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Now what might encourage them to think that? Hmm. n/t libdem4life Sep 2014 #1
Unable to gin up enough fear to start an actual war, the mass media resorts to their own custom Fred Sanders Sep 2014 #18
Yes, we're caught up in the enemy of my enemy is a friend except those who are still libdem4life Sep 2014 #36
I wonder how many would go over and fight them themselves RoccoR5955 Sep 2014 #2
I would not send a stranger into that fight Man from Pickens Sep 2014 #10
That's a different issue. It is quite possible to be skeptical about Obama's promise not totodeinhere Sep 2014 #23
Expecting the worst (OP) and wanting the worst (your post) are two different things. nt valerief Sep 2014 #25
We don't need to imagine this... attack pilots are combatants HereSince1628 Sep 2014 #3
Of course who the hell under the age of 40 watches NBC news? Crowman1979 Sep 2014 #4
Or even over these days...not I.... ballyhoo Sep 2014 #6
the poll results have nothing to do with watching NBC news Enrique Sep 2014 #13
those war profiteers who make huge profits off ground troop support, need to BUG OFF to ME countries Sunlei Sep 2014 #5
Cynicism and sarcasm aside, joshdawg Sep 2014 #7
Mission accomplished. nt OnyxCollie Sep 2014 #8
Basically, it means no one believes this ballyhoo Sep 2014 #9
How many believe we will use troops against Shamistan? fbc Sep 2014 #11
I believe they will. Marrah_G Sep 2014 #12
I believe that ground troops are certainly a possibility bigwillq Sep 2014 #14
I don't. The president stated firmly that wouldn't and I believe him. cheapdate Sep 2014 #15
Fighting troops are not necessary, if they are let the folks in the area do it. How come no question Fred Sanders Sep 2014 #19
The question is who besides Americans can stand up to ISIS rather than throwing down totodeinhere Sep 2014 #21
I believe there's actually a huge discussion of who could fight on the ground. cheapdate Sep 2014 #22
There are already troups over there NealK Sep 2014 #16
and 61% of the Americans believe there should be daily prayer in public schools still_one Sep 2014 #17
Yes many Americans support prayer in schools. But the point here is that a majority of Americans do totodeinhere Sep 2014 #20
The public are wrong about public prayer in schools, and about most every other thing since they still_one Sep 2014 #24
The public is getting a lot of things right too. Every poll I have seen now shows majority totodeinhere Sep 2014 #26
yeah, that is why they voted bush two terms. They are not right most of the time still_one Sep 2014 #28
They did not vote for Bush two times. Both elections were stolen. totodeinhere Sep 2014 #32
It's not a matter of not believing him. It's a recognition that the situation may turn into TwilightGardener Sep 2014 #30
Either we commit ground troops or we don't. It's that simple. totodeinhere Sep 2014 #33
No, it's not that simple. The distinction Obama is making is whether our troops will TwilightGardener Sep 2014 #34
Special forces dipsydoodle Sep 2014 #27
That's because there's a relentless drumbeat in the media that we'll just never TwilightGardener Sep 2014 #29
And 99% of Americans believe the US Govt. will do whatever the other 1% tells them to do. whereisjustice Sep 2014 #31
72% of polled USAers think President Obama is a liar? ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #35
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