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76. Exactly!
Wed May 8, 2024, 03:10 AM
May 8

She is no position to "demand" anything from anyone.
Sheesh, what a waste of skin and oxygen.

Nope.................................. Lovie777 May 7 #1
Hey little mikey--Pound Sand! lastlib May 8 #80
I wonder who told him to say that, and what was the proposed penalty for not doing so. n/t Harker May 7 #2
MTG finally backed off. But maybe the orange turd? mchill May 7 #4
His announcement looks like a hostage video. Harker May 7 #6
That was the deal he made with Greene, that is why she is waiting for him to behave and obey, and if not? Escurumbele May 7 #67
Good luck with that, Doofus. Diamond_Dog May 7 #3
So the legislative branch thinks it can control Ocelot II May 7 #5
or "States' rights"? Ponietz May 7 #14
MTG demanded Johnson defund Jack Smith and abandon Ukraine in contentious meeting: report LetMyPeopleVote May 7 #7
Who the F**K does she think she is!? sheshe2 May 8 #74
Exactly! joshdawg May 8 #76
They are scared. They know this will expose him and them and they will lose voters. Pure fear now from the GOP ZonkerHarris May 7 #8
They made a huge mistake allowing him to run FakeNoose May 7 #25
Well, there were 6 people who could've stopped him. Other than that, how could they stop him? oldsoftie May 7 #37
He says they're going to get to the bottom of things...... lastlib May 7 #9
Please show me the article in the Constitution where Congress has the right to shut down criminal prosecutions. Lonestarblue May 7 #10
Maybe democrats Rebl2 May 7 #27
Agree. Dems should think twice. I'm sure Hakeem and Nancy are weighing likely outcomes. ancianita May 7 #29
Not think twice Chi67 May 7 #62
It is on the back. Written in sharpie. n/t whopis01 May 8 #83
We are in dangerous waters. Baitball Blogger May 7 #11
Well if they are intent on ignoring the rules of BlueKota May 7 #17
Not a good idea to succumb to their level of stupid vitriol. That's neither the party's nor Biden's style. ancianita May 7 #30
At some point, if they keep pushing the line, and the SC rules DT has immunity BlueKota May 7 #36
"If" tsf gets immunity from SCOTUS is not likely. It's not reasonable to live as if your hypothetical is fact. ancianita May 7 #66
Not likely is not the same as won't BlueKota May 8 #81
Understood. Agree. ancianita May 8 #82
while true, and we have been for some time, this is pathetic desperation prodigitalson May 7 #23
the Fuhrer... myohmy2 May 7 #12
"Trump has done nothing wrong here" Happy Hoosier May 7 #13
He is repeating what a minority of voters in the country believes from Fux Snooze. Justice matters. May 7 #48
THREE WORDS CousinIT May 7 #15
Hoping the White House gives a blistering response BlueKota May 7 #16
No need, really. Pervy Johnson can't interfere with the court. Hermit-The-Prog May 7 #18
Dark Brandon would be toying with a M134 Traurigkeit May 7 #19
Please don't. ShazzieB May 7 #26
Thanks for saying this ShazzieB Ponietz May 7 #47
Glad to be of service. ShazzieB May 8 #73
I don't want them dead unless it's natural causes. BlueKota May 7 #55
I'd rather Biden met with Johnson behind closed doors and let him know how dumb he is. emulatorloo May 7 #53
marjarumplestiltsgreene put him up to this BaronChocula May 7 #20
Of course she did - her fingerprints are all over this mess FakeNoose May 7 #46
hah, good fucking luck! prodigitalson May 7 #21
These fucking asshole repubs are really scraping the bottom. NewHendoLib May 7 #22
They're masturbating in public now Ponietz May 7 #49
Mikey just made even MORE friends ... usonian May 7 #24
Until yesterday, D.U. posts indicated support for helping Johnson fend off M.T.G. What about you? 3Hotdogs May 7 #28
Nope. Not after what he said today. BlueKota May 7 #41
NO! Chi67 May 7 #63
The Hastert Rule? as in Dennis Hastert? louis-t May 7 #31
Mr "No Bank Accounts" declared in his assets can go suck eggs. Ziggysmom May 7 #32
Leave Britney Alone!!!😭😭😭😭😭 Fichefinder May 7 #33
Well it's now confirmed that at the meeting with MTG that he was ordered to bow down and kiss Trump's ring. cstanleytech May 7 #34
Is it bad that every time I hear TFG's name these days, KatyaR May 7 #35
he's a republican. barbtries May 7 #38
Precisely what will you have Congress do, Mikey? keithbvadu2 May 7 #39
Johnson has just exposed his incompetence... GiqueCee May 7 #40
Talk about leaving your lane Picaro May 7 #42
Wait ... Seinan Sensei May 7 #43
Oh? Baaahahahahaaaaaaa!... STFU, Mikey. electric_blue68 May 7 #44
I guess its time for democrats Tree Lady May 7 #45
Insurrection: The sequel. Baitball Blogger May 7 #50
He's trying to save his job Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 7 #51
Rule of law not your thing, huh, MAGAt Mike? Aviation Pro May 7 #52
Repubs plan comes to light......see also Cannon indefinite postpose classified docs trial. NowsTheTime May 7 #54
Got his wish with Mar A Lago case...😡 duckworth969 May 7 #56
Justice Departments' response... thesquanderer May 7 #57
Really Moses? How about you use Congress (actually dobleremolque May 7 #58
Wish I could rec this post NJCher May 8 #77
Say good-bye to your gavel, asshole. You weren't going to hold it past this next election anyways. marble falls May 7 #59
get off your duff and govern, or step asside. AllaN01Bear May 7 #60
Oh hell no! Chi67 May 7 #61
FO johnson. Groundhawg May 7 #64
"President Trump has done nothing wrong here .... " Botany May 7 #65
So, maybe Democrats don't need to save his ass from MTG's push to oust him. sinkingfeeling May 7 #68
repugs are losing all pretense in equal justice samsingh May 7 #69
Obstruction of justice. nt TeamProg May 8 #70
Maybe he can get Jim Jordan to send out some fiery emails and make it all stop SomedayKindaLove May 8 #71
Wonder if his cheerleaders here still think it's a great idea that we stuck our necks out to save him? Lancero May 8 #72
'all the powers of Congress at his disposal to end all four current criminal prosecutions of ex-president Donald Trump.' elleng May 8 #75
Hey Mike what did Jesus say about hypocrisy? SARose May 8 #78
Not federal and they would be pb Historic NY May 8 #79
OK, maybe the Dems should just let him go down. lark May 8 #84
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