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Wellstone ruled

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7. Well,what do you expect.
Wed Apr 30, 2014, 01:28 PM
Apr 2014

You have a Congress control by Rethugs,it's called pay back for monetary consideration. You could use the word BRIBE,but,I digress. Krotch Brothers and the Waltons need their tax breaks in exchange for the Roberts Court Opinion. Money is speech,sick.

#@$% shenmue Apr 2014 #1
What shenmue said +1000 nt Mnemosyne Apr 2014 #5
If you are STILL a republican randys1 Apr 2014 #2
an enemy of the u.s., us the people, and of the land. hopemountain Apr 2014 #18
Dirty Commie Propaganda! onehandle Apr 2014 #3
We need to get those GOP bums lovemydog Apr 2014 #4
!!!!! this. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2014 #10
They just loves them some billionaires. stage left Apr 2014 #6
Well,what do you expect. Wellstone ruled Apr 2014 #7
Vote Republican. Vote for Corporatocracy. Auggie Apr 2014 #8
fucking repukes. god fucking dammit. BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2014 #9
Why can't we sue for the cost of the Iraq war Tribalceltic Apr 2014 #11
Greedy evil people. gademocrat7 Apr 2014 #12
I wish someone would put a fifteen second commercial on TV transmitting these simple facts. MADem Apr 2014 #13
The GOP make me sick n/t PumpkinAle Apr 2014 #14
EarlG, the DNC needs to hire you to do ads for them. Brigid Apr 2014 #15
To quote another DUer... classof56 Apr 2014 #16
not to nitpick, but when did 1 x 10 = 12? snooper2 Apr 2014 #17
Must be some added funding in the bill - geckosfeet Apr 2014 #21
Possibly a rounded number? Jokerman Apr 2014 #27
the fact that they are not willing to hopemountain Apr 2014 #19
I suspect so. A bunch of sick bastards they are. Beyond the cut from child geckosfeet Apr 2014 #20
Thom Hartmann just quoted this pic of the day. chknltl Apr 2014 #22
Cool! EarlG is famous! Brigid Apr 2014 #23
Well those republiCONs are probably "pro-life" IronLionZion Apr 2014 #24
this pisses me off SO much! DesertRat Apr 2014 #25
, blkmusclmachine Apr 2014 #26
They're not fetuses so they won't care anyway SummerSnow Apr 2014 #28
This is a special case. Kablooie Apr 2014 #29
thanks EarlG Cha May 2014 #30
Shame, shame, shame on these filthy rich bastards. SoapBox May 2014 #31
Good information johnstyle May 2014 #32
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