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9. It didn't bother Israel when they killed 34 American servicemen.
Fri May 13, 2022, 12:23 PM
May 2022

Why would it bother them to kill Palestinians?

Words fail. niyad May 2022 #1
No kidding underpants May 2022 #3
Horrifying. blm May 2022 #4
Sickening. mountain grammy May 2022 #2
its time for the US to cut israel off from aid moonshinegnomie May 2022 #5
Cool story. Mosby May 2022 #12
Yes Our Tax Dollars!!! McKim May 2022 #29
I hope a significant number of American politicians speak up about this outrage. TheRickles May 2022 #6
They won't. Maybe Bernie? nt Samrob May 2022 #15
Unconscionable Bayard May 2022 #7
A group of Muslim men hijacked the funeral. Mosby May 2022 #10
Well, that's different Bayard May 2022 #21
Yes, Do You Have Proof? McKim May 2022 #30
Do you have a valid link to your accusation? karynnj May 2022 #25
It was mentioned in the Washington Post article. Marius25 May 2022 #26
So the people identified as "pallbearers" in the posted article robbob May 2022 #40
Time to cut off their allowance Deuxcents May 2022 #8
Agreed Bayard May 2022 #22
You don't know what Apartheid means. Marius25 May 2022 #27
I do OrangeJoe May 2022 #37
It didn't bother Israel when they killed 34 American servicemen. marie999 May 2022 #9
Palestinians have murdered 19 Israelis in the past MONTH Mosby May 2022 #11
Better check that info. Always go back to the initiating incident. Many were acts of retaliation. Samrob May 2022 #17
And people here don't care. Marius25 May 2022 #28
I'm glad that this is getting more attention SunImp May 2022 #13
They were following her families wishes. Mosby May 2022 #14
This had very little to do with her "religion" and everything to do with what she was reporting on. Samrob May 2022 #18
The murder by Palestinians. Mosby May 2022 #19
That's quite a story!!!!! McKim May 2022 #31
Please provide a link to your source. Fla Dem May 2022 #23
Wapo Mosby May 2022 #36
It appears there may be another side to the story sarisataka May 2022 #16
Would you please provide a link to your source. Fla Dem May 2022 #20
My apologies, they did not say protesters sarisataka May 2022 #24
See the Washington Post Video McKim May 2022 #32
Sad! Truly sad! burrowowl May 2022 #33
The Times of Israel story: Ziggysmom May 2022 #34
That's not what the video showed. Duppers May 2022 #35
... ck4829 May 2022 #38
Whenever the Holocaust is mentioned, it breaks my heart. zanana1 May 2022 #39
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