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18. Good morning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with this sorely-
Sun Oct 22, 2023, 10:17 AM
Oct 2023

needed collection of awwwwwwww and squeeeeeeee. The animal photos were truly outstanding, especially the pumpkin kittens, the owl, and that stunning cat. And the kitten and the Eiffel Tower, such joy! Please give Crystal a big hug from me, and I wish you both a wonderful and peaceful week.

I am replying with laughter, love and wonder !!!! Thanks Salmon. Trueblue1968 Oct 2023 #1
"I think they meant the date..." crickets Oct 2023 #2
Thank you SCE. I value this irisblue Oct 2023 #3
Faves: nuxvomica Oct 2023 #4
Lizard's leg and tongue of dog... TomWilm Oct 2023 #5
I can't believe you know this and used what we thought was a totally made up MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #36
YAY! A HERETIC I AM Oct 2023 #6
Thanks for the happier Sunday, SCE. ancianita Oct 2023 #7
Another great start to Sunday...thanks SCE MiHale Oct 2023 #8
Good morning,SCE gademocrat7 Oct 2023 #9
It took a second review Conjuay Oct 2023 #10
Oh, Delphinus Oct 2023 #15
"We've got a poultrygeist.!" planetc Oct 2023 #11
Well... ChazInAz Oct 2023 #21
The kitties in a pumpkin so cute. Emile Oct 2023 #12
It is indeed. That is one huge pumpkin! niyad Oct 2023 #20
Thanks CTriverYankee Oct 2023 #13
Always good TNNurse Oct 2023 #14
Isn't it? Delphinus Oct 2023 #16
YES!!!! niyad Oct 2023 #19
I look forward to this every Sunday morning. PittBlue Oct 2023 #17
Good morning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with this sorely- niyad Oct 2023 #18
Thanks, SCE! murielm99 Oct 2023 #22
Swiss Army scythe, overachiever... hay rick Oct 2023 #23
K&R & thanks! tblue37 Oct 2023 #24
So much fun! Thank you. Collimator Oct 2023 #25
Great way to start my Sunday. 🙏 Deuxcents Oct 2023 #26
They put a smile on my face. You are correct. republianmushroom Oct 2023 #31
Always +1 Sunday Bundbuster Oct 2023 #27
OH, the HUGE MANATEE!! lastlib Oct 2023 #28
used to have a lory just like the 4th from the bottom. mopinko Oct 2023 #29
Thank you I enjoyed them republianmushroom Oct 2023 #30
Kitties in the jack-o-lantern, Bayard Oct 2023 #32
Delightful! Wild blueberry Oct 2023 #33
Another awesome job! We needed that! LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #34
Thank you! rogerballard Oct 2023 #35
Wonderful Ominous Nominous Edition, SCE! Niagara Oct 2023 #37
Love those, SCE! Different Drummer Oct 2023 #38
Good Evening, SCE! blogslug Oct 2023 #39
This weeks episode of LOL cats is soo good wendyb-NC Oct 2023 #40
Yay-both Farside and Calvin and Hobbes! jfz9580m Oct 2023 #41
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