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8. Well...bye!
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 01:01 PM
Dec 2023

McCarthy had endured some serious public humiliation that reflects the growing dysfunction of his party. It really is a clown car, and that is sad for all of us. People are suffering, dying, don't have healthcare, don't have childcare, cannot make ends meet, and this party is goofing around with 'border walls,' abortion, repealing the Affordable Care Act (again), and other things that don't materially benefit any Americans but billionaires and corporations.

Rachel Maddow had Liz Cheney on her show last time, and that was good, but the time before she said we are in for a really bad year in 2024. She said that this does not happen to every generation but these times have been thrust upon us and we need to deal with them. How? In a democratic republic such as ours, we must fight these facist tendancies through democratic means.

In spite of polls I think Biden will win because GenZ will come out and vote. But they want real action, and it is good for all those in power to note that. They want real gun control, abortion services, more childcare subsidies, and healthcare. Republicans are also talking about cuts to Social Security and Medicare, which will cost them senior votes. For example, I am in my mid sixties and I would NEVER, EVER vote for any Republican just due to that.

Plus we want a real wealth tax, and not just 2% - it needs to be higher than that because every billionaire is a failure in tax policy. We also need to impose a stakeholder approach to corporate governance instead of giving primacy to shareholder profits. We need to get some regulatory control of home schooling too. If you saw one of the recent John Oliver shows, the guy in charge of the home school lobby fights tooth and nail against ANY regulation. This is unacceptable and hurts our children's future. It exposes them to potential abuse by sheltering them from mandatory reporting, and opens the way for substandard academic performance for a substantial percentage of our K-12 student population.

Lots of policy priorities, and Democrats MUST, MUST, MUST be aware of these and prepared to address them.

Ego will not let him stay. So long kevin, don't let that door hit you on the way out. republianmushroom Dec 2023 #1
another one bites the dust ! noclue023 Dec 2023 #4
He's their biggest fundraiser, so he won't be allowed to fall far Warpy Dec 2023 #29
Another profile in courage hahaha hibbing Dec 2023 #2
Unfortunately, Wikipedia suggests no chance of a seat pickup: nitpicked Dec 2023 #3
"... to serve America in new ways." Harker Dec 2023 #5
If he were to be served as dinner BigmanPigman Dec 2023 #39
The GOP will have to find somebody Turbineguy Dec 2023 #6
Now, there's a crash and burn worthy of a Greek tragedy. malthaussen Dec 2023 #7
Well...bye! PatrickforB Dec 2023 #8
Bye, Felicia. I wonder who my new rep will be? onecaliberal Dec 2023 #9
Take your ball and go home! Novara Dec 2023 #10
Yesterday , on the stephanie miller show , a guest who predicted kevin would loeave by years end Fullduplexxx Dec 2023 #11
Hasn't Eric Swalwell been predicting this for some time now? Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #24
Yea that's from whom i heard it Fullduplexxx Dec 2023 #40
It sounds like he has a cushy job lined up somewhere Mr. Sparkle Dec 2023 #12
Running the cash laundry franchise for the real powers that be? n/t Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #25
Working with the orange fuhrer ..... Hope22 Dec 2023 #30
or being in charge of the candy dish Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #41
LOL! N/t Hope22 Dec 2023 #42
Gutless wonder. His replacement will be somebody worse. (nt) Paladin Dec 2023 #13
Maybe Ron DeSenseless moniss Dec 2023 #14
Or trump will announce he has a new shoe-shining and diaper manager. Escurumbele Dec 2023 #32
Will he join the "band on America "? CaptainTruth Dec 2023 #15
No, he'll be on Ghost of Tom Joad Dec 2023 #23
Or Dancing With Morons CaptainTruth Dec 2023 #38
Goose. Cooked. Wild blueberry Dec 2023 #16
Kevin gets the Powers Booth treatment Ray Bruns Dec 2023 #17
Matt's "leverage" keeps on getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller... Ford_Prefect Dec 2023 #18
And with that, the "Young guns" are done. Mawspam2 Dec 2023 #19
Back to the deli! rsdsharp Dec 2023 #20
He'll name a sandwich for himself BaronChocula Dec 2023 #26
Bad Feeling About This Owens Dec 2023 #21
I hope... 2naSalit Dec 2023 #22
Was really hoping for a seat gain bluestarone Dec 2023 #27
In the words of Ray Charles...Hit the road Jack and don't you come back. iluvtennis Dec 2023 #28
Retiring and never showing his face again is the best service he can do to the country. Escurumbele Dec 2023 #31
... BumRushDaShow Dec 2023 #33
Potential Pickup? Deep State Witch Dec 2023 #34
More likely someone even more maggotter than he is. Wonder Why Dec 2023 #36
Can the Rebl2 Dec 2023 #35
Bye bye Kevin... don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! D23MIURG23 Dec 2023 #37
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