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Sun Feb 12, 2023, 08:51 AM
Feb 2023

"talking good about you"
"first kiss"
"to Isengard!"
"mission impossible mode"
"Party don't start"
"quick fran, tourists."
"recalibrate the Transporter"
"Oh, the Places You'll Doze!"
"The flannel frontier"

Thanks for another fun roundup, SCE! Have a great week and a happy Valentines Day!"

I can't believe it!! I'm first!! Coventina Feb 2023 #1
Good Idea jxla Feb 2023 #2
Whoever Gave Me The Hearts jxla Feb 2023 #46
And I'm just getting up! mnhtnbb Feb 2023 #3
Beautiful and amusing, as always. Thank you, SCE, for my Sunday morning smiles. ancianita Feb 2023 #4
Especially great today! Easterncedar Feb 2023 #5
Tree Beard. SergeStorms Feb 2023 #7
Me,too NJCher Feb 2023 #45
Always appreciated way to start Sunday! Thx SCE MiHale Feb 2023 #6
You outdid yourself !!! Karadeniz Feb 2023 #8
Thank you, SCE! Have a happy Valentine's Day! We love you! ❤️ littlemissmartypants Feb 2023 #9
So much squeeee today!! pnwest Feb 2023 #10
It's not Sunday without you ❤️ Ziggysmom Feb 2023 #11
HAPPY VALENTIN'S DAY SALMON !!! Trueblue1968 Feb 2023 #12
Valentines Day Cardinals ! Martin Eden Feb 2023 #13
Thank you - always makes my Sunday! Laf.La.Dem. Feb 2023 #14
Good morning SCE gademocrat7 Feb 2023 #15
Fantastic as always, thank you! Paper Roses Feb 2023 #16
Wondering about the pic with the bees and the hummingbird SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #17
Happy Happy Hearts to you, SCE! blogslug Feb 2023 #18
I love that kitty in the violin case! Vinca Feb 2023 #19
"To Isengard!" planetc Feb 2023 #20
Faves: nuxvomica Feb 2023 #21
Thank you! rogerballard Feb 2023 #22
Good morning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with this sorely- niyad Feb 2023 #23
awesome littlewolf Feb 2023 #24
The Flannel Frontier! Ocelot II Feb 2023 #25
Bacon bits! underpants Feb 2023 #26
K&R and thanks. nt tblue37 Feb 2023 #27
Always a joy! Mad_Dem_X Feb 2023 #28
Have a Happy Valentine's Day, SCE !! DinahMoeHum Feb 2023 #29
Thank you. murielm99 Feb 2023 #30
Some stunning pictures this morning. Thanks SCE! Fla Dem Feb 2023 #31
K&R! Toons and pics! burrowowl Feb 2023 #32
Thank you republianmushroom Feb 2023 #33
Thank you and Happy Valentine Day, SCE! femmocrat Feb 2023 #34
Awesome as always. Thank you and Happy Valentines Day, Salmon judesedit Feb 2023 #35
Thank you thank you thank you, a million times, thank you! 1WorldHope Feb 2023 #36
Spectacular! Wild blueberry Feb 2023 #37
Star Trek: The Flannel Frontier! calimary Feb 2023 #38
Happy Valentine's Day, SCE & All! SheltieLover Feb 2023 #39
Thank you SO MUCH I love these! mrsadm Feb 2023 #40
A very special collection! BarbD Feb 2023 #41
Super wonderful collection! colorado_ufo Feb 2023 #42
Cat's Rebl2 Feb 2023 #43
Gotta love the "It's the cat's birthday" one with all... 3catwoman3 Feb 2023 #44
Adore the Squeeee My Valentine Edition, SCE! Niagara Feb 2023 #47
Thanks for "Very funny, Scotty" and all the others. nt LAS14 Feb 2023 #48
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