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Fri Dec 14, 2012, 08:02 AM Dec 2012

Obama: Pot users not 'top priority' [View all]

Source: USA Today

President Obama says the federal government will not target recreational users of marijuana in states that have now legalized pot.

"We've got bigger fish to fry," Obama told Barbara Walters of ABC News, in his first public comments on the topic since Colorado and Washington voter to legalize marijuana on Nov. 6 referendums.

"It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it's legal," Obama said.

Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2012/12/14/obama-marijuana-pot-users-colorado-washington/1769013/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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Obama: Pot users not 'top priority' [View all] Comrade_McKenzie Dec 2012 OP
Cool!! Red1 Dec 2012 #1
Uhhhh, Weak, Very Weak Iggy Dec 2012 #2
People make the excuse that he has to enforce the law, but he doesn't with DOMA... Comrade_McKenzie Dec 2012 #4
And the other Excuse: Iggy Dec 2012 #6
DOMA is different because the President has said it doesn't pass constitutional muster Major Nikon Dec 2012 #21
But of course he did defend DOMA for years, and of course DOMA is enforced Bluenorthwest Dec 2012 #24
The Pres said he wouldnt enforce DOMA but DOMA is alive and thriving. rhett o rick Dec 2012 #27
What excuse - if something is against the law, he can enforce it treestar Dec 2012 #73
i remember my environmental science professor newspeak Dec 2012 #125
Good move brush Dec 2012 #17
WHAT Fish I Wonder???? Iggy Dec 2012 #126
Put down the weed and clear your mind brush Dec 2012 #129
Weak But Typical Response Iggy Dec 2012 #141
If you don't smoke it, why is it so important to you? brush Dec 2012 #143
The remedy there lies with the legislative branch, not the executive branch Major Nikon Dec 2012 #19
Just reschedule it. antiquie Dec 2012 #25
Easier said than done Major Nikon Dec 2012 #32
Article scratched the surface antiquie Dec 2012 #35
I know John2 Dec 2012 #40
Regardless of what he can or can't do... Major Nikon Dec 2012 #44
The executive branch actually did make the law JonLP24 Dec 2012 #108
You're asking the President to go farther than any other state has gone Major Nikon Dec 2012 #51
MJ was decriminalized in Columbia MO loyalsister Dec 2012 #75
Agree. And Obama's response may be a bigger deal than what the headline infers think Dec 2012 #47
I agree, Uncle Joe Dec 2012 #112
Would that include laws against torture? Fumesucker Dec 2012 #61
Yes, very weak. But . . . Roy Rolling Dec 2012 #43
Congress has to change the law. The Exec. is powerless; it enforces the law! Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #63
if you think this is a "Major Policy Issue" then you need a serious reordering of policy issues. grantcart Dec 2012 #55
it is always one of the top questions people try to present the President. uncle ray Dec 2012 #81
You realize that there are Chakab Dec 2012 #118
I am a liberal whose niece died because of the shame of aids in a third world country grantcart Dec 2012 #124
nor is Bankster reform, gun control, climate change, republican obstructionism, big oil subsudies... PerceptionManagement Dec 2012 #140
The Common Theme Amongst Many fredamae Dec 2012 #33
May it work out better for you than in California. nt antiquie Dec 2012 #37
A Big part of CA Problems fredamae Dec 2012 #39
Never heard your Pete Wilson argument before. antiquie Dec 2012 #46
A friend of mine who fredamae Dec 2012 #50
And our Attorney General at the time Mr.Bill Dec 2012 #122
"A friend of mine who geologic Dec 2012 #123
Thank you for the info n/t fredamae Dec 2012 #130
This is politically smart. drm604 Dec 2012 #3
Or not.. pipoman Dec 2012 #7
It's smarter than going after the users. drm604 Dec 2012 #11
The Feds have never gone after users.. pipoman Dec 2012 #12
This was in the NY Times just a week ago jtuck004 Dec 2012 #15
I already know where the jobs are/went because my job was off shored 30 years ago NNN0LHI Dec 2012 #30
Certainly. Abraham Lincoln said back then that in order to resolve a conflict put the jtuck004 Dec 2012 #103
No, I think John2 Dec 2012 #60
This. With a twist musiclawyer Dec 2012 #76
Selective enforcement Cayenne Dec 2012 #5
I'll believe that when I see it happen. hobbit709 Dec 2012 #8
He didn't say anything about growers or dispensaries.. pipoman Dec 2012 #10
That is a moot distiction. Oregon's medical marijuna law requires each patient Bluenorthwest Dec 2012 #31
No, it's not the same at all.. pipoman Dec 2012 #36
So, in other words, no change at all pipoman Dec 2012 #9
Yeah, right. Chakab Dec 2012 #13
Notice he didn't mention growers or dispensaries? pipoman Dec 2012 #22
Folks, this is how it started with Obama and his opinion about marriage equality LynneSin Dec 2012 #14
The pessimists don't care. tridim Dec 2012 #48
If it's not done by 2014 election I suspect it could be a tool used by the GOP LynneSin Dec 2012 #106
Nice gratuitous attack. n/t Comrade Grumpy Dec 2012 #132
You are ruining the manufactured outrage!!! JoePhilly Dec 2012 #77
I mean, why even vote for Obama if they don't have faith in anything he says or does? Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #86
I keep asking Obama's most ardent critics to start a Progressive Prez 2016 Group on DU. JoePhilly Dec 2012 #115
Agreed. Scurrilous Dec 2012 #104
Good. Can we please stop talking about how Arkana Dec 2012 #16
Maybe when he states that pipoman Dec 2012 #20
Sure, because we know what he tells Barbara Walters is as good as gold. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #29
History's greatest liar, right Shivering Jemmy Dec 2012 #78
Pres Barack Obama is not a liar. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #87
Now if Holder will only direct his staff to follow the PONTUS. blackspade Dec 2012 #18
cool name waddirum Dec 2012 #107
Then why is it still listed as a Schedule 1 narcotic?? SHRED Dec 2012 #23
POTUS Cannot Change The CSA fredamae Dec 2012 #45
Actually the DEA can reschedule marijuana under the CSA without an act of congress at any time. DefenseLawyer Dec 2012 #54
I did not know that fredamae Dec 2012 #59
Is there proof of that allegation? treestar Dec 2012 #71
Substances can be rescheduled by either JonLP24 Dec 2012 #109
Thank you treestar Dec 2012 #136
And the President John2 Dec 2012 #68
lame Garion_55 Dec 2012 #26
Maybe he should inform his DOJ. forestpath Dec 2012 #28
That sounds familiar a2liberal Dec 2012 #34
My thoughts exactly (nt) harmonicon Dec 2012 #49
Sounds similar to DADT to me. JoePhilly Dec 2012 #79
They don't care about that. They need something to whine and moan about. Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #88
The main whining and moaning seems to be coming from you. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2012 #133
The truth stings (n/t) a2liberal Dec 2012 #137
Nope. Only those who whine and complain. ;) Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #138
Then why make promises a2liberal Dec 2012 #135
How do you know he won't keep those promises? JoePhilly Dec 2012 #139
I was talking about the earlier promises a2liberal Dec 2012 #142
The feds haven't gone after users of MM. They have gone after the sellers Freddie Stubbs Dec 2012 #116
It was a real crack down wasn't it? Son of Gob Dec 2012 #120
mmmm Fried Fish... They_Live Dec 2012 #38
He could always show his sincerity Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #41
Give me the source and link where you got this information John2 Dec 2012 #69
That would be m'am Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #70
I apologize, John2 Dec 2012 #85
Schaffer's Online has a lot of source documents RainDog Dec 2012 #121
Pure Waffle. So call off the dogs in Calif then! Or better yet save some money and legalize it! on point Dec 2012 #42
half measure. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #52
He a master at straddling and triangulating Doctor_J Dec 2012 #65
Tell Holder and the DEA that. n/t bamacrat Dec 2012 #53
It's OK for him to have this approach right now. I agree that he does have bigger fish to fry. Harriety Dec 2012 #56
I'm not sure you'd be saying that Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #58
that will not go away overnight even if the feds flat out legalized it tomorrow. uncle ray Dec 2012 #92
I don't John2 Dec 2012 #98
i'm not sure what law you're talking about. uncle ray Dec 2012 #102
Great! He can start by ordering this case dismissed: green for victory Dec 2012 #117
and these: Pending Cases in California and Elsewhere-canorml.org green for victory Dec 2012 #128
explain why that isn't what is happening in Colorado then. uncle ray Dec 2012 #131
Dozens of Colorado dispensaries have been forced to shut down by the feds. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2012 #134
Just think if you were a dope smoking banker. Sweet! Safetykitten Dec 2012 #57
Yippee Doctor_J Dec 2012 #62
I see that so many people here on DU must've failed basic civics courses in junior high. Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #64
Actually, I passed Basic Civics class Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #66
How so? DefenseLawyer Dec 2012 #67
Why so sensitive? I wasn't referring to any one person. I was referring to the fact that the Exec. Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #80
So when Obama issued a signing statement suspending deportation law enforcement Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #89
I thought we were discussing pot users, no? And no, I don't agree with his deportation acts. Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #91
We are discussing what powers the executive branch has. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #94
I declared ALL of you stupid? When did I do that? When did I target any one person? Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #97
Here: Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #99
"So many people" does not equal "ALL". Try again! Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #100
right. Go with that. Everyone supporting administrative action. That ALL. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #110
A bunch of strawman arguments that no sense. But you knew that, right? Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #111
"I see that so many people here on DU must've failed basic civics courses in junior high. " Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #113
junior high civics doesn't cover prosecurotial discretinon Enrique Dec 2012 #90
Really? O.K. My point stands. Liberal_Stalwart71 Dec 2012 #93
SLOW DOWN! neffernin Dec 2012 #72
In other words ... GeorgeGist Dec 2012 #74
That's exactly how I read this, too. We'll see. nt Poll_Blind Dec 2012 #83
See my post above musiclawyer Dec 2012 #96
That strategy would backfire Uncle Joe Dec 2012 #114
Cut off Patients access instead DreamSmoker Dec 2012 #82
As much as I like Obama, I've heard this before. . . . BigDemVoter Dec 2012 #84
Nice sound bite, but nearly meaningless in the real world. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2012 #95
Though not strong enough, it is a step in the right direction. We'd never see this grahamhgreen Dec 2012 #101
I'll believe it when I see it. TeamPooka Dec 2012 #105
These are not the drugs you're looking for... n/t Fearless Dec 2012 #119
Make sure you tell the AG to leave them alone. sarcasmo Dec 2012 #127
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