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20. Yes.
Sun Jan 27, 2019, 04:57 PM
Jan 2019

What I'm calling "streaming receiver boxes" (for the lack of an official technical name) is the little box or stick that connects to your TV that you buy from Roku, Amazon, Apple or NVIDIA. I personally don't care for Amazon because they're constantly trying to hook me into paying for Amazon Prime, which I refuse to do.

One thing that concerns me in your reply is this statement: "I *do* have DSL/wifi/router-modem". If your internet comes in through a DSL phone line AND unless it's an exceptionally fast service, I seriously doubt if it will be fast enough for TV.

For example, my DSL line at best does around 1.0mbps, and that's annoyingly slow just for my computer. It definitely would not have enough bandwidth to feed a TV, much less my computer and a TV.

You can run a speed test on your system here: https://www.speedtest.net/

These are articles on suggested WIFI speeds for good quality TV:



Netflix requires at least a 0.5 megabits per second (Mbps) connection at the bare minimum, and they recommend a 1.5 Mbps to even stream video at the lowest quality. You should expect essentially home video-level entertainment at this broadband speed.

The company recommends at least 3.0 Mbps for DVD-quality video streaming, and they bump that number up to 5.0 Mbps for HD-quality performance. Netflix claims that TV shows originally encoded in HD will play in 720p resolution or better provided that 5.0 Mbps bandwidth threshold is met.

Netflix even supports higher resolutions when available, but their bandwidth recommendations increase to 7.0 Mbps for Netflix Super HD format. For the few of you that enjoy 3D television content, the Internet speed recommendation is 12.0 Mbps. Remember that these are recommendations: for example, it is possible to occasionally stream HD video at 3.0 Mbps, but expect pixelation and lag, especially if there is heavy Internet traffic.

In my case, what I plan to do is drop my DSL service and have AT&T install a Uverse line and only their basic modem, which should provide enough bandwidth for both computer and TV. I'll probably then add my own fast WIFI router to that device, particularly if their WIFI is poor. I intend to connect my computer directly to their modem via an Ethernet cable.

Note that my only choices for internet service here are Spectrum cable (formally Time-Warner), AT&T DSL and AT&T Uverse.

If DSL is all you have available, AND your speed test is low, you could talk to your ISP to see if they have line upgrades available. Otherwise, depending on what's available, you could change to a high-speed service via cable or something like Uverse. The great part is that you're only paying for basic internet service and not paying rent for their set-top boxes and content subscriptions.

Glad I could help with this and it's been a refresher for me, which I needed to do for changing my service anyway. I'm a retired engineer and enjoy helping others where I can, as that's a big part of my lifeblood these days.

I'm this close to cutting the cord myself. Laffy Kat Jan 2019 #1
You can get HBO with HULU. It's an upcharge though, and I don't know how much. Squinch Jan 2019 #15
I believe HBO on Hulu is $15 n/t TexasBushwhacker Jan 2019 #18
We cut the cord and have hulu. I really like hulu and you can get msnbc and cnn demgrrrll Jan 2019 #2
But isn't the problem with streaming Sucha NastyWoman Jan 2019 #3
Hulu does not seem to be like this at all. You just go back and forth to whatever you demgrrrll Jan 2019 #14
Neither are Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you are watching a series yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #41
Sling Blue CloudWatcher Jan 2019 #4
Willing to adjust to internet but want to stick to tv not laptop UTUSN Jan 2019 #5
My son knows how to link a smart phone or laptop to a tv. Delmette2.0 Jan 2019 #54
you don't have to watch streaming on your laptop you can do it on tv imavoter Jan 2019 #56
UTUSN, here's some basics.... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #6
great information KT2000 Jan 2019 #7
See additional stuff, below. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #12
Wow for all that, will digest. I do have wifi & antenna for locals, will digest more, thanks UTUSN Jan 2019 #8
BOOKMARKING THIS! Thank you so much! Squinch Jan 2019 #16
We have a ROKU on one tv and Amazon Firestick on the other yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #9
Question, Yellowdog.... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #13
We have a router and Spectrum has amazing bandwidth in our area yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #42
Bandwidth can be a problem csziggy Jan 2019 #62
you will love streaming. You will learn about bingeing yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #10
UTUSN, here's some good reference info for you.... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #11
Wow, KY_EnviroGuy, you are SO helpful, am just getting started processing your info, thanks! UTUSN Jan 2019 #19
Yes. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #20
Hmmm, speed results are: "ping 7 - download 7.04 - upload 1.10" UTUSN Jan 2019 #21
Here's a couple more thoughts.... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #25
Sorry, I screwed up! KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #26
I'm away right now, the 7 is the middle of speed test. I'm definite DSL. UTUSN Jan 2019 #29
You're very fortunate. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #31
Our DSL is slower than that, around 4 using the speed test link above. hunter Jan 2019 #63
So things can work out with not crazy-stellar numbers, yes? UTUSN Jan 2019 #64
When we first subscribed to Netflix, watching on a Nintendo Wii... hunter Jan 2019 #65
we are on our third ROKU. The first one was hard cabled into our old TV yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #43
Thanks, Yellowdog - very helpful. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #48
I love this thread. Thank you, UTUSN for starting it, and thanks to all the contributors! Squinch Jan 2019 #17
Haha, love the (typo?) "threat" - but it is a very real THREAT to Dish for losing another customer!1 UTUSN Jan 2019 #22
Oops! Correcting. Squinch Jan 2019 #23
AWww, leave the joke in!!!!!!1 UTUSN Jan 2019 #24
Great thread. Extremely helpful. Thanks. Bookmarking. NT mahatmakanejeeves Jan 2019 #27
I want to cut cable so thanks for asking and thanks for the replies steventh Jan 2019 #28
I appreciate this thread also. badhair77 Jan 2019 #30
We have an inexpensive medium speed DSL connection, the least expensive Netflix plan... hunter Jan 2019 #32
When I brought my house in 1993 the previous owner left a hugh satellite dish in our backyard kimbutgar Jan 2019 #33
Yip that dinosaur dish was something, don't remember how I got rid of it!1 UTUSN Jan 2019 #34
We had a wind storm and the thing broke in half kimbutgar Jan 2019 #40
You can subscribe to HBO Now straight from HBO or get it through yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #44
Last fall I cut the cord using Roku and a variety of streaming choices csziggy Jan 2019 #35
Very informative, thanks! UTUSN Jan 2019 #37
Thank you, csziggy for you great summary of all those content providers. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #61
I still have an early ROKU for my analog tv. Do they have an adapter for the newer digital outputs keithbvadu2 Jan 2019 #36
As you can see, one of our fantastic DUers is sure to know and fill us in!1 UTUSN Jan 2019 #38
Yes! The newer ones that work with the digital TV have yellowdogintexas Jan 2019 #45
Yes. I have one with DirectvNOW which only needs an internet connection. lunatica Jan 2019 #47
Yes, it's called an HDMI-to-analog composite converter. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #49
Thanks... will look into the Express+ keithbvadu2 Jan 2019 #59
Free - MSNBC, CNN, BBC mysteryowl Jan 2019 #39
Hear me out. lunatica Jan 2019 #46
Do they provide the internet service and WIFI modem in that price? KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #50
No they don't provide the internet yet, but lunatica Jan 2019 #51
Lunitica, I just want to be sure everyone here understands... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #52
***UPDATE*** Talked to my internet provider: Current speed 9.3 download; 1.2 upload UTUSN Jan 2019 #55
Sounds like you'll be in good shape, UTUSN. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #60
***UPDATE*** with the Amazon stick, called Customer Support, they did a factory reset UTUSN Jan 2019 #68
I'd be chafed if my combined internet / TV / cellphone bills exceeded $100 a month. hunter Jan 2019 #69
Thank you, Hunter. That's what I'm looking for, simple as possible. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #70
We're using a $49 DVD player my wife bought that has Netflix built-in. hunter Jan 2019 #72
I went from DirecTV to DirecTV Now, cut my bill by $110... Dennis Donovan Jan 2019 #53
I'm leaning toward DirecTV Now myself Zorro Jan 2019 #57
I like YouTubeTV Auggie Jan 2019 #58
3-wire 15 amp standard cord cap but we don't do cable (since 1995)! akraven Jan 2019 #66
Thanks, but I'm a total low-tech. "3-wire etc" mean nothing to me. UTUSN Jan 2019 #67
We use Sony's Playstation Vue. We have 4 TV's, 2 with a Roku stick and 2 with Amazon's Firestick. retread Jan 2019 #71
I just recently took this step. I have Sling Blue with all the channels you mention except CSPAN. Claritie Pixie Jan 2019 #73
UTUSN, I cut Comcast ploppy Jan 2019 #74
Self deleting, to post a Results thread: Whole O.P. here: UTUSN Jan 2019 #75
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