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Sun May 1, 2022, 04:00 PM May 2022

I'm 64 and my hair is white. [View all]

I'm a man.

I figure from the way I feel, I have about 5 years - MAX - left to have fun before the nurses tie me to the wheelchair and put me facing the corner, drooling on myself.


Should I color my hair and stash?

Is it even worth it?

What color?

At home or a salon?

I think it might be fun to find out how much trouble I can get myself in.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Go for it!
3 (23%)
Act your age, bot your I.Q.
0 (0%)
Thickness of wallet is more important
0 (0%)
I'm already laughing at you
2 (15%)
Do it and post pics so we can laugh at you
2 (15%)
Get plastic surgery first
0 (0%)
Lose 50 lbs. first
0 (0%)
I like voting in polls
2 (15%)
Other (please specify
4 (31%)
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I'm 64 and my hair is white. [View all] orangecrush May 2022 OP
Probably need to let it grow out before you color it. Maybe a mullet... Thomas Hurt May 2022 #1
..... orangecrush May 2022 #4
Coloring hair that short would be ridiculous, to start with ... Hugh_Lebowski May 2022 #2
Thanks Hugh! orangecrush May 2022 #5
Oh, well if we're talking about FUN colors, that's totally different ;) (nt) Hugh_Lebowski May 2022 #8
At this age orangecrush May 2022 #13
I agree! It should stay as it is!!! secondwind May 2022 #10
There isn't much left orangecrush May 2022 #15
Really. My first thought was, "What hair?" wnylib May 2022 #55
Color it a purple so dark it looks black mercuryblues May 2022 #3
Do what you want. It's only hair. LakeArenal May 2022 #6
Thanks orangecrush May 2022 #12
I like it! orangecrush May 2022 #11
I once dyed my graying dak brown hair "blue-black". It came out too applegrove May 2022 #7
CARCINOGENS??!! orangecrush May 2022 #18
I figured putting dark dye on myself for 25 years was enough. Women applegrove May 2022 #32
BUMMER!!! orangecrush May 2022 #35
Try this I_have_a_cat_bite May 2022 #9
Damnit now I want pizza (nt) Hugh_Lebowski May 2022 #14
... orangecrush May 2022 #20
Waiter, there's a pizza in my hair. nt JustABozoOnThisBus May 2022 #26
When a man colors his hair, it is ALWAYS obvious. Croney May 2022 #16
And with women orangecrush May 2022 #21
Women who go to salons to have it done have more success Croney May 2022 #27
You have a point orangecrush May 2022 #36
I say embrace it, you earned it. XorXor May 2022 #17
Thanks orangecrush May 2022 #23
Shave it off. Spend the money on sex. Lochloosa May 2022 #19
I tried orangecrush May 2022 #24
second that shave it. mopinko May 2022 #29
It might make more sense orangecrush May 2022 #31
you could also bleach it. mopinko May 2022 #38
Good ideas orangecrush May 2022 #47
ftr, my da had that hair in his 30's. mopinko May 2022 #60
True orangecrush May 2022 #62
Color it. What could possibly go wrong? JustABozoOnThisBus May 2022 #22
I knew orangecrush May 2022 #25
I don't know if that was worse than Stephen Miller's spray on hair JustABozoOnThisBus May 2022 #28
They're about the same orangecrush May 2022 #33
There is nothing that could make this creep... 3catwoman3 May 2022 #37
I don't care. I'm just here for the bossy nurse pics. dameatball May 2022 #30
I'll be sure orangecrush May 2022 #34
Hubba! dameatball May 2022 #39
Shave it and grow a magnificent 'stach. haele May 2022 #40
Handlebar! orangecrush May 2022 #48
Magic marker or crayon? whistler162 May 2022 #41
I ate all the crayons orangecrush May 2022 #49
the way I feel? usonian May 2022 #42
Thanks! orangecrush May 2022 #50
Laughter keeps us young! Glad to be the bearer of funny tidings! usonian May 2022 #57
ROTF orangecrush May 2022 #58
My hair is grey too. I use this stuff called, "Fancifull" which is temporary hair color Maraya1969 May 2022 #43
Thank you Maraya orangecrush May 2022 #51
I am 74 my hair is white. If you have white hair people stop and let you cross doc03 May 2022 #44
I must look young orangecrush May 2022 #52
Hahaha! I seriously thought this was a LuckyCharm's OP. Niagara May 2022 #45
It isn't orangecrush May 2022 #53
Go with a wig. Choices are endless. And best of all, no one will be able to tell you are wearing one Midnight Writer May 2022 #46
Ummm... orangecrush May 2022 #54
I say Go For It! Trailrider1951 May 2022 #56
Thanks! orangecrush May 2022 #59
Grow that goatee, you always wanted one. Emile May 2022 #61
Who told you orangecrush May 2022 #69
Try to avoid looking like Wayne Newton. Harker May 2022 #63
Is he dead? orangecrush May 2022 #70
I don't know for sure... Harker May 2022 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author orangecrush May 2022 #76
No, he's only 80. Harker May 2022 #77
Whatever gets you through the night. malthaussen May 2022 #64
It's alright, it's alright....... DFW May 2022 #66
Great tune orangecrush May 2022 #71
That's what I USED to think at 64. DFW May 2022 #65
Beautiful couple! orangecrush May 2022 #73
Thanks! We'll try, anyway DFW May 2022 #79
Wonderful photo! GenThePerservering May 2022 #82
I started going grey in high school bif May 2022 #67
I think what bothers me orangecrush May 2022 #74
The problem isn't your hair color. It's this statement and attitude: highplainsdem May 2022 #68
If you noticed orangecrush May 2022 #75
I apologize. I hadn't noticed the background in that photo, since I was so focused on highplainsdem May 2022 #78
No apology necessary orangecrush May 2022 #83
My serious advice. LuckyCharms May 2022 #80
Thanks, Lucky! orangecrush May 2022 #84
A wise older woman once remarked to me GenThePerservering May 2022 #81
I agree! orangecrush May 2022 #85
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