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When I saw the header, I was hoping for rzemanfl Feb 22 #1
Well at the very least robbob Feb 23 #37
I am not sure a state court can do that in a civil case. rzemanfl Feb 23 #39
Sorry, I should have put a smilie... robbob Feb 23 #42
Sometimes I am too literal. rzemanfl Feb 23 #44
I can't wait for this MoFo to be flat dead broke!! PortTack Feb 22 #2
I would settle for one out of three. niyad Feb 22 #3
One out of three indeed, but MontanaMama Feb 22 #12
The same as mine, I would almost bet!!! niyad Feb 22 #23
I would prefer those same three words..... lastlib Feb 22 #27
All three in this order rambler_american Feb 23 #35
+1! sheshe2 Feb 22 #18
Me too bdamomma Feb 25 #48
Or just flat dead works, too birdographer Feb 22 #16
Flat dead and broke would be nice. 4lbs Feb 22 #21
It's not likely. Since the SEC gave approval to merge TS with a special purpose acquisition company, his stake is valued 24601 Feb 22 #31
You should read the article you linked. herding cats Feb 23 #36
I absolutely had read the entire article. What Professor Ritter failed to consider is the probability that share prices 24601 Feb 23 #38
Political factors are a reason many assume it won't hold its value long term. herding cats Feb 23 #40
There is no shortage of those who buy access & influence, pre and post-election. A donor set on ingratiating themself. 24601 Feb 23 #43
Has anyone seen Melania lately? Bayard Feb 22 #4
She may have money but it's more likely that he pays her bills to keep her from building a stash and leaving him. Lonestarblue Feb 22 #5
"I really don't care, do U?" wolfie001 Feb 22 #6
Didn't she rework her marriage/pre-nup agreement a few years ago 4lbs Feb 22 #22
Well, Ivanka seems to be morphing Farmer-Rick Feb 23 #32
The law won't care, nor do I... getagrip_already Feb 25 #51
What did tRUMP say to NATO? PAY YOUR BILLS or suffer the consequences. TigressDem Feb 22 #7
Pay the damned bill or MontanaMama Feb 22 #13
Yeah, that's implied TigressDem Feb 25 #46
"Ya gotta pay ya bills" johnnyfins Feb 22 #25
So we can officially say to DJT - Man, put up or shut up. TigressDem Feb 25 #45
Does anyone here think bdamomma Feb 25 #49
I don't think he cares enough. TigressDem Feb 25 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author bdamomma Feb 25 #50
Old law enforcement maxim bigmonk Feb 22 #8
Wasn't he already blocked from moving Corps out of state? C_U_L8R Feb 22 #9
In this case, it's not moving the business but the employees of the business "moving their buisness addresses" BumRushDaShow Feb 22 #14
Kind of surprised he didn't do this prior to the judgement. progressoid Feb 22 #10
Would like to see weekly reports from bluestarone Feb 22 #11
I think this is the reason he tried to do a 30 day slightlv Feb 22 #15
Yep, you need to hire the most corrupt mob accountant in the world maxrandb Feb 22 #17
Exactly my thought. DeSantis and the R legislature might even write a new law that prevents TFG being... machoneman Feb 22 #19
Great idea! But doubtful that DeSantis & his band of batshit legislators would do that even if they had such foresight. ancianita Feb 23 #33
Mara lara ding dong is a social club. Historic NY Feb 22 #20
Does he even own it outright? SleeplessinSoCal Feb 22 #24
Very on brand underpants Feb 22 #26
Wow! Delphinus Feb 22 #29
Hah! If this is true, those five humans and 9 companies AND their attorneys attempted to defraud NY AGAIN. ancianita Feb 23 #34
+1 dalton99a Feb 25 #47
had to read the entire headline and peice b4 i reacted to it . not him personaly but taking his biz out of state. AllaN01Bear Feb 22 #28
He's got his financial situation all set now! VGNonly Feb 22 #30
Yeah, I think there is no way Trump should be able to relocate his business... Happy Hoosier Feb 23 #41
Gotta wonder how much investigating Trump has done on James. ificandream Feb 25 #52
Cuff him, stuff him, and book him Kennah Feb 26 #54
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