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30. You're one of us, Bernie. Supposedly.
Mon Jan 10, 2022, 04:05 PM
Jan 2022

You ran as a Democrat for president, twice.

You caucus with the Democrats in the Senate.

But when two conservative Dems are holding up the BBB - 4% of the Democratic caucus, meaning 96% of them are in support - you conveniently invoke your Independent party affiliation to criticize the party as a whole.

You don't think that, with your grandstanding, you aren't also letting the working class down?

Spare us this performance, Bernie. We've known from at least 2016 that you are all hat and no cattle.

See this is why Bernie is such a mess himself - OhZone Jan 2022 #1
This isn't just about Manchin and Sinema, it's for the American People Uncle Joe Jan 2022 #4
We all know it's for the American people - OhZone Jan 2022 #8
Without a doubt he wants it to pass Uncle Joe Jan 2022 #15
hold the votes sure qazplm135 Jan 2022 #20
Yeah - OhZone Jan 2022 #24
The people want results, not a show vote. Moebym Jan 2022 #36
+++ sheshe2 Jan 2022 #37
Why does the headline bash the whole party and not the two main... brush Jan 2022 #2
My thoughts as well! It's not the Dems..it's 2 that vote or don't with their preferred party PortTack Jan 2022 #5
He doesn't comprehend what a 50-50 Senate means, with two Democratic Senators being the obstacle JohnSJ Jan 2022 #7
He Doesn't Want To Comprehend Me. Jan 2022 #25
That's always been his strategy. Sanders has nothing but comradebillyboy Jan 2022 #12
And, when the Midterms are coming Cha Jan 2022 #27
He can't help himself. we can do it Jan 2022 #3
:) Fundamentally true, but this is also him messaging his anti-Democratic Hortensis Jan 2022 #46
Perhaps Senator Sanders doesn't understand what a 50-50 Senate means. It isn't rocket science JohnSJ Jan 2022 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2022 #10
Yes JohnSJ Jan 2022 #13
He apparently just wants a show vote - OhZone Jan 2022 #11
The people want results, not a show vote. Moebym Jan 2022 #31
. Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #9
Ever wonder why Sen. Sanders has so few legislative accomplishments? comradebillyboy Jan 2022 #14
Not a team player...sounds a lot like manchin/sinema blockade. nt childfreebychoice Jan 2022 #22
He's absolutely right. liberalmuse Jan 2022 #16
What's his record on writing & introducing legislation? He's had 30+ yrs to build such creds Budi Jan 2022 #19
only manchin and sinoma have turned their backs on the working class and democracy samsingh Jan 2022 #17
Can he write the legislation he's calling for? Budi Jan 2022 #18
He's spent more time on TV doing interviews Moebym Jan 2022 #33
Don't get it twisted sanders, manchin and sinema r childfreebychoice Jan 2022 #21
"Bernie Sanders says Democrats are failing: Sanders also called for legislation.... George II Jan 2022 #23
I don't see the party as turning its back, I see fifty-two assholes ruining everything. BlueTsunami2018 Jan 2022 #26
He's Wrong. I can't imagine Cha Jan 2022 #28
I am with you on that. sheshe2 Jan 2022 #34
K&R CentralMass Jan 2022 #29
You're one of us, Bernie. Supposedly. Moebym Jan 2022 #30
Note how he reached way back pre-pandemic to dust off that old campaign slogan. Budi Jan 2022 #40
I'm Grateful for Pres Biden! Cha Jan 2022 #32
The nerve of this man (and his supporters). Moebym Jan 2022 #35
You are quick to paint peope with a broad brush. The progressive members of both houses CentralMass Jan 2022 #38
No they have not ALL supported Biden. Budi Jan 2022 #42
"It's Rigged" became a regular campaign slogan. Budi Jan 2022 #41
The Biden Boom! Who's Paying Attention!? Cha Jan 2022 #39
Well would you look at this! Can someone send this off to Bernie Sanders? Budi Jan 2022 #43
Exactly.. he really needs to Pay Cha Jan 2022 #44
McCarthy Is Already Planning To Strip Committee Assignments From Schiff, Swalwell & Omar Cha Jan 2022 #45
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