Thank you Freddie. It sure sounds like it. debm55 Feb 16 #25
Hank Stohl too! With Knish and , was it Rodney Hackenflash? apcalc Feb 16 #26
Thank you apcalc. Hank Stohl with Knish and Rodhey. Do you make a Knish puppet? debm55 Feb 16 #34
Locally made and produced in Atlanta Glorfindel Feb 16 #27
You got that right. On Paul Shannon we had the Stooges , Little Rascals and a mix of cartoons. debm55 Feb 16 #36
Paul Shannon was actually responsible MyOwnPeace Feb 18 #207
Remember "Office Don," think I might have gone to one of his shows when little. Silent Type Feb 17 #160
Thank you Silent Type. It was an honor, at the time to be on a live show when you were a kid. debm55 Feb 17 #172
I remember "The Popeye Club", but not "Woody Willow." Different Drummer Feb 17 #166
"Woody Willow" aired early to mid-50's. Glorfindel Feb 17 #168
In SoCal snpsmom Feb 16 #28
Thank you snpsmom debm55 Feb 17 #112
Don't forget catchnrelease Feb 17 #178
Uncle Orrie, Kenny Rogers True Blue American Feb 16 #30
Uncle Orrie? In Southwestern Ohio? Mister Ed Feb 16 #48
Dayton station. True Blue American Feb 17 #174
Yep. Dayton it was. Mister Ed Feb 19 #209
Thank you True Blue American debm55 Feb 17 #118
The Fred and Fay show in the Denver area yonder Feb 16 #31
And Blinkey the clown. nt Hotler Feb 17 #89
Thank you , Hotler debm55 Feb 17 #136
I remember the name but that's it. yonder Feb 17 #167
Thank you yonder. debm55 Feb 17 #120
Mr Rogers, Captain Noah, Chief Halftown, Sally Star, Romper Room, HodgePodge Lodge woodsprite Feb 16 #32
I also grew up in Philly kid shows.Chief Halftown was one I remember Walleye Feb 17 #81
Thank you woodsprite. debm55 Feb 17 #121
This message was self-deleted by its author mobeau69 Feb 16 #38
Sally Starr, Soupy Sales, Don Ameche, flor-de-jasmim Feb 16 #40
Thank you flo-de-jasmin debm55 Feb 17 #133
Sandy Becker on NYC area channel 5 Wicked Blue Feb 16 #41
Thank you Wicked Blue for all your choices. debm55 Feb 17 #131
On the Coast of Rhode Island it was The Salty Brine Show LakeArenal Feb 16 #42
Thank you LakeArenal. debm55 Feb 17 #132
I lived between two TV markets. rsdsharp Feb 16 #43
Thank you rsdsharp. You were lucky as a kid. debm55 Feb 17 #140
Soupy Sales; Howdy Doody; and Kukla, Fran, and Ollie The Blue Flower Feb 16 #44
I love the old B&W Soupy shows. ificandream Feb 17 #92
Thsnk you Th Blue Flower. debm55 Feb 17 #137
Channel 5 in Cleveland had Captain Penney. Diamond_Dog Feb 16 #45
"You can fool some of the people all of the time ... Auggie Feb 17 #86
YES!!! Diamond_Dog Feb 17 #87
Thank you Auggie Feb 17 #88
Aww! Did you first see your "Auggie Doggie"on Captain Penney's TV show? Diamond_Dog Feb 17 #91
Yes Auggie Feb 17 #93
I remember watching every single one of those shows and TV people. Diamond_Dog Feb 17 #135
They were my favs Auggie Feb 17 #163
Thank you Diamond_Dog debm55 Feb 17 #138
Thank you , Diamond_Dog. That was a very different show with a very nice twist. debm55 Feb 17 #142
Oopsy Daisy JoseBalow Feb 16 #46
Thank you JoseBalow' debm55 Feb 17 #128
We had Seaweed Sam in Wheeling, he was on doc03 Feb 16 #47
Did you pick up Pittsburgh stations in Wheeling? TY debm55 Feb 16 #56
Back before cable we lived on a hilltop and had an antennea with a rotor we doc03 Feb 16 #58
Thanks doc03 debm55 Feb 16 #59
You trigger happy tv memories... FarPoint Feb 17 #195
Lunch with Casey LNM Feb 16 #49
Thank you LNM debm55 Feb 17 #114
The Wonderful World of Brother Buzz Brother Buzz Feb 16 #50
We didn't get to see that one, but it sounds very interesting.. Did you sign up for the Brother Buzz club? Ty debm55 Feb 16 #55
Yes, my older brother signed me up. He also tagged me with the name Brother Buzz. Brother Buzz Feb 16 #57
Thank you Brother Buzz., very nice of your brother to do that. debm55 Feb 16 #60
Bozo the Clown on WGN Chicago - the best. NoMoreRepugs Feb 16 #51
Thank you NoMoreRepugs. debm55 Feb 17 #113
1959 to 1962. Bozo the Clown, WRC Washington DC with Willard Scott as Bozo. Yoyoyo77 Feb 17 #158
TY Yoyoyo77 debm55 Feb 18 #202
Betty Lou's Magic Window WOI in Ames, Iowa Cairycat Feb 16 #52
Thank you Cairycat, That show sounds very interesting. debm55 Feb 17 #109
Captain Sacto and King Fud PufPuf23 Feb 16 #54
PufPuf23 you were lucky. debm55 Feb 16 #68
In Maryland, we had the Howdy Doody Show and Pick Temple. mia Feb 16 #61
Thank you, mia. debm55 Feb 16 #62
Captain 20 WDCA in the DMV area. Yavin4 Feb 16 #69
Hey, I had one of those. Just threw it away this last summer. debm55 Feb 16 #70
There was one in Raleigh for several years called 'Sparks!' OldBaldy1701E Feb 17 #72
Thank you OldBaldy1701E. Your shows sound great. debm55 Feb 17 #108
My pre teen years i grew up in Tom Kitten Feb 17 #74
Thank you Tom Kitten what an array of shows you had. debm55 Feb 17 #107
You're welcome Tom Kitten Feb 17 #110
We had two local shows in Roanoke VA - Uncle Looney weekday evening and GoodRaisin Feb 17 #75
Thank you Good Raisin. It sounds like fun. and free Krispy Cremes Yummy. debm55 Feb 17 #106
The Uncle Floyd Show shenmue Feb 17 #76
HAHAHAH Thank you shenmue. debm55 Feb 17 #96
I watched several episodes of Uncle Floyd being taped Wicked Blue Feb 17 #115
Freddy Fudd, Major Astro and at Christmas... wcmagumba Feb 17 #77
Thank you wcmagumba. debm55 Feb 17 #105
Three kids' shows in Oregon. Permanut Feb 17 #78
Thank you Permanut. Kid shows were very hard to get on in my area. debm55 Feb 17 #104
The Magic Door Chicago Jewish kids show on local CBS station mucifer Feb 17 #79
Wow, mucifer that is great. Thank you for posting this. debm55 Feb 17 #103
I was on the Poopdeck Pappy show when I was a child rainy Feb 17 #80
rainy, great for you, Those kid shows were hard to get on. debm55 Feb 17 #102
We lived close enough to get those stations. OldBaldy1701E Feb 17 #149
I remember that show! rainy Feb 17 #194
Harlow Hickenlooper, Cowboy Bob & Janie (Central Indiana) BluesRunTheGame Feb 17 #83
Thank you , BluesRunTheGame. debm55 Feb 17 #100
We had "Lucy's Toy Shop" in Ohio maxrandb Feb 17 #84
Thank you maxrandb. debm55 Feb 17 #99
Ding Dong School with Miss Frances. Golden Raisin Feb 17 #94
We had Romper Room in Pittsburgh. Do Bees and Don't Bees Thank you. debm55 Feb 17 #95
Sally Star out of Philly randr Feb 17 #116
Thank you , randr. debm55 Feb 17 #126
Wonderama with Sunny Fox FalloutShelter Feb 17 #119
FalloutShelter., thank you, I like the idea of playing Simon Says. Was that with the audience? debm55 Feb 17 #125
Yes, Deb. FalloutShelter Feb 17 #130
Yes, I was wondering if it was the studio or home audience. Thank you, Sounds like fun. debm55 Feb 17 #155
WJIM in Lansing had Mr. Mayor with Alley Cat and Pansy LisaM Feb 17 #123
Thank you LisaM------ debm55 Feb 17 #124
Zacherle bucolic_frolic Feb 17 #127
Thank you brocolic_frolic debm55 Feb 17 #152
New York Metropolitan area no_hypocrisy Feb 17 #129
Wow, no_hyprocrisy. What a line up. debm55 Feb 17 #144
My mother used to tell me that I was watching too much TV as a child. no_hypocrisy Feb 17 #175
Agree,I t was a way to escape. debm55 Feb 17 #176
Went to a taping of "Wallace and Ladmo. when I was 7 or 8 Prairie_Seagull Feb 17 #134
Perhaps the last of it's kind. ThoughtCriminal Feb 17 #139
I had no idea it ran that long. Prairie_Seagull Feb 17 #151
Thank you Prairie_Seagull. Did they give you a cookie at the taping? debm55 Feb 17 #150
In fact they did. Prairie_Seagull Feb 17 #153
Another one for Wallace and Ladmo - Phoenix Gimble Feb 17 #162
Huntsville, Al ThoughtCriminal Feb 17 #141
Thank you ThoughtCriminal. Were you a Do Bee or a Don't Bee? My name was very common at the time, so I was called. debm55 Feb 17 #148
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie Goonch Feb 17 #143
Thank you Goonch. I loved them. debm55 Feb 17 #146
Garfield Goose and Friends Cartoonist Feb 17 #145
Thank you Cartoonist, That goose is so funny. debm55 Feb 17 #147
Los Angeles - Shrimpenstein DBoon Feb 17 #154
HAHAHAHAHAH, DBoon, were you a member of the Fan Club? debm55 Feb 17 #159
no but I should have been DBoon Feb 17 #165
I was on this one. My mom was a Cub Scout Den Mother and her den got to be on the show. I wasn't old brewens Feb 17 #157
Thank you brewens, we had Rickie and Copper that was mostly a birthday show. At the end the show the birthday kids debm55 Feb 17 #170
I'm in the Atlanta TV market (though not Atlanta itself), so these all aired on local Atlanta stations. Different Drummer Feb 17 #161
Wonderful Different Drummer.Thank you so much for the overviews of the shows. debm55 Feb 17 #169
The Sandy Becker Show pdxflyboy Feb 17 #177
thank you pdxflyboy debm55 Feb 17 #179
Thank you pdxflyboy debm55 Feb 17 #180
LA enid602 Feb 17 #181
Thank you enid602 debm55 Feb 17 #182
Connecticut, Channel 8: Mr. Goober no_hypocrisy Feb 17 #183
Thank you. no_hypocrisy. debm55 Feb 17 #190
WGN Chicago rzemanfl Feb 17 #185
Thank you rzemanfl, debm55 Feb 17 #192
Does " Chilly Billy Cardille" count? FarPoint Feb 17 #186
I used to watch him and the Wrestling show he did. debm55 Feb 17 #191
Seattle FuzzyRabbit Feb 17 #187
Thank you FuzzyRabbit. debm55 Feb 17 #189
Seattle FuzzyRabbit Feb 17 #188
Thank you FuzzyRabbit, debm55 Feb 17 #193
Nashville: I only remember one kid's show that was a local production: Popeye Theater yellowdogintexas Feb 17 #198
TY yellowdogintexas ,I liked your post about making Jingles nose make a sound debm55 Feb 17 #199
Tory and ol' Gus Darwins_Retriever Feb 18 #200
Thank you Darwin's_Retriever. Very sweet post. debm55 Feb 18 #201
We had only one that I remember MuseRider Feb 18 #203
So do I. MuseRider, so do I. Don;t think they are funny. Never did and never will. debm55 Feb 18 #204
In Cleveland - Capt Penny, Barnaby, but in Phoenix there was the absolute best local TV show - Wallace and Ladmo. marble falls Feb 18 #206
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