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2. I don't understand; don't we begin teaching "gender" from the first name
Thu Jul 29, 2021, 04:46 PM
Jul 2021

To be born is be assigned a gender in the world as it is.
The body is given by nature.
The conscious being doesn't always get his/er first karmic choice and one may find the later-self searching for ways to get things right.

Teaching gender is what parents, family, friends, neighbors, society and culture do from the very first doo-doo.

Our children and their parents, family, friends, neighbors, society and culture would all benefit if we began teaching our kids that they are not confined, bound, limited, restricted by any identity labels (gender, IQ, beauty, brilliance).
(I, she-he-it-they) we are the limitless-conscious-beingness that knows the comfortable and the disconcerting.

The mysteries of the karmic tapestry are more and less than appear.
A vast spectacular scroll, woven from the colored results of our and others' actions; warp and woof are the given and the chosen realities of our lives. This scroll of the entirety of the countless stories of life's actors, from stage to stage in an endless show, can never be seen by one within the scene.

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