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Doesn't that make us complicit as facilitators? no_hypocrisy May 29 #1
Boeing again IronLionZion May 29 #2
Everyone of them marked, "Made in USA" Grins May 29 #3
we are 'this' close to another oil embargo n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 May 29 #9
GOP will say we need more drilling and pipelines in the US then IronLionZion May 29 #11
Already have. They don't keep up with the actual news Traurigkeit May 29 #15
Should we sell out an ally for oil? former9thward May 29 #13
Never hurts when a Republican President does it. Traurigkeit May 29 #16
Biden is not a Republican so that solves that problem. former9thward May 29 #21
How to make enemies and lose friends. Lonestarblue May 29 #4
What enemies have we made and what friends have we lost? former9thward May 29 #14
None. US still in the same place since 1956 Traurigkeit May 29 #17
Nope. former9thward May 29 #23
Was it signed by Nikki Haley? RAB910 May 29 #5
I spent all day yesterday ignoring that story, because I felt like it was just too vile to be true, even for a Comfortably_Numb May 29 #10
Game over Bayard May 29 #6
Oct. 7th was not a game. former9thward May 29 #18
Just an expression Bayard May 29 #31
got to get all the stored munitions Israel has squirreled away for decades from U.S. Traurigkeit May 29 #19
Weird how nobody wants to say "No, Hamas ultimately did this" when there is a US return address on the bomb ck4829 May 29 #7
The targeted Hamas leaders set up camp right among civilian tents in Rafah. SunSeeker May 29 #26
Why didn't Israel send troops in to arrest the two men? questionseverything May 29 #29
I imagine the Hamas leaders had a slew of fighters protecting them. SunSeeker May 29 #30
I see you doing a lot of "imagining " and "guessing " questionseverything May 29 #32
I am not a member of the IDF, nor do I have special knowledge. None of us do. SunSeeker May 29 #34
Cut off the minutions supplky! We are as complicit as the pawn shop that armed a murderer who was saying "kill, kill.. ArkansasDemocrat1 May 29 #8
It's time for President Biden to cut off ALL military aid for Israel, or this $hit will continue to happen red dog 1 May 29 #12
Need a House of Democrat Majority and at present , we do not. Traurigkeit May 29 #20
A Democratic House would not cut off aid to Israel. former9thward May 29 #24
I guess that's true, since POTUS did sign the bill Congress passed in April, red dog 1 May 29 #28
Dems rushing to cut off all aid to Israel is a great way to get Trump elected. SunSeeker May 29 #27
Apparently, we didn't kill enough Arab civilians with the Iraq war. LudwigPastorius May 29 #22
It does not cross any line, red or not. former9thward May 29 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author TomSlick May 29 #33
Netanyahu is accomplishing two goals at once. TomSlick May 29 #35
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