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Speck Tater

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6. Yes, I agree. It was perfect music for the video.
Tue Jul 3, 2012, 12:58 AM
Jul 2012

I'm just a bit cynical about the need to wrap soundtrack music around reality to make it more palatable to a generation raised on TV. It just doesn't seem real unless it has a dramatic soundtrack.

I'm NOT criticizing the choice of music at all. I love a good soundtrack, and I'm a big fan of movie music. Maybe life itself DOES need a soundtrack to make it more real. Heaven knows nobody wants to come face to face with real reality any more. I go out for a walk every day on a beautiful hiking path through a wooded park along a rushing river with birds chirping in the trees and salmon splashing in the river, and the joggers that I see there are all plugged in to their personal soundtracks for life. Everyone I pass is jacked in with earplugs or even bulky headphones. Bare reality just doesn't cut it any more. Who wants to hear the birds when you can listen to the soundtrack?

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