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5. There is not a big enough hell for the likes of Thomas
Mon Jun 24, 2013, 12:55 PM
Jun 2013

and others who barrel through the doors others have opened for them and without even the slightest twinge of conscience, wish for nothing more than to slam it shut on others.

He said without a shred of self-awareness nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #1
I'm in, so slam that door! jonthebru Jun 2013 #3
Yet another example of a Zoeisright Jun 2013 #2
"What ladder?" MurrayDelph Jun 2013 #36
Thanks to all those Ronald Reagan/Bush41/Nader/Bush43 voters we have this court graham4anything Jun 2013 #4
Still blaming Nader mikeysnot Jun 2013 #25
Didn't you hear the news..."there's no difference between the parties" n/t maxrandb Jun 2013 #27
There is not a big enough hell for the likes of Thomas hlthe2b Jun 2013 #5
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #6
lots of people died so he could get that job.... madrchsod Jun 2013 #7
He doesn't remember those heroes and doesn't want us to remember them either. Boomerproud Jun 2013 #35
Bulwark Against Anarchy??? RobinA Jun 2013 #8
Does that mean that if the mob supports racism we should then consider race? Renew Deal Jun 2013 #12
He never had it! Mickju Jun 2013 #20
What galls me about Thomas is that Greybnk48 Jun 2013 #9
Thomas' nomination to replace Marshall is also one of the reasons Chakab Jun 2013 #14
GHWB only looked sane compared to his son. mikeysnot Jun 2013 #26
True, but I've seen a baffling amount of deference Chakab Jun 2013 #30
Yeah but only a pawn was acceptable. /nt Ash_F Jun 2013 #22
Sez the beneficiary of it.... VA_Jill Jun 2013 #10
Couldn't that standard cut both ways? Renew Deal Jun 2013 #11
Of course he did, no surprise there. blkmusclmachine Jun 2013 #13
In Thomas' view that means the state can only consider race "to provide a bulwark against anarchy, summerschild Jun 2013 #15
Slappy, Shut you Mouf Wolf Frankula Jun 2013 #16
From the former chairman of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission n/t kirby Jun 2013 #17
Uncle Thomas strikes again KamaAina Jun 2013 #18
He's clueless. rug Jun 2013 #19
The arrogance never ceases to amaze me. hamsterjill Jun 2013 #21
Many of us in the black community believe Clarence Thomas to be an "Uncle Tom"... Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2013 #23
Agree. Just amazing that this creature replaced Marshall Katashi_itto Jun 2013 #29
It is absolutely DEVASTATING to me. I live in Maryland and used to work for the state legislature. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2013 #32
Well Spoken! Katashi_itto Jun 2013 #33
And this is who replace Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #24
one of the rare times he actually speaks and he places his foot square in his mouth. nt Javaman Jun 2013 #28
Did you say TOM-ass? Hubert Flottz Jun 2013 #31
Without Reagan's affirmative action DFW Jun 2013 #34
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