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Tue Nov 28, 2023, 08:57 AM Nov 2023

It's a good thing women won't date Trump voters [View all]

It's a good thing women won't date Trump voters
Now the Washington Post has joined a campaign to shame women for having the bare minimum "no Trump voters" standard

Senior Writer

(Salon) It's an amusing truth that comes up with regularity: Men who love Donald Trump struggle on the dating market. This is neither surprising nor regrettable. Supporting Trump is much like refusing to bathe, blowing your nose in your hands or farting loudly on purpose. It's a repugnant habit that makes you repulsive to normal people. The whole point of dating and marriage is to find happiness, not to spend the rest of one's days suffering in silence while the racist you live with cackles over Greg Gutfeld's latest hateful diatribe disguised as "comedy."

This should be common sense. Yet our sexist culture remains too enamored by stories of female self-sacrifice to accept that it's just fine if Trump voters never get laid. Even people who really should know better have taken to bullying liberal women for their refusal to date male Trump voters. "If attitudes don’t shift, a political dating mismatch will threaten marriage," declared a recent headline of a Washington Post column by the editorial board. To make it even grosser, the op-ed was published the day before Thanksgiving, as if to arm "concerned" relatives who planned to spend the holiday pestering single women at dinner over when they will get serious about finding a husband.

In this unsigned essay, the authors fret that the "ideological divide" between young men and women is preventing Gen Z — who range in age from 9 to 27— from getting married. Women under 30 are far more likely to be liberal than men, who are far more likely to identify as conservative. Citing data showing Democratic voters generally refuse to date Trump voters, the Post editors argue that people should be more willing to date across party lines, and learn to appreciate "alternative perspectives that may at first seem odd or offensive."


Marrying a Trump voter isn't just a matter of minor political differences, or expecting someone to be exactly like yourself. For women, in particular, it's about being able to be safe and respected inside your own home, which is a very minimum standard all people deserve. Voting for Trump means backing a man who has been accused of sexual assault by two dozen women, and who a judge and jury deemed responsible for rape. It means backing the man who repeatedly brags about how he got Roe v. Wade overturned. In addition, the MAGA media consumed by most Republicans is hardly neutral on the question of sexism. They are all for it, from the tired sexist jokes on Fox News to bizarre internet trends like "tradwives." For a woman, marrying a Trump supporter isn't about being with someone who has different views on tax rates. It's bringing someone into your home who ascribes to an ideology in which you are not fully human. .................(more)


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Interesting conflict bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #1
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Shades of Lysistrata. NNadir Nov 2023 #5
The WaPo is, quite simply, full of shit on this DFW Nov 2023 #6
I wouldn't marry someone who significantly disagrees with me on politics MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #32
It certainly sounds like someone who thinks that women should be "open-minded" DFW Nov 2023 #44
Not dating Trump supporters is a good thing... Ohioboy Nov 2023 #7
Reminds me of a cartoon .... JohnnyRingo Nov 2023 #8
LOL! LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #52
That was a weird op-ed from the WaPo editorial board IronLionZion Nov 2023 #10
Trumpers are happy around each other... at least at his stupid rallies LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #53
Liberals hope to create a bright and wonderful future IronLionZion Nov 2023 #56
true LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #59
The WaPo Editorial Board column left me open mouthed. yardwork Nov 2023 #12
Here in Florida (and most likely elsewhere) chouchou Nov 2023 #13
Same, I generally steer clear of conservatives, MAGA, Qonspiracy nuts, etc. IronLionZion Nov 2023 #21
All Maga women are trashy SouthernDem4ever Nov 2023 #35
Gee... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #14
Idiocracy would be the outcome. LiberalArkie Nov 2023 #15
Good read. progressoid Nov 2023 #16
So many men are just so clueless. They really think their hatred of women doesn't show. Scrivener7 Nov 2023 #17
How times have changed. nevergiveup Nov 2023 #18
In those days the Republican Party was a very different thing FakeNoose Nov 2023 #43
Reagan set America on a downward spiral from which it has never recovered. mwb970 Nov 2023 #50
Just think of how things will become if THAT trajectory continues! Wednesdays Nov 2023 #55
Fascism isn't a "difference of opinion." Grokenstein Nov 2023 #19
I would never be in a relationship with a Trump supporter. Beacool Nov 2023 #22
Where are the angry threats to cancel WaPo subscriptions? maxsolomon Nov 2023 #23
Don't know, but... reACTIONary Nov 2023 #40
I subscribe to WaPo IronLionZion Nov 2023 #41
Conservative vs. Trump voter wryter2000 Nov 2023 #24
Very true. There are no conservatives in the Republican party. DFW Nov 2023 #29
K&R ! TeamProg Nov 2023 #25
keeps their population down Jilly_in_VA Nov 2023 #26
You took the first thought right outta my head! calimary Nov 2023 #33
Could that possibly be..... SergeStorms Nov 2023 #58
Those guys don't want to date women Warpy Nov 2023 #27
My God, WaPo! hvn_nbr_2 Nov 2023 #30
Paraphrased: "Women need to lower their standards" GopherGal Nov 2023 #45
This article is so stupid slightlv Nov 2023 #34
Stupid, AND really offensive. calimary Nov 2023 #37
Did you get a chance to read the article itself? If not, here is a link.... reACTIONary Nov 2023 #39
I have no interest in MAGA women IronLionZion Nov 2023 #42
Strange. If women have trouble attracting people, they are told to improve themselves. Millions of spooky3 Nov 2023 #36
Here is the WaPo article... reACTIONary Nov 2023 #38
Magats.. raising2moredems Nov 2023 #46
It's not about differences in political Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #47
Ah the "free market" posse are sad the market devalues them IbogaProject Nov 2023 #48
What woman in her right mind would even CONSIDER dating a MAGA moron?? mwb970 Nov 2023 #49
I disagree completely with the folling statement fromt Wapo article: SouthernDem4ever Nov 2023 #51
Amanda Marcotte is always worth a read LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #54
From the WaPo article gay texan Nov 2023 #57
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