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14. I feel the same!
Fri May 24, 2024, 08:15 PM
May 24

Since when did Democrats hate on student protestors? I can't believe the hatred shown towards these brave young people.

These shits aren't helping anything AnrothElf May 23 #1
Neither are the Pro-Israel supporters who assaulted the other side tornado34jh May 24 #6
The fault lies with Hamas. AnrothElf May 24 #7
Did the pro-Palestinian protesters at UCLA assault the other side? tornado34jh May 24 #8
They used occupier tactics, not civil-disobedience. I support the right to protest. AnrothElf May 24 #9
Really UCLA should have known better tornado34jh May 24 #15
I wouldn't be surprised if the counter-protesters were ALL Maga/Nazi. AnrothElf May 24 #16
I almost wonder if world events are starting to cause big problems in universities tornado34jh May 24 #2
Yeah that war had just ended like the day before the Turkey's ambassador and Azerbaijan's Special Consul were on campus. LeftInTX May 24 #3
Saw a woman on the news stopped from bringing food to the protestors. betsuni May 24 #4
Pathetic children. If you're going to occupy a space, better have logistics or you're fucked. AnrothElf May 24 #10
Wow! I would be worried if our University kids thought killing kids was ok womanofthehills May 24 #12
Good. Glad the cops arrested somebody. I'm sure it was the right person, because the cops never get shit wrong. AnrothElf May 24 #13
I feel the same! Goddessartist May 24 #14
Would the powers that be look more kindly on protests Aussie105 May 24 #5
Maybe if they were anti-HAMAS?!? Just a CRAZZZZEEE thought. AnrothElf May 24 #11
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