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23. And now the City of Akron is under curfew
Mon Jul 4, 2022, 05:43 PM
Jul 2022

I can't get my mind around eight APD cops on a traffic violation ... and 90 shots fired ... and 60 hitting Jayland Walker. And the APD wonders why the Black community in Akron doesn't trust them.

Damn. LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #1
F'en cops again. n/t RKP5637 Jul 2022 #2
Horrendous. Just absolutely horrendous. Inhuman. toesonthenose Jul 2022 #3
Don't believe anyone should richdj25 Jul 2022 #4
Where were these guys when Uvalde needed them? bucolic_frolic Jul 2022 #5
To be fair, the Uvalde cops were facing an armed suspect. This guy was running away. Much safer Martin68 Jul 2022 #21
Cops are some of the most cowardly people on the fucking planet Withywindle Jul 2022 #26
Sixty rounds fired? Sixty? Insanity Evolve Dammit Jul 2022 #6
Actually, reports stated that 80 to 90 shots were fired... DemocraticPatriot Jul 2022 #7
I just read "sixty wounds". Evolve Dammit Jul 2022 #10
Un-fucking-believable. No racism in U.S. .... Evolve Dammit Jul 2022 #25
No 60 rounds hit him! nvme Jul 2022 #19
and the white guys don't die in a hail of bullets. They are "apprehended" as "persons of interest." Evolve Dammit Jul 2022 #24
Apparently Black people deserve to be shot 100x more than white offenders purr-rat beauty Jul 2022 #8
Although he technically was not armed when out of the vehicle SouthBayDem Jul 2022 #12
Yes, he did ladym55 Jul 2022 #22
Multiple angles from many officer body cams - very disturbing, beware the content purr-rat beauty Jul 2022 #9
A bit of overkill pfitz59 Jul 2022 #13
Jesus Christ. tishaLA Jul 2022 #14
I keep misreading this as "officers killing jaywalker" Polybius Jul 2022 #11
And the cops now admit he was unarmed when they shot him. SunSeeker Jul 2022 #15
My observation.... 3Hotdogs Jul 2022 #16
I'm an old white dude. BradBo Jul 2022 #17
This Is America pressbox69 Jul 2022 #18
He hit the nail nvme Jul 2022 #20
And now the City of Akron is under curfew ladym55 Jul 2022 #23
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