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8. Welcome. You'll find that most DUers prefer a Nordic model society...
Mon Nov 14, 2022, 04:21 PM
Nov 2022

and work and vote for candidates as far as possible who lean that way. Progressive pragmatism does creep in as we need to win elections to implement policies, and not be so inflexibly idealistic that we never get anything done (see the accomplishments of the Biden Admin in just two years).

Things have to get done for the general welfare of the people.

That last sentence sounds somewhat socialistic, right, and I'm sure you agree with it. We lean left but understand the nation doesn't lean as far left as we do and that the word "socialism" is toxic to many (many boomer and GenXer voters, not all by any means, who were school as kids about Khrushchev, Brezhnev, fallout shelters, the Cuban missile crisis, the iron curtain, Red China, failed communist collectives, Stalininst purges and on and on. Many of those voters never lost the fear of socialism/communism and vote that way. Florida's Cuban and Venezuelan voters for instance, and of course republicans.

What say you? And really I myself voted for Gus Hall and Angela Davis in my first presidential vote, lived in Berkeley across the street from a hippie commune...the whole works.

So I get where you're coming from but understand pragmatism is often necessary. BTW, IIRC the world is still waiting for a sustained society/nation that has a socialistic economy.

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Welcome to your new home rurallib Nov 2022 #1
I don't know about welcoming an ad for the Peoples' Party. marble falls Nov 2022 #3
Welcome! Elessar Zappa Nov 2022 #2
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I see The People's Party about the way I see the Green Party. comradebillyboy Nov 2022 #5
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Maybe you should have posted on General Discussion? It's more political themed. debm55 Nov 2022 #11
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Welcome. You'll find that most DUers prefer a Nordic model society... brush Nov 2022 #8
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What the...Who the hell.... Iggo Nov 2022 #10
Fuck the People's Party; it's a vehicle for white male grievance with juuuuust enough lefty window- WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2022 #12
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