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35. I apologize.
Tue Apr 26, 2022, 01:59 PM
Apr 2022

I don't think it was the end of the world, but I apologize.

Actually, maybe Twitter isn't the only platform I should quit today.

Help! Cat issue [View all] GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 OP
This isn't the answer you're seeking but I would reconsider spooky3 Apr 2022 #1
This isn't casual. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #2
Honestly, I never suggested anything about the seriousness, spooky3 Apr 2022 #4
I hear you. This was unnecessary secondwind Apr 2022 #6
Wow. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #10
Wow 😮 secondwind Apr 2022 #5
Wow is right. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #15
I would write a blurb exactly as you did and take a photo of the applegrove Apr 2022 #3
Dont say free to good home I_UndergroundPanther Apr 2022 #7
I'm not planning that at all. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #11
How about instead of giving it away, you charge a token amount? Laffy Kat Apr 2022 #36
At the risk of getting the same kind of answer as Spooky3, Bayard Apr 2022 #8
I've had a rheumatologist assess me for allergies. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #12
I had allergy shots I_UndergroundPanther Apr 2022 #13
Add to the helpful list... Duppers Apr 2022 #19
I wasn't aware of this GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #29
Where do you live? Deuxcents Apr 2022 #9
I can PM you. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #14
Long hair, short hair..more info. Deuxcents Apr 2022 #16
Short hair. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #17
If she very much loves her cat and her cat is bounded to her Big Blue Marble Apr 2022 #18
Absolutely! Amen! Duppers Apr 2022 #20
No one is discounting it. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #30
It's unreal the kind of assumptions that people make. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #23
I am a cat parent to Ruby Deuxcents Apr 2022 #21
No shelters. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #26
I'm sorry that you're going through this MindHowYouGo Apr 2022 #22
Thank you GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #28
I understand your situation... JarOCats Apr 2022 #24
Jesus Christ, I'm not considering a kill shelter. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #27
Sounded to me like it was a consideration. JarOCats Apr 2022 #32
Really? You read this whole thread before responding and vanlassie Apr 2022 #34
I apologize. JarOCats Apr 2022 #35
How about a catio? (If you have room) Ialwaysvote Apr 2022 #25
Try putting an ad on Craig's List. That's where I got my cat, Haggard Celine Apr 2022 #31
I had 2 outside cats and I could not deal with the death and destruction they were bringing into my Maraya1969 Apr 2022 #33
I am sorry about your condition. but a pet is a lifetime commitment. IcyPeas Apr 2022 #37
How has your allergy not kicked in when you're with your gf? Doremus Apr 2022 #38
I found a dehydrated little 4 month old kitten in the driveway next to my house. Fla Dem Apr 2022 #39
The primary allergen that triggers symptoms in humans... 3catwoman3 Apr 2022 #40
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