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23. Oh, you are way north from me. I'm in Washtenaw county.
Sat Mar 20, 2021, 03:07 PM
Mar 2021

Who would have guessed you were from Michigan with your Red Wing patch and that is about all I know about hockey. Good to meet you

Let me recall my Botany classes ... Hugh_Lebowski Mar 2021 #1
I just call it a Crocus! Siwsan Mar 2021 #2
Ah ... Iris family ... Hugh_Lebowski Mar 2021 #3
Japanese Iris, I believe. luvtheGWN Mar 2021 #19
That's correct. Iris reticulata, I believe. Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #24
All my bulbs are coming up. Daffodils were first, then some crocuses, no sign of my tulips yet. Treefrog Mar 2021 #6
My tulips are poking up through the earth. Hyacinth is finally showing, too. Siwsan Mar 2021 #7
I love spring when all the bulbs come up again. Truly nature's magic. Something we can count on. Treefrog Mar 2021 #9
'Iris reticulata' - a spring bulb plant. (reticulated iris, netted iris) Donkees Mar 2021 #11
Thanks! Siwsan Mar 2021 #12
Ah, I should have read the thread before posting (above.) Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #26
In the same state but you seem to be a week or so ahead of us. Biophilic Mar 2021 #4
Hi! Love meeting folks from the same state... MiHale Mar 2021 #8
Oh, you are way north from me. I'm in Washtenaw county. Biophilic Mar 2021 #23
bush flowers? Forsythia? nt. druidity33 Mar 2021 #21
The forsythia are still tightly budded. They've had a couple of Spring surprises before this. Biophilic Mar 2021 #22
Winter Aconite? Donkees Mar 2021 #25
Oh, yes, I love these little guys to death, but I can never remember what they're called. Biophilic Mar 2021 #27
My favorite flower! That's gorgeous!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2021 #5
Hi! love the pics of your first up... MiHale Mar 2021 #10
I've had zero after/side effects from the 2nd Pfizer jab Siwsan Mar 2021 #14
After having a not-uncommon early start to Spring, the season seemed to crawl back under the covers. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #13
Ah, crocusus first-to-come-up-us. Winter finally gives into longer days. jaxexpat Mar 2021 #15
We have those but they won't be up for weeks yet... 2naSalit Mar 2021 #16
Beautiful! George McGovern Mar 2021 #17
What a beautifully saturated purple! CrispyQ Mar 2021 #18
Its Dutch Iris dem in texas Mar 2021 #20
The wisteria may surprise you with new shoots from the old root system. Be patient :) Donkees Mar 2021 #28
They look similar, however the OP shows Iris Reticulata, not Iris hollandica (Dutch Iris) Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #29
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