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15. How about this approach: build a wall
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 04:14 PM
Sep 2014

My plan:

Pull out all the western military, and wall off the entire troubled region. All of it.

Anyone is free to go into the area, but no-one gets out once the wall is created.

Let people behind the wall deal with ISIS and other Islamo fascists as they see fit.

If they solve their issues some years down the road, and want to rebuild relations with us, then fine, let's talk about it.

If they can't resolve their issues and just want to kill one another, that's okay too.

Just don't try to get over or under the wall, or we'll kill you.

Thing is, we don't really need the people or resources in that area. With a bit of tooling, we can easily and beneficially do without their oil, which they can just enjoy any way they wish.

I think some variant of "the wall" is the only approach that keeps us reasonably safe, and where we can remain (somewhat) open societies, and prevail long-term.

This is not good...in my opinion Stuart G Sep 2014 #1
So what's the solution to countering these barbaric animals? IronGate Sep 2014 #2
The Pope gave his okay to wipe them out as well flamingdem Sep 2014 #4
Wow. IronGate Sep 2014 #5
Buh Bye!! RandiFan1290 Sep 2014 #10
. Guy Whitey Corngood Sep 2014 #11
No, this is EXACTLY what they want Bragi Sep 2014 #14
How about this approach: build a wall Bragi Sep 2014 #15
The Islamic State Turbineguy Sep 2014 #8
I doubt it. n/t Comrade Grumpy Sep 2014 #13
What's their next trick if their command is not heeded? flamingdem Sep 2014 #3
They are starting to sound as kookie as Dictator Black Jammy Pants in N Korea - NT titaniumsalute Sep 2014 #6
Is this a film remake? NutmegYankee Sep 2014 #7
The reincarnation of Jim Jones... haele Sep 2014 #9
Well, I guess our "leaders" better ratchet up the surveillance state. Trillo Sep 2014 #12
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