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I regard my cat as a little hairy roommate with an attitude and a few strange habits, Ocelot II Jan 2023 #1
Same with my dog intrepidity Jan 2023 #9
Agree on the first part orangecrush Jan 2023 #17
I sweet talk to my Ruby..not baby talk but I do praise her a lot. Deuxcents Jan 2023 #2
Same deal with litter here orangecrush Jan 2023 #18
My cat's name is Mr. Boo so you guess my answer mucifer Jan 2023 #3
I hear in my imaginination orangecrush Jan 2023 #13
I also call my kitten a "bootyhole-licker" when she agressively grooms our older boy cat FirstLight Jan 2023 #4
Same here orangecrush Jan 2023 #14
... Faux pas Jan 2023 #5
I talk to my baby orangecrush Jan 2023 #16
Lol Faux pas Jan 2023 #26
I call mine sweetie, honey and baby Raine Jan 2023 #6
No shame orangecrush Jan 2023 #19
Yes, even to my deaf doggo. nt Laffy Kat Jan 2023 #7
He feels the vibrations orangecrush Jan 2023 #20
my Sally boy cat is my Little SallyManDer. Trueblue1968 Jan 2023 #8
Love it! orangecrush Jan 2023 #21
ALL of our 5 cats were rescue kitten cats. Trueblue1968 Jan 2023 #27
Noel says thank you orangecrush Jan 2023 #28
You kidding? I don't baby talk to babies. n/t malthaussen Jan 2023 #10
It's o.k. orangecrush Jan 2023 #22
Absolutely! Niagara Jan 2023 #11
THANK YOU! orangecrush Jan 2023 #23
My Cat RobinA Jan 2023 #12
My cat orangecrush Jan 2023 #24
If I don't, she'll think I'm talking to a person. raccoon Jan 2023 #15
It's a special language orangecrush Jan 2023 #25
you left off Conjuay Jan 2023 #29
you left off Conjuay Jan 2023 #30
You mean... orangecrush Jan 2023 #31
We try to be mature UTUSN Jan 2023 #32
Doesn't everyone? Me--Does wittle Dolly want mommy to give her a tweat? debm55 Jan 2023 #33
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