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9. The reincarnation of Jim Jones...
Mon Sep 22, 2014, 02:40 PM
Sep 2014

The Kool-aid is strong with these idiots. I see a lot more useless pain, destruction, and suicides and in the future from them in their pursuit of their "Truth".

I've read the Koran; true, the Richard Burton translated version, and a while back - but from everything I've read, the whole Wahabbist sect and most of the "fundamentalists" are participating in blasphemy in a massive scale. What little snippets they can pull to justify their power-plays and blood-letting is far outweighed by "Let Allah be the judge".
Just as most of the "fundamentalist" Christians and Jews, they cherry-pick their holy books to justify all sorts of ignorance and psychopathic actions based on fear, greed, hubris, or laziness.

My rule of thumb when dealing with these people - Why can't they let their God be the judge and just do the good works expected of them? Why do they presume to set themselves up as "God's right-hand man" and declare who is a heretic or is going to hell when they can't walk on deep water without any help or do any miracles without resorting to technology or trickery? Why should we believe them when they're resorting to lies to prop them, their small universe and ideology up?
They might just find themselves in a much hotter place than they thought when it's their turn to stand before the throne of a Creator of All and justify their actions - unless they are just cynically greedy con-men and women trolling for foot-soldiers to set up their own little private kingdoms to make money and feel important in...
I don't presume to judge them, just pointing out that Milton's Fallen Angel, the personification of the devil, claimed " Tis better to Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven..."

The IS leadership would much rather Rule a Hell of their own making - just like Pat Robertson and his ilk.


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The reincarnation of Jim Jones... haele Sep 2014 #9
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