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Trump produces a fake bond. Irish_Dem Apr 19 #1
Smoke and mirrors backing. pandr32 Apr 19 #2
This will be fun to watch LetMyPeopleVote Apr 19 #3
Isn't that forgery or lying to court? onetexan Apr 19 #4
Could be just stupid lawyers who thought they could get away with it. riversedge Apr 19 #13
Sounds like purposely defrauding the court to me onetexan Apr 19 #19
Neither. Its just relying on an argument that the court may, or may not, reject. onenote Apr 19 #23
Reject "it" --- being the bond or the James request? intrepidity Apr 20 #24
Sorry. The bond. He'll give them 7 days to come up with a different bond. onenote Apr 20 #25
Ty. nt intrepidity Apr 20 #29
Gonna have to start a can koozie fundraiser soon... nt EarthFirst Apr 19 #5
Another 7-days delay... (if granted by the Court) Justice matters. Apr 19 #6
Might I suggest... returnee Apr 19 #7
BREAKING: New York Attorney General Letitia James drops a Friday bombshell on Donald Trump and formally asks the judge riversedge Apr 19 #8
Thank God for HER, but bluestarone Apr 19 #18
Oh, The Donald is going to have a nice, relaxing weekend... catbyte Apr 19 #9
It is also important to note moniss Apr 19 #10
There's nothing left. Chubb has it all tied up. twodogsbarking Apr 19 #11
Indict him on anouther count of fraud and reinstate the FULL amount of the judgment Novara Apr 19 #12
Heh, I called this Diraven Apr 19 #14
Another question comes to mind jmowreader Apr 19 #15
I read that in New York the bond can only be 10% of their assets. Phoenix61 Apr 19 #16
The parent company is claimed to have $1 billion in assets jmowreader Apr 19 #22
Delay achieved. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 19 #17
You are correct. republianmushroom Apr 19 #21
Delay in having assets seized? Or delay of the appeal? onenote Apr 20 #26
Huh, who would have though it. republianmushroom Apr 19 #20
I'd suggest adding charge for filing false documents also.... Think. Again. Apr 20 #27
I am so shocked. If you can't trust DJT financially who can you trust? captain queeg Apr 20 #28
Take the yellow haired thief Maxheader Apr 20 #30
Letitia James says company that put up Trump's $175 million bond may not have enough funds LetMyPeopleVote Apr 21 #31
Letitia James says company that put up Trump's $175 million bond may not have enough funds LetMyPeopleVote Apr 21 #32
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