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7. Pushing for impeachment would be an enormous mistake for the GOP. ...
Sun May 26, 2013, 06:03 AM
May 2013

It could cost them the House in the midterms. The better tactic in my opinion for the Republicans to use would be to just use the "scandals" to fire up their base and get them to turn out at the polls. An attempt to impeach Obama would have a severe backlash.

Long term Republicans are not real fond of the Tea Party for good reason but I believe they are caught between a rock and a hard place. In reality they probably were not overly concerned that the ultra right wing of their party was undergoing scrutiny by the IRS. What they may fear right now is the IRS scandal will revive the Tea Party and further threaten their control of their party.

The older leadership of the Republican Party probably wishes the Tea Party would simply disappear and become a little known footnote in political history. The currently elected Tea Party Republicans make it difficult for the more moderate Republicans to compromise and consequently the entire Republican Party is becoming known as the party of No. The established Republicans are more than likely scared that an ultra conservative Tea Party candidate will win the Republican nomination and run in the next Presidential election. That will once again doom their chances of controlling the White House.

To me it is possible that the more important issue will prove to be the investigations launched against the press. While the press has not been as favorable to Obama as Fox News insists, it is not wise to really piss them off which may happen if more investigations are uncovered. The press may not totally support the Second Amendment but they really value the First. It seems that every President develops a dislike of the press during his time in office. Still the press has the responsibility of being a watch dog in our political system even when they limit what a President can accomplish. I fear the day when the freedom of the press is limited as every citizen should. I remember "Tricky Dick" Nixon all too well.

Another major factor in the midterms and the next Presidential election will be the implementation of Obama Care. If all goes well, Democrats will fare well in both elections but if it is indeed a "train wreck" as even some Democrats have suggested the elections may go poorly. Of course the Republicans and the Tea Party will be largely responsible for the difficulty but the voters may not realize this.

Obama has great visions for our nation and he is well liked. Still I would have liked him to show more leadership in the early stages of the creation of our new health care system. With all his oratory skills I feel he could have forced a much better plan through Congress. Still while it may not be all I hoped for, the new health care system is a vast improvement over what we had.

Will Obama keep validating them? BlueStreak May 2013 #1
i understand what you are saying and tend to agree but... madrchsod May 2013 #2
Enough rope for what? BlueStreak May 2013 #3
Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson in the HOF graham4anything May 2013 #4
" The war is won at the end." Are we the collaterol damage? BlueStreak May 2013 #9
I don't leave a baseball game in the 4th inning, do you? graham4anything May 2013 #13
If it looks like the team in intentioanlly throwing the game, yes, I would. BlueStreak May 2013 #17
Obama can work it out w/his buddy Boehner on the golf course next weekend. blkmusclmachine May 2013 #5
You guys are such hypocrites. Dennis Kucinich can sit on Ron Paul's advisory.... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #6
It isnt the speaking that is the problem. It is the "sharing of mutual political interests" BlueStreak May 2013 #10
"Many people are concerned"? You mean here at DU, right? Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #19
There were 90 million who did not vote. Why was that? BlueStreak May 2013 #22
The point I'm making is your opinion is yours, and ONLY yours. The shit you've made.... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #23
And likewise, your opinion represents exactly one person. BlueStreak May 2013 #24
Uuuuugh. I had no idea she did that. How could she "Stand with Rand" ??!! SunSeeker May 2013 #20
That's just it. The young people who power these folks don't have a clue. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #21
She wrote it on a heart, and wrote "love" on her tweet! SunSeeker May 2013 #25
I couldn't agree more. It's obvious Medea has been off her meds for some time now. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #27
Yes, I've been increasingly uncomfortable with her tactics, but that just sealed it for me. SunSeeker May 2013 #28
Pushing for impeachment would be an enormous mistake for the GOP. ... spin May 2013 #7
The way I see it we have just about three and a half years of this winning to put up with.......... wandy May 2013 #8
But the way Obama deals with it will largely determine our fate in 2016 BlueStreak May 2013 #11
"the nominee for the Scandal Party" - if you beleive that, your perceptions are out of whack. emulatorloo May 2013 #12
I never heard him say that. I heard the opposite. BlueStreak May 2013 #16
I'de like to agree with you. For what it's worth I'de like to see Obama take a ball bat..... wandy May 2013 #14
To some extent, it's just the GOP fighting the last war starroute May 2013 #15
Facebook will keep their base active 4dsc May 2013 #18
Why Haven't Dems fredamae May 2013 #26
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