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174. One Irony
Sat Mar 31, 2012, 07:31 AM
Mar 2012

In the end, it appears that Keith is a problem hire. No more or no less than any other of us worker bees out here coping with might-makes-right modern American Management.

His issues at work could be similar to issues I've always bridled at, simply the power your employer can chose to exercise over you.

I have something of an "inner Keith" myself that I've carried with me my entire work life. I have to do some failure analysis* on my career and figure out my unconscious self sabotage.

Keith has a beautiful mind and he owes it to our violated Democracy to get on the ball and tell the most Americans he can what he sees going on all around us and what we need to know to be an informed citizenry.

If he's great enough to be the bar none best broadcast journalist in a generation or two, then shirley he can brainiac his way to a high quality and stable soapbox.

-90% Jimmy

* I'm into Quality as a discipline in manufacturing. I am still enamored of the principles of Dr. Deming about quality. The info in this vid I think contains PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE About the nature of people working as groups and the remarkable cluster fucks that can arise if you are not well educated in failure analysis, a form of the pursuit of quality.

This makes me sad. n/t Ian David Mar 2012 #1
Damn, something for Billo to gloat about tonight. MARCUSCO Mar 2012 #33
If I win the lottery tonight, I'm buying Keith his own damn network. n/t Ian David Mar 2012 #38
I second that peace frog Mar 2012 #83
According to an individual with knowledge of the situation,.......... nedbal Mar 2012 #116
Sounds like he's in some kind of crisis mode. polichick Mar 2012 #123
Keith says they broke his contract to save money. Bette Noir Mar 2012 #146
?!?! nt xchrom Mar 2012 #2
wow! wonder what happened. ejpoeta Mar 2012 #3
Their statement: ProfessionalLeftist Mar 2012 #10
Translation Jack Rabbit Mar 2012 #32
I don't think that was it. They hired him for that. Apparently he kept going at it Guy Whitey Corngood Mar 2012 #40
I suspect... FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #53
Cenk is even less of a partisan. I have a feeling that wasn't it. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Mar 2012 #54
Whatever Keith's other qualities, he's always had a reputation as hard to work with. TheWraith Mar 2012 #82
As I recall, we don't agree on much. However, I could not agree more. FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #90
wow Broderick Mar 2012 #34
Wonder why?? n/t OhioChick Mar 2012 #4
Article in the NYT attributed it to "unauthorized absences" Jester Messiah Mar 2012 #49
He's taken more days off than anyone on the air I can think of... whathehell Mar 2012 #118
unfortunately, I think you're right. nt awoke_in_2003 Mar 2012 #122
WHAAT????? Taverner Mar 2012 #5
Wha??? supernova Mar 2012 #6
Statement from Current TV oberliner Mar 2012 #7
Goddamnit cindyperry2010 Mar 2012 #8
damn Beaverhausen Mar 2012 #9
I think his mom's death put him in a bad way n/t grasswire Mar 2012 #17
I have thought that all along when recent criticisms cropped up Samantha Mar 2012 #114
He's starting to piss me off...How many people get gigs like his? whathehell Mar 2012 #126
I will tell you why I said that Samantha Mar 2012 #161
I agree with you 100% I worked for a major studio and worked for the same kind of people as you BigBearJohn Mar 2012 #172
+1 shireen Mar 2012 #202
And Rachel did hardly ANY coverage of Occupy Wall Street while Keith did pretty much the BEST. Hissyspit Mar 2012 #162
That is true... whathehell Mar 2012 #195
I could not agree with you more! SkyDaddy7 Apr 2012 #205
ditto Auntie Bush Mar 2012 #152
Sonofabitch.... truebrit71 Mar 2012 #11
I'm so sorry. grasswire Mar 2012 #12
Spitzer has a few issues. libinnyandia Mar 2012 #24
Yes, a fine man indeed. obxhead Mar 2012 #41
Heh Jester Messiah Mar 2012 #51
Which has a greater affect on the country- OnyxCollie Mar 2012 #74
Apples and oranges. obxhead Mar 2012 #80
how about all the crimes that the OWS people committed? provis99 Mar 2012 #96
are OWS people bilking folks out of millions of dollars? frylock Mar 2012 #133
You mean the ones Olbermann debunked -- and Breitbart pulled from his site... johnfunk Mar 2012 #140
Post removed Post removed Mar 2012 #194
This post has my Seal of Approval. 2ndAmForComputers Apr 2012 #204
Awesome pintobean Apr 2012 #206
Not that they have a damn thing to do with Spitzer being a "fine man," obxhead Mar 2012 #149
Got it. OnyxCollie Mar 2012 #165
We can find better people to speak for us. obxhead Mar 2012 #166
Fair enough. OnyxCollie Mar 2012 #186
Spitzer was the only one with balls enough to take on Wall Street. FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #57
spitzer's balls took spitzer down frylock Mar 2012 #134
Ha!!! nt and-justice-for-all Mar 2012 #156
Indeed, it was hubris. FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #197
He is a terrible person and an example of the worst in american politics CBGLuthier Mar 2012 #87
people want to beleive in heroes.. frylock Mar 2012 #135
The dude has people problems... My Pet Goat Mar 2012 #13
I think he has those only with people... YvonneCa Mar 2012 #79
I Agree - Like He Was Asking to Be Fired otohara Mar 2012 #109
I self-deleted my own post just a few seconds ago SamG Mar 2012 #14
could be. But, the fact that they won't let him sign off - makes me think it Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2012 #20
Let's face it. We love how he thinks and what he says...but Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2012 #15
*sigh* Maybe the Keith just doesn't work well with others. RandySF Mar 2012 #16
Something that is very common regardless of where one works. Lost-in-FL Mar 2012 #26
Bummer ~nt 99th_Monkey Mar 2012 #18
I'm reminded of an old adage from school days: "too smart for your own good..." hlthe2b Mar 2012 #19
He will be missed, but... DemzRock Mar 2012 #21
Did he welcome Bill Press? Stephanie, I can .. SamG Mar 2012 #23
I agree. FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #60
So little "news" and so much banter SamG Mar 2012 #72
I'd rather watch Stephanie than Morning Joke or any of the other cable "news" swill johnfunk Mar 2012 #141
Kieth Olbermann has an addiction to th TRUTH, honest, factual reporting. crunch60 Mar 2012 #112
The first thing I noticed was his absense during the debates way back at the beginning. It seemed jwirr Mar 2012 #29
I'm not surprised. Ruby the Liberal Mar 2012 #22
Can you say a bit more about what you know re: KO's tantrums? 50000feet Mar 2012 #37
I don't have the links Ruby the Liberal Mar 2012 #50
Odd. FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #61
Did he mention what Keith was like? I can't imagine this "DIVA" personality people says he has. Justice wanted Mar 2012 #98
He never mentioned Keith's "Diva-ness." He DID mention FedUp_Queer Mar 2012 #196
Thanks for your swift reply. 50000feet Mar 2012 #68
Very sorry to see this happen. I do like Spitzer though - think he knows a lot about the banksters jwirr Mar 2012 #25
Keith was my hero for years! I still love his style of SamG Mar 2012 #27
I'm going to say it and don't flame me for doing so but... LynneSin Mar 2012 #28
YMMV, I guess -- but I do agree... johnfunk Mar 2012 #143
This kills me. We need every Liberal voice we can get PlanetBev Mar 2012 #30
Now, Do You All Understand Why Rachel Didn't Follow Him??? Yavin4 Mar 2012 #31
Rachel is better off on MSNBC and always has been. SamG Mar 2012 #39
He never has had one, has he? Samantha Mar 2012 #115
But, he's an awesome rapper, yo! Stardust Mar 2012 #201
Yes, we understand. She was and is under contract with MSNBC. GoCubsGo Mar 2012 #95
Rachel seems to have a much more even temperament and she's every BIT as smart as Keith if not whathehell Mar 2012 #129
He has become Barry Gibb. nt Snake Alchemist Mar 2012 #35
I hear Keith is a LOOSE CANNON!!!! bigdarryl Mar 2012 #36
I had a sneaking suspicion something was up Warpy Mar 2012 #42
Never really a fan of Keith, won't really miss him!! center rising Mar 2012 #43
I'll just say it - chrisa Mar 2012 #44
I wish that Current TV had a subscription internet option. JDPriestly Mar 2012 #45
Oh I like Spitzer. applegrove Mar 2012 #46
DEAR AL AND JOEL... MrMickeysMom Mar 2012 #47
Sad news peace frog Mar 2012 #86
Poor Keith. bluedigger Mar 2012 #48
Yea he's tweeting now... ProfessionalLeftist Mar 2012 #55
Holy shit! Ruby the Liberal Mar 2012 #63
Wow, ego much iamthebandfanman Mar 2012 #76
Nothing new. Beacool Mar 2012 #144
OMG! I agree with you 100% JNelson6563 Mar 2012 #169
Really, why? Beacool Mar 2012 #188
'Tis rare JNelson6563 Apr 2012 #203
Oh, fer gawd's sakes... 140 character Tweet? Great.... hlthe2b Mar 2012 #59
He said he is suing them Ruby the Liberal Mar 2012 #64
Damn CreekDog Mar 2012 #56
Uh-oh...gonna get litigious ProfessionalLeftist Mar 2012 #58
I love Bill Press. He should be on at night rather than in the morning. Peregrine Took Mar 2012 #62
Big mistake. Vinca Mar 2012 #65
KO just published his statement: Ruby the Liberal Mar 2012 #66
Interesting... Neoma Mar 2012 #69
Well this is ugly... Hardly a good time to have vocal progressives going at each other... hlthe2b Mar 2012 #71
shit..the RW pundits will have a field day with this. dixiegrrrrl Mar 2012 #97
What, just because he is questioning Al Gore's ethics? Ruby the Liberal Mar 2012 #100
CourtTV got root Mar 2012 #111
So Al Gore is unethical and only in it for the money? Snake Alchemist Mar 2012 #136
I am totally bummed LittleGirl Mar 2012 #67
Keith's posts via twitter LittleGirl Mar 2012 #70
Liberals fighting each other. Makes me sad, because.. mvd Mar 2012 #73
there’s usually a reason... bongo_x Mar 2012 #75
I agree that's often the case but SamG Mar 2012 #77
This is heartbreaking amuse bouche Mar 2012 #78
If a guy gets shitcanned at one network it could be poor judgment on the network's part tularetom Mar 2012 #81
I love..love ...love his special comments amuse bouche Mar 2012 #91
I hate to disagree but those special comments got me through a lot of dark times aint_no_life_nowhere Mar 2012 #124
"pompous special comments?" Hissyspit Mar 2012 #128
I think it was more the delivery than the content JNelson6563 Mar 2012 #170
Hear, hear!!! Beacool Mar 2012 #147
No it doesn't. Hissyspit Mar 2012 #163
I used to watch Olbermann faithfully. Beacool Mar 2012 #187
He's a very talented child BeyondGeography Mar 2012 #84
Well Robbins Mar 2012 #85
Limbaugh stays on the air while Olbermann is looking for a job GreydeeThos Mar 2012 #88
Shame. He was a wonderful advocate for the Occupy movement. Joe Shlabotnik Mar 2012 #89
HOnestly Current Screwed up! The man was left in the dark on his show while all the newer shows Justice wanted Mar 2012 #93
Yep. GoCubsGo Mar 2012 #103
I remember here on DU when Keith first began at Current aint_no_life_nowhere Mar 2012 #138
At the link provided by KO, Mr. Cain was also fired when he was sick fasttense Mar 2012 #168
It seems pretty clear at this point that Olbermann doesn't play well with others high density Mar 2012 #94
No, he needs to syndicate his own show and be his own boss. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2012 #101
That's what I think, too. It doesn't matter how good someone is, if he can't work with others. Honeycombe8 Mar 2012 #106
I hope that Keith comes back in another venue. We need him. totodeinhere Mar 2012 #99
Well, that didn't last very long Va Lefty Mar 2012 #102
Condaleeza Rice: "Nobody could have seen that coming." (n/t) thesquanderer Mar 2012 #104
Where does he go next? HBO, Sirius/XM? fantomas Mar 2012 #105
Al Jazeera? BadtotheboneBob Mar 2012 #110
Great idea got root Mar 2012 #113
Quite frankly... GoCubsGo Mar 2012 #119
After reading this thread... CanSocDem Mar 2012 #182
Maybe we could - obliviously Mar 2012 #107
He should cut the middle man, and do his thing online got root Mar 2012 #108
They USED Keith stanchaz Mar 2012 #117
$50 Million Paycheck? otohara Mar 2012 #120
lol got root Mar 2012 #125
Couldn't agree more! Rhiannon12866 Mar 2012 #139
@KeithOlbermann: With that, I rest my case RT @tvnewser @current sends out a press release with fake Hissyspit Mar 2012 #121
OOPS! Another Joel Hyatt fustercluck johnfunk Mar 2012 #150
Yup. Olbermann's actions are public. Hyatt's not so much. All the Hissyspit Mar 2012 #158
+1000000000 nashville_brook Mar 2012 #183
Keith has to squelch hyphenate Mar 2012 #127
I'm very sorry to hear this. I hope that Keith will soon find a good fit at a network spooky3 Mar 2012 #130
This sucks!!! Odin2005 Mar 2012 #131
Next stop FreeSpeechTV or Link? rurallib Mar 2012 #132
FSTV is the best bet Great Caesars Ghost Mar 2012 #145
Free Speech TV has extremely limited carriage. totodeinhere Mar 2012 #157
Noooo! Dammit all. Rhiannon12866 Mar 2012 #137
Some things make more sense now; dawnie51 Mar 2012 #142
It's the old Countdown set, ironically. johnfunk Mar 2012 #151
When a guy gets fired WeekendWarrior Mar 2012 #148
Superstars are often complete assholes KamaAina Mar 2012 #189
I don't think WeekendWarrior Apr 2012 #209
I don't get Flatpicker Mar 2012 #153
Current TV... ailsagirl Mar 2012 #154
Big fucking mistake... and-justice-for-all Mar 2012 #155
Breaking: Current TV dismisses any chance it had of breaking into the first tier of cable channels. KamaAina Mar 2012 #159
@HowardKurtz Plot thickens: Hearing allegation that Hissyspit Mar 2012 #160
It's About Money otohara Mar 2012 #177
Makes me sad too! n/t Tripod Mar 2012 #164
There is Bill Moyers, and then there is Keith... BeHereNow Mar 2012 #167
I respect your opinion, but wonder... "who are/were the viewers on Countdown"??? MrMickeysMom Mar 2012 #180
He did "play hooky" alot. zanana1 Mar 2012 #171
Amazes me how many people here used to call KO their friend and are now abandoning him. Disgusting. BigBearJohn Mar 2012 #173
One Irony 90-percent Mar 2012 #174
"The Normalization of Deviance"... CanSocDem Mar 2012 #184
Current is toast Mosaic Mar 2012 #175
I've got a friend who's been banned from every bar in south Boston Recursion Mar 2012 #176
Exactly- there does appear to be a pattern here, BeHereNow Mar 2012 #199
After seeing Eliot's "first" show... this will NOT DO for an Olbermann replacement... MrMickeysMom Mar 2012 #178
ya'll can say what you want about KO newspeak Mar 2012 #179
Well said... MrMickeysMom Mar 2012 #181
Personally I don't know what happened. KO is a very glinda Mar 2012 #185
Could Keith Olbermann Be Heading to Showtime? totodeinhere Mar 2012 #190
Current TV Cable line up market share? 90-percent Mar 2012 #198
All I know is the sound and picture quality is a lot better for Stephanie Miller's show itsrobert Mar 2012 #191
I wouldn't want to work at a network that employed SoFlaJet Mar 2012 #192
I thought I was alone! BeHereNow Mar 2012 #200
After he moved to Current SoFlaJet Apr 2012 #207
it does tend to sound like he AsahinaKimi Mar 2012 #193
Cluster B AngryAmish Apr 2012 #208
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