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12. Netflix is going to be the rallying point
Wed Feb 19, 2014, 04:25 PM
Feb 2014

because sometimes the simplest things can be used to set big precedents.

Asking the PUBLIC to contribute to creating policy instead of LOBBYISTS? berni_mccoy Feb 2014 #1
Freedom of the press extends to shiny things with buttons shenmue Feb 2014 #2
I don't like this though... durablend Feb 2014 #3
O'Rielly sounds like he's running for office. As a republican. arcane1 Feb 2014 #5
Surprise surprise. cal04 Feb 2014 #9
Yes, I translated in the same way. FCC historically divided by party 2banon Feb 2014 #8
Sounds like a hangover from Michael (THE FREE MARKET IS MY GOD!) Powell as FCC head. We went to make freshwest Feb 2014 #17
Are We Pleased? BodieTown Feb 2014 #4
At the moment, I'm quite pleased and I'm a critic. 2banon Feb 2014 #7
Well now. THIS is an interesting turn of events. 2banon Feb 2014 #6
I'm not encouraged. This process will take a long time, and unless the internet is reclassified JDPriestly Feb 2014 #10
Yes, why can't they just reclassify it? That's where the problem lies, in how the classified it cui bono Feb 2014 #18
did this come on the tails of Verizon charging for netflix or before? Javaman Feb 2014 #11
Netflix is going to be the rallying point Lawlbringer Feb 2014 #12
Why does nobody ever talk about the obvious solution? BlueStreak Feb 2014 #13
I don't think I really agree with that. cui bono Feb 2014 #19
The TV signal gets sent whether you're tuned in or not; there's no marginal cost Recursion Feb 2014 #21
Right, and if the guy down the street is hurting my performance because he watches porn all day BlueStreak Feb 2014 #22
First, United States providers have, IMO, a shitload of bandwidth. They are just dribbling it out djean111 Feb 2014 #23
In the aggregate, maybe. But not in my neighborhood BlueStreak Feb 2014 #24
Yeah, I don't think there's actual cost for them for broadband data. cui bono Feb 2014 #25
And as usual, Republicans are OUTRAGED durablend Feb 2014 #14
+NY Times: alp227 Feb 2014 #15
AP: FCC won't appeal ruling on Internet neutrality alp227 Feb 2014 #16
They will have a secret meeting with Comcast/Verizon/TimeWarner/ATT/Brighthouse/Cox/etc... L0oniX Feb 2014 #20
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