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In reply to the discussion: Kirk vs. Picard [View all]
Kirk vs. Picard [View all] Different Drummer May 2023 OP
Capt. Pike Earl_from_PA May 2023 #1
the Next Generation brought me back into Trek. Loved Picard and the relationship he had with crew BlueWaveNeverEnd May 2023 #2
Exactly why I preferred TNG to the original. Different Drummer May 2023 #3
Sorry to say: Captain Picard is my least favorite Tetrachloride May 2023 #4
Going with rough-and-tumble Kirk Shermann May 2023 #5
I liked both Kirk and Picard. n/t RKP5637 May 2023 #6
Janeway, just saying. thatcrowwoman May 2023 #7
Captain Janeway n/t Stargleamer May 2023 #8
Captain Seven. sky_masterson May 2023 #9
Didn't know that was an option. Changing my vote! Shermann May 2023 #13
+1! I enjoyed the nostalgia of Picard S3, especially the Worf parts, but Jeri Ryan petronius May 2023 #21
They handled Worf amazingly well sky_masterson May 2023 #25
Picard ProfessorGAC May 2023 #10
Jonathan Archer PJMcK May 2023 #11
Enterprise seasons 3 and 4 was some of the very best of Trek. Earth-shine May 2023 #16
Agreed PJMcK May 2023 #18
I like how they used season 4 to wrap up dangling storylines from the original series. Earth-shine May 2023 #24
Continuing mission GreenWave May 2023 #12
Who was Sheldon's pick? Just saw this recently on Big Bang Theory.... Chakaconcarne May 2023 #14
I think Leonard's answer was Picard but ST:TOS was the better series. Gidney N Cloyd May 2023 #17
Kirk was my role model as a boy growing up. Earth-shine May 2023 #15
Commander John Koenig n/t targetpractice May 2023 #19
A long time ago, I read an article about Space 1999. Earth-shine May 2023 #20
Hah... I agree... targetpractice May 2023 #22
Space 1999 had it all, except for serviceable storylines! Earth-shine May 2023 #23
I guess I have to go with Kirk because he... LudwigPastorius May 2023 #26
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