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23. We will be celebrating with about 20 recent acquaintances from our canceled conference
Fri Dec 31, 2021, 12:46 PM
Dec 2021

Our Renaissance Weekend was canceled as we were leaving for the airport in Düsseldorf on Sunday. We said what the hell, we will go anyway, and have a relaxing week in Charleston, South Carolina. As it turned out, we weren't alone. People came from North Carolina, but also as far away as San Francisco.

So, we organized a big dinner, and some champagne (I don't drink alcohol, but I'm the only one), and I have a guitar here, so at midnight, we'll sing some songs we usually do. Paul Simon, Beatles, Sloop John B, songs that a 12 string guitar goes well with. Then chill out for some walks along the waterfront on January 1, like we always do, and then back to the real world. Florida, New York, Washington, etc. By February, I should be back in Germany. My wife will leave from New York well before me.

Sure, around my house, maybe home alone, may open a bottle of something. elleng Dec 2021 #1
I'm in on the 'what day is it' vote....... MyOwnPeace Dec 2021 #2
Family dinner and then zoom with the family afar, then early night! Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #3
in honolulu its like a war zone with fireworks. harder to sleep with all that nt msongs Dec 2021 #4
Same here. Heck, the local rubes were practicing with fireworks on Christmas. Hoyt Dec 2021 #7
chance of heavy rain tomorrow night. us party poopers are hoping lol nt msongs Dec 2021 #9
Same here. highplainsdem Dec 2021 #19
Barring any catastrophe, I certainly hope to be around to mark the New Year. Solly Mack Dec 2021 #5
Probably up till 11:00 to see Anderson get hammered again.....🤣 😂 🤣 a kennedy Dec 2021 #6
Love watching him giggle. highplainsdem Dec 2021 #20
Staying home. Tetrachloride Dec 2021 #8
It will be midnight somewhere when I hit the sack and that will be very early. Sherman A1 Dec 2021 #10
I'm spending the evening home alone and I'll be in bed Arkansas Granny Dec 2021 #11
Maybe... 2naSalit Dec 2021 #12
Will be reading mysteries... chillfactor Dec 2021 #13
I always think I'll stay up, but usually fall asleep. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #14
Not champagne, but a bottle of Prosecco. Totally Tunsie Dec 2021 #15
Not champagne, but Hagan Daz Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream w Irish Cream... electric_blue68 Dec 2021 #16
Fireworks ensure everyone will be awake at midnight ... Donkees Dec 2021 #17
Yeah, welcome to my neighborhood. Paladin Dec 2021 #18
How about 6 hours of a great miniseries on Prime Video, if you have highplainsdem Dec 2021 #21
I may give it a shot. Thanks. (nt) Paladin Dec 2021 #22
We will be celebrating with about 20 recent acquaintances from our canceled conference DFW Dec 2021 #23
I'll stay up until midnight, then probably Mad_Dem_X Dec 2021 #24
I'll stay up, but no champagne Marthe48 Dec 2021 #25
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