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Sarah Huckabuck studied the book multigraincracker Apr 29 #1
The plot thickens. BlueKota Apr 29 #2
Subpoena her. Demobrat Apr 29 #3
I'd love to hear how she would break joshdawg Apr 29 #7
Subpoena her amyway. Draw the trial out longer. GoodRaisin Apr 30 #28
Very happy to see Sarah Huckleberry publicly embarrassed. ShazzieB Apr 29 #4
Well this is bigger than, well, a podium. twodogsbarking Apr 29 #5
Then one day, thanks to Arkansas taxpayers, her biggest dream came true. Kid Berwyn Apr 29 #6
Reminds me of the motorized podium on SNL that a parody of Sean Spicer used to terrorize reporters. OMGWTF Apr 29 #9
Like cockroaches when there's light. Kid Berwyn Apr 29 #11
"White House press corpse" is appropriate. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 30 #19
Maria Butina is there, too. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 30 #30
Maria Butina was there? Wow o wow. Kid Berwyn Apr 30 #32
By the way, we know what Trump paid Stormy on the back end to keep quiet. bucolic_frolic Apr 29 #8
I heard an interview with Stormy who said she was lured to Shitler's hotel room thinking it was a business meeting. OMGWTF Apr 29 #10
unethical my ass, more like complicit onetexan Apr 29 #12
WAY more like... 2naSalit Apr 29 #13
I'm sure Ms. Sanders was hired as a back-channel conduit to the evangelical base FakeNoose Apr 29 #14
In church we are told to lead by example dembotoz Apr 30 #23
It's only gonna get worse, Grifterbee. You should resign and retain an atty n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 29 #15
I call her Sarah Slanders but Grifterbee has a ring to it too. mahina Apr 30 #18
I called her daddy that way back in the '00s. He was an awful Guv n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 30 #20
She has the face for radio. twodogsbarking Apr 29 #16
And a voice for Silent Films n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 30 #21
You two are funny MorbidButterflyTat Apr 30 #31
New face Octopi7up Apr 30 #27
Greetings. twodogsbarking Apr 30 #29
My understanding Tom of Temecula Apr 29 #17
Please raise your hands if you are surprised by this news about Huckabee...What, no hands? Escurumbele Apr 30 #22
"Unethical behavior": Sarah Huckabee Sanders had/has ethics ? republianmushroom Apr 30 #24
They should call Huckleberry to testify. Burst her little "Christian" bubble. Vinca Apr 30 #25
Made my day to hear this. ificandream Apr 30 #26
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