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24. I've had it and it's not great pizza . . .
Thu Feb 20, 2014, 09:00 AM
Feb 2014

you'd think that Sbarro, being a New York-based company, would know how to make tasty pizza.

Any corner pizza shop in any of the NYC boroughs puts out better pizza (I mean the thin crust, fresh from the oven, foldable to get a good mouthful, greasy, dripping with hot cheese and sold-by the slice variety) than Sbarro and any of the big national chains.

They don't even get close.

Sbarro somehow missed all of that. But Melville where they're based is on Long Island and miles from the city line. Maybe that explains it.

Is there a list of places affected? Timez Squarez Feb 2014 #1
Always seemed pretty good as far as Mall Food goes. marble falls Feb 2014 #2
their pizza does not taste good at all, it almost has no taste to it JI7 Feb 2014 #3
wow you have bad taste in pizza wilt the stilt Feb 2014 #7
dominoes is better than papa johns and papa johns is better than sbarro, but they all suck JI7 Feb 2014 #9
And Dominoes is basically Kelvin Mace Feb 2014 #16
Nah benh57 Feb 2014 #21
I had it as airport food once and agree it's tasteless wordpix Feb 2014 #18
I've had it and it's not great pizza . . . brush Feb 2014 #24
Too bad. The one my family and I sometimes go to in Maine is fine. And it always seems pretty busy. RBInMaine Feb 2014 #35
Hard to believe what people outside New York... JackRiddler Feb 2014 #44
I think this might say more about the malls than about the pizza Maeve Feb 2014 #4
That, and the pizza market is totally saturated Brother Buzz Feb 2014 #20
True, but not at malls Renew Deal Feb 2014 #30
Sbarfo's is closing 155 stores!?!? DeSwiss Feb 2014 #5
The margin on pizza is 90%. Cheapest thing you can make KurtNYC Feb 2014 #32
Bingo.... sendero Feb 2014 #34
The one near me in Maine is fine. Actually quite good. May depend on location. RBInMaine Feb 2014 #36
The one near me in Maine is fine. Maybe some differences between locations. ??? RBInMaine Feb 2014 #38
They are the closest to NY Pizza in Florida HockeyMom Feb 2014 #6
Read post 24. Sbarro's is not close to typical NYC pizza. nt brush Feb 2014 #25
Born, raised, and spent 28 years in NYC HockeyMom Feb 2014 #42
I don't have to tell you brush Feb 2014 #43
No pizza is bad pizza* Inkfreak Feb 2014 #8
Too bad shenmue Feb 2014 #10
I was just debating on whether I should try Papa J's new.... Left Coast2020 Feb 2014 #11
Papa GOP John. I'll pass. TeamPooka Feb 2014 #15
I just had Papa John's Cheeseburger Pizza yeoman6987 Feb 2014 #19
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2014 #12
They just closed one in the busiest mall in Century City CA. What's their excuse for that one? nt TeamPooka Feb 2014 #13
I'm sorry to hear that, more jobs lost. Beacool Feb 2014 #14
sbarro v papa john v pizza hut Warren Stupidity Feb 2014 #17
Best to worst: 1. Sbarro, 2. Pizza Hut, 3. Papa John Renew Deal Feb 2014 #29
They are a franchised business too, so some small business people will be taking a bite. n/t DebJ Feb 2014 #22
their pizza was terrible anyway n/t JesterCS Feb 2014 #23
The one near me in Maine is fine. For some reason there may be differences between locations. ??? RBInMaine Feb 2014 #37
Mostly in mall food courts? liberal N proud Feb 2014 #26
There are some on the street in NYC Renew Deal Feb 2014 #28
When in New York, one should eat New York Pizza liberal N proud Feb 2014 #31
I agree Renew Deal Feb 2014 #39
That's sad Renew Deal Feb 2014 #27
This has everything to do with the destruction of the middle class Moliere Feb 2014 #33
Never heard of them. Sounds like that's a good thing JimDandy Feb 2014 #40
I like their spaghetti and meatballs mainer Feb 2014 #41
I saw one in Moscow in 2002. kwassa Feb 2014 #45
No Sharro Pizza for Texas? Loaded Liberal Dem Feb 2014 #46
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