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61. Reps: "We already bought it. Now we're selling it back to you, "your own" "vote", that i$$$$$$$$"
Sat Nov 10, 2012, 08:47 PM
Nov 2012

= Republican 1%tax breaks, further economic differences in the USA. The End of The Middle Class!!!

Let them die, for a price, said Ryan.

and $so his$$$$$$$$'d Republican $nakes$$$$$...

perfect EarlG! n/t NMDemDist2 Nov 2012 #1
Fantastic! fightthegoodfightnow Nov 2012 #2
WOOT! Skittles Nov 2012 #3
*snerk* krispos42 Nov 2012 #4
Bwaaaaahahahahaha! progressoid Nov 2012 #5
:evilgrin: - K & R !!! WillyT Nov 2012 #6
Beck said that a Romney "landslide" of 320 would be an enormous MANDATE. Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2012 #7
It IS a mandate - to return to the tax rates of the greatest generation! (94% on the 1%) grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #57
Terrific to see how wrong those clowns were. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2012 #8
Excellent. Grateful for Hope Nov 2012 #9
Bless their hearts..... skeewee08 Nov 2012 #10
K-n-R, doubleplus good, George O. would be pleased! Royal Sloan 09 Nov 2012 #11
Big O heaven05 Nov 2012 #16
...and turn off Fox...one TV at a time. It was once an upstart, like Current. libdem4life Nov 2012 #51
+1! Cha Nov 2012 #18
I've often wondered what it would be like to be able to make outlandish predictions harun Nov 2012 #12
lol InsultComicDog Nov 2012 #13
loving it....OBAMA LANDSLIDE. DON'T BOO, GLOAT. russspeakeasy Nov 2012 #14
Gloating here! All of the good work! I'm so proud of us! Happy Holidays! Celebrate! patrice Nov 2012 #70
I had a big bowl of gloatmeal for breakfast. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2012 #85
Will these Grossly WRONG headedpundits be held Cha Nov 2012 #15
see the "pundit accountability" thread posted here at DU earlier this week - linked here: spooky3 Nov 2012 #21
Thank you, spooky! I just saw this Vid from L O'D and there's quite a few more Cha Nov 2012 #23
thanks - but I can't get any audio, and the close captions make no sense--I'll try to find on YouT. spooky3 Nov 2012 #24
Hey, that was my 15,000th post!!! spooky3 Nov 2012 #25
Congratulations! Cha Nov 2012 #32
Quite a milestone! Plucketeer Nov 2012 #54
party for the Holiday-Party, Celebrate community! Happy Holidays, all, Lawrence O'D & family & DU patrice Nov 2012 #64
Only thing that tops that video is watching Hannity's meltdown the next night. ffr Nov 2012 #76
Oh, Hell yeah libodem Nov 2012 #17
IOALIYR. Warren Stupidity Nov 2012 #19
Krudlow vinden Nov 2012 #20
The "ideology" of the Double Standard. TahitiNut Nov 2012 #22
OBAMA needs to use the word "Landslide" or Republicans will present this as a squeaker again. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #26
They already are saying that. tblue37 Nov 2012 #33
It's amazing what gin does to the brain. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #39
?? Are you saying Will is an alcoholic? Do you have a source for that notion? nt tblue37 Nov 2012 #41
I'm saying he hangs around in upper crust cocktail parties in DC where gin flows freely.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #42
Ahhh--I see what you mean. nt tblue37 Nov 2012 #48
He does look gin soaked. He's a craven basstid, at any rate. MADem Nov 2012 #68
His claim to fame was debate preping Reagan against Carter.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #81
Last sentence of yours sums him up quite nicely! MADem Nov 2012 #84
Not bad considering I'm moving soon so my keyboard/mouse/monitor is on a TV tray. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #92
Morris "I expected a Romney landslide, what we got was an Obama squeaker" DMacTX Nov 2012 #27
oooh, that one's going to leave a mark! ibegurpard Nov 2012 #28
Love this, EarlG! ancianita Nov 2012 #29
So Republicans are big liars Anthony McCarthy Nov 2012 #30
False. Servius Valerius Nov 2012 #31
To be a Republican means to be a liar. baldguy Nov 2012 #37
A-Fucking-Men HangOnKids Nov 2012 #55
The ones that tell the truth leave the party--and we know it. MADem Nov 2012 #86
There was just one thing they hadn't figured on... Turbineguy Nov 2012 #34
Fabulous! Yeah, they're SO happy :^) codjh9 Nov 2012 #35
Excellent! kentuck Nov 2012 #36
Nice work Earl salinen Nov 2012 #38
I don't know exactly what I said, but I'm sure I meant what I said when I said it. nolabear Nov 2012 #40
NOw I've got reason to quote these Republican Surrogates!!! recommended! Bill USA Nov 2012 #43
How does that saying go about broken clocks? rocktivity Nov 2012 #44
Hilarious! nt SoapBox Nov 2012 #45
Excuses... INdemo Nov 2012 #46
I hate This Week but I relish tomorrow's likely closeupready Nov 2012 #53
From October 10th, ELECTION SPOILER: Obama wins in a LANDSLIDE johnlucas Nov 2012 #47
How could they be so DENSE ?? defacto7 Nov 2012 #49
it is a landslide! amborin Nov 2012 #50
Minnesota a red state? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Initech Nov 2012 #52
Ha! pinto Nov 2012 #56
Thanks for that image. Gonna use it early and often. Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #58
Are you serious? We_Must_Organize Nov 2012 #59
It's time to leave the alternate reality they created for themselves DianaForRussFeingold Nov 2012 #63
I'll bet this recording makes them sob like children...! MADem Nov 2012 #95
Excellent! K&R myrna minx Nov 2012 #60
Reps: "We already bought it. Now we're selling it back to you, "your own" "vote", that i$$$$$$$$" patrice Nov 2012 #61
Thanks for posting EarlG! Happy Holidays! patrice Nov 2012 #62
How 'bout DEM apples? Peaceful Protester Nov 2012 #65
DEM are REAL apples! for everyone! Take your pick! for family & Community! Shop Local! nt patrice Nov 2012 #74
I know of at least one wingnut who claims "Obama edged past Romney" Shampoobra Nov 2012 #66
RWers are addicted to making shit up. Quantess Nov 2012 #82
Too bad the difference isn't 47 klook Nov 2012 #83
It Is A Mandate Shuhered Nov 2012 #67
If Romney had won over 330 EVs, you can bet toddwv Nov 2012 #69
Delusional. patrice Nov 2012 #71
Thanks to everyone for keeping an eye on this crap for us! Happy Holidays! patrice Nov 2012 #72
This is GREAT! For the RECORD!!! calimary Nov 2012 #73
Paul Ryan is trying to sell our lives. nt patrice Nov 2012 #75
Sick! patrice Nov 2012 #77
Someone on another forum complained that the Florida win Warpy Nov 2012 #78
Yes, Florida did, and FlaGranny Nov 2012 #97
lolol TBF Nov 2012 #79
I want to thank Todd Akin missingfink Nov 2012 #80
It's the modern "Dewey Defeats Truman"! n/t BadgerKid Nov 2012 #87
Exactly...hoping to see a re-creation of that picture. Missn-Hitch Nov 2012 #91
Come now, what is a victory for Democrats is really a victory for Republicans ... zbdent Nov 2012 #88
K&R and message to the rethugs and the lamestream media pundits BumRushDaShow Nov 2012 #89
Freedom Fireworks CountAllVotes Nov 2012 #90
Sports like thinking Mosaic Nov 2012 #93
Silly EarlG a2liberal Nov 2012 #94
They thought they had it bought, a done deal, for "our" votes. nt patrice Nov 2012 #96
said in a gloating way, "Ahhahahahaha" wordpix Nov 2012 #98
Please can we have a high res version of this fabulous image? Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2012 #99
:titanic: MisterScruffles Nov 2012 #100
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