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7. Romney, the only current repug senator with just a smidgeon of integrity...
Wed Sep 13, 2023, 01:07 PM
Sep 13

but still a repug as he bows out with shots at Biden's ability, the president of recent times who has accomplished the most legislation that actually made the average American's life better...1) $1.2 trillion n infrastructure package; The $1.9 trillion COVID relief deal; lowest unemployment in 50 years; revitalized NATO to back Ukraine; the Cares Act which sent direct $1,000 payments to Adult Americans and $500 per child which helped tremendously during the depths of the covid pandemic and massive job losses; and of course the Chips Act which is bringing chip manufacturing jobs back to the US.

There's also the lowering of medication costs through negotiations now with big pharma.

Buh-bye, Mitt...still nothing but a repug.

Well, that opens the door for some flip votes in the Senate underpants Sep 13 #1
utah will just elect somebody worse. Voltaire2 Sep 13 #2
Yep just like Ohio did inwiththenew Sep 13 #13
Not really. Romney is a moderate compared to those waiting in the wings. UT is a very red state. nt pnwmom Sep 13 #20
And he also voted to convict TFG after the first impeachment, the only Republican to do so Rhiannon12866 Sep 14 #24
What are the "important matters" that Biden ain't leading on? vlyons Sep 13 #3
Biden hasn't pushed to make Mormonism our national religion SouthernDem4ever Sep 13 #10
Or the important things tRump is unwilling to lead on...?? Alexander Of Assyria Sep 13 #12
I think... Mike Nelson Sep 13 #4
Hopefully the mother ship will pick him up and we will never hear from him again. twodogsbarking Sep 13 #5
The same damned Biden-TFG "equivalency" bullshit. RobertDevereaux Sep 13 #6
Romney, the only current repug senator with just a smidgeon of integrity... brush Sep 13 #7
Still plenty of companies to be leveraged into bankruptcy by Vulture Capitalists like Mittens. Comfortably_Numb Sep 13 #8
That says a lot when the R's have gotten so batshit crazy that even Mitt wants to stay clear of them Tom Yossarian Joad Sep 13 #9
Seriously, fuck this smug rich asshole. maxsolomon Sep 13 #11
Nothing but a vulture capitalist who has ruined the lives countless individuals, families and Scalded Nun Sep 13 #14
His reply is going to be way worse. MyNameIsJonas Sep 13 #15
"the disarray he sees among House Republican" BumRushDaShow Sep 13 #16
Yup not to mention the breaking news about this case & the Mormon Church.. Joinfortmill Sep 13 #17
My guess is he'd lose the next election anyway, might even get primaried FakeNoose Sep 13 #18
"Unable to lead on important matters" oh FFS! PortTack Sep 13 #19
What can you expect from a guy who does not know the words "donut" and "park"? GreenWave Sep 13 #21
While I applaud Mittens BlueKota Sep 13 #22
A piece of shit to the end Javaman Sep 13 #23
Don't like the guy, but he looks and acts about as good as anyone can be at 76 Polybius Sep 14 #25
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