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Wed Sep 13, 2023, 10:27 AM Sep 2023

Dear Millennials: I'm sorry we didn't stop them [View all]

Dear Millennials:

Back in the 1980s a lot of us worked like hell to try to stop the Reagan revolution. We failed. This may be our last chance to save American democracy and the American middle-class.

When my boomer generation was the same average age as your millennial generation is today, back in 1990, our generation held 21.3% of the nation’s wealth. Louise and I shared in that wealth; although we were still in our 30s, in 1990 we owned a profitable small business (our fourth) and a nice home in suburban Atlanta.

That was, in fact, the “American dream.” It was normal then. My dad (born 1928), who worked in a tool-and-die shop, was able to buy a house, a new car every two years, and take a two-week vacation every year because the middle class in America before Reagan had a pretty damn good life. He retired in the 1990s with a full pension that let him and my mom travel the world.

Your generation today, in contrast, is about the same number of people but holds only 4.6% of the nation’s wealth and, if you’re the same age I was in 1990, you’re most likely struggling to own a home, are deeply in debt, and find it nearly impossible to start a small business.


The Air Traffic Controllers!
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K&R BeyondGeography Sep 2023 #1
I never understood why the unions supported that scum Raygun Farmer-Rick Sep 2023 #2
It had a lot to do moniss Sep 2023 #5
i joined the carpenters union in 78 mopinko Sep 2023 #57
Yes indeed and moniss Sep 2023 #59
I never understood why any union members ever voted Republican. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #24
Kinda like how ANY women vote for repugs. Ferrets are Cool Sep 2023 #58
Yes! Nt Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #60
Because Raygun kow-towed to the air lobby saying he would kill Amtrak: Hiawatha Pete Sep 2023 #34
In 1980 my dad was a aircraft mechanic at United Airlines. Mr.Bill Sep 2023 #39
Cuz like other scum.. raising2moredems Sep 2023 #51
I never understoody why ANYONE supported Reagan Skittles Sep 2023 #64
Heartsick KNR niyad Sep 2023 #3
Millennials, you are cleared to land Aviation Pro Sep 2023 #4
I like that! You are cleared to land liberalla Sep 2023 #17
Sorry, you left out a lot. The boomer generation was the last one to get in the street and... brush Sep 2023 #6
I worry about the laws that will be passed prohibiting protests if any GOOPER gets an opportunity. Evolve Dammit Sep 2023 #33
Oh yeah, we have to push back as hard as we can against... brush Sep 2023 #38
Good assessment and gives me hope. Thanks Evolve Dammit Sep 2023 #52
Excellent job on that mini-history lesson. brakester Sep 2023 #47
Thank you, fellow traveler (let's see who get's that reference). I too am proud of... brush Sep 2023 #48
It wasn't just young Republicans siding with Reagan. progressoid Sep 2023 #61
Did you not notice I said progressive boomers also protested against the opposing faction... brush Sep 2023 #62
This was the time when manufacturing was replaced by service based economy question everything Sep 2023 #7
Well, that makes a lot of sense. Is never heard that angle discussed before. nt 1WorldHope Sep 2023 #11
Neoliberalism by Reagan and Thatcher BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #19
WELL-PUT! brakester Sep 2023 #49
The worst part is that America never had a plan for the day that those changes would come... keep_left Sep 2023 #27
Yup - I think this is a major part of the downturn for American workers. erronis Sep 2023 #29
Manufacturing here was just replaced by cheaper labor elsewhere. It still exists, just not here. SharonAnn Sep 2023 #35
Well written piece. Pinback Sep 2023 #8
You don't know how bad I feel that... ananda Sep 2023 #9
I will support in every way cilla4progress Sep 2023 #10
Reagan has been out of office 35 years MichMan Sep 2023 #12
But the Senate was controlled by Republicans thucythucy Sep 2023 #18
Reagan couldn't have passed any legislation without it passing the House first MichMan Sep 2023 #23
My partner was in the House gallery the vote on the first Reagan budget was passed; thucythucy Sep 2023 #42
You forget Clinton and the (D) party adopted "reaganism" BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #50
I think that's quite the oversimplication. thucythucy Sep 2023 #66
This is NOT bashing BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #67
The "Reagan revolution" is still with us wryter2000 Sep 2023 #21
I'd like to see "trickle down doesn't work" KS Toronado Sep 2023 #32
Amen wryter2000 Sep 2023 #40
No, I was lucky to work in a good paying industry KS Toronado Sep 2023 #41
Oh, we got "trickled on" all right... AZ8theist Sep 2023 #65
K & R Great post! FakeNoose Sep 2023 #13
Thanks for the link! geardaddy Sep 2023 #26
The white middle class had it pretty decent before Reagan, indeed. TygrBright Sep 2023 #14
for any who doubt this mindset of "destroy for all, put back again just for us" willamette Sep 2023 #28
Heartbreaking article about the effects of civic racism. (nt) Pinback Sep 2023 #43
Good dose of reality. Can't blame it all on the boomers, at least... brush Sep 2023 #36
In no way was this the case BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #37
Thoughtful piece. The 'younger' generation have tremendous challenges in front of them - BUT NoMoreRepugs Sep 2023 #15
Thank You for your suggestion NoMoreRepugs! Bears repeating (ALL CAPS mine): George McGovern Sep 2023 #20
Don't forget..... 90-percent Sep 2023 #16
Not all Boomers were DownriverDem Sep 2023 #22
Indeed! Don't lump THIS boomer, OR my boomer husband in on that. calimary Sep 2023 #53
Even back then it wasn't difficult to see what they were doing SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #55
Probably because that's what they WANTED to be true. calimary Sep 2023 #56
I have said the same thing to my adult kids on several occasions. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #25
K&R bluestateboomer Sep 2023 #30
Excellent primer on what the fuck happened. Native Sep 2023 #31
Like Bill-O liked to say, "American capitalism is about winners and losers" czarjak Sep 2023 #44
Just to clarify TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #45
I hope Reagan is rotting in hell orangecrush Sep 2023 #46
So much truth here samplegirl Sep 2023 #54
There were so many of my generation that stayed quiet, sadly mntleo2 Sep 2023 #63
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