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More people will die Marthe48 Dec 6 #1
Especially stupid has Venz has HUGE oil reserves, largest on the planet EX500rider Dec 6 #2
I don't think there's much doubt that the US would step in Sal_NV Dec 6 #3
Brazil... getagrip_already Dec 6 #30
Definitely Brazil would kick the Ven. military's ass, Sal_NV Dec 6 #31
And Venezuela can't even extract their own oil efficiently. OnlinePoker Dec 6 #12
Wasn't the nationalization that did it, that happened back in the 70's EX500rider Dec 6 #13
What is it with humans and war? Ray Bruns Dec 6 #4
By this time in my life Marthe48 Dec 6 #7
Well, we know the US would never be on Maduro's side Farmer-Rick Dec 6 #5
"What do the folks who live there want?" EX500rider Dec 6 #6
You don't think the 2005 US economic sanctions Farmer-Rick Dec 6 #21
The early sanctions had zero to do with the economy EX500rider Dec 6 #23
A few things Igel Dec 6 #25
"we know the US would never be on Maduro's side" EX500rider Dec 6 #9
"oligarchs don't want socialism to look appealing" What part looks appealing exactly? EX500rider Dec 6 #17
Yeah, it's a shame the US added to that poverty Farmer-Rick Dec 6 #22
There were no sanctions against the economy till 2019 EX500rider Dec 6 #24
Sanctions were uniformly imposed in 2005 Farmer-Rick Dec 7 #37
Their were no sanctions that would effect the economy till 2017 EX500rider Dec 7 #39
Earlier this year the DSA sent a delegation to Venezuela Igel Dec 6 #26
Time to oust Madoro Polybius Dec 6 #8
He is certainly providing the perfect opportunity, can't imagine how he thinks this will work out for him EX500rider Dec 6 #10
He's lucky that Brazil's last President lost Polybius Dec 6 #11
I think Maduro is just wanting to take pot shots at ExxonMobil Farmer-Rick Dec 6 #20
The PRC has a large stake in the dominant Guayanese oilfield. Igel Dec 6 #27
It seems like all these "little" dictators are slightlv Dec 6 #14
If the center doesn't hold, why should the periphery? n/t Igel Dec 6 #35
Dictator Maduro should have been thrown out years ago IronLionZion Dec 6 #15
Let's give Texas back to Mexico Farmer-Rick Dec 6 #19
He's not popular. Igel Dec 6 #29
Actually, this makes plenty of sense Vogon_Glory Dec 6 #32
WW 3 starting in South America? pfitz59 Dec 6 #16
More on the topic Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 6 #18
Talk about being greedy. Venz has more oil already than the Saudis. brush Dec 6 #28
Does Guyana have any sort of mutual defense treaty with the UK? Vogon_Glory Dec 6 #33
I don't know. The UK probably can't mount force to do anything. This sounds like it could be... brush Dec 6 #34
There doesn't seem to be any formal treaty muriel_volestrangler Dec 7 #36
Handy excuse: Venezuela accuses opposition politicians of treason over Essequibo muriel_volestrangler Dec 7 #38
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