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Welcome back! femmedem Nov 30 #1
welcome back 3 x as in the theme from welcome back carter. AllaN01Bear Nov 30 #2
Mr Kotter. marble falls Dec 1 #36
Glad you're back, and yes it is awful to be out of touch; elleng Nov 30 #3
Welcome home. sheshe2 Nov 30 #4
So glad you're back.... a kennedy Nov 30 #5
Glad you are back, that happened to me too. Had to get a new password as my old one was from 2004. I can't remember debm55 Nov 30 #6
I've had some vexing health issues. It's a wonder I remember anything. CTyankee Nov 30 #10
Good to have you back and functioning here at ye olde DU hangout! calimary Nov 30 #7
Welcome back. bluestarone Nov 30 #8
Welcome back! iluvtennis Nov 30 #9
💐welcome back blm Nov 30 #11
Welcome back! Sounds like a great win/win relationship. Good luck with it. Evolve Dammit Nov 30 #12
Glad to see you back JohnSJ Nov 30 #13
Welcome home! Wish I could borrow your tech support person. japple Nov 30 #14
You might want to find one at a local college's tech support staff. That's where I found my guy. He wanted to do some CTyankee Nov 30 #15
Welcome (back)!! ailsagirl Nov 30 #16
Welcome back! ❤️ littlemissmartypants Nov 30 #17
Thrilled to have you back and to hear the book is coming along. I'm such a fan of your essays... Hekate Nov 30 #18
Happy to oblige. Just PM me your name and address. I keep a list on my computer of folks who want my books and their CTyankee Dec 1 #22
💕💕will do🌸 Hekate Dec 1 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 30 #19
Welcome back, my tech support is either my son or great-grand daughter (who lives in MI). Both geniuses...LOL. n/t SheilaAnn Dec 1 #20
That's good because usually family members are available or make other arrangments. CTyankee Dec 1 #21
Hahaha, doncha just love being a Senior? So glad to read you again, stay well. n/t SheilaAnn Dec 1 #23
Welcome back! Phentex Dec 1 #24
My computer guy contacted one of the site's managers, Earl G. I think. That did the trick! CTyankee Dec 1 #32
Wow, that must have been frustrating PatSeg Dec 1 #25
Yikes! Jilly_in_VA Dec 1 #26
It's about art and music. I'll post more when it's published and will give away copies to DUers who contact me thru DU CTyankee Dec 1 #33
Welcome home gademocrat7 Dec 1 #27
Yeah! Welcome back! Niagara Dec 1 #29
Welcome back! Ocelot II Dec 1 #30
I'm glad you got the issue resolved FakeNoose Dec 1 #31
How disconcerting for you! SOteric Dec 1 #34
Glad you're back! Jim__ Dec 1 #35
Welcome back! nuxvomica Dec 1 #37
Oh, I hope so! It's why I wrote the book, for people who don't know art and think it's not for them, but I try to talk CTyankee Dec 1 #38
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